Video: Thieves now targeting Corpus Christi community mailboxes

Corpus Christi PD says postal customers should not put off checking their mailboxes.

“We’ve been seeing a trend where mailboxes have been broken into here in Corpus Christi,” Lt. Michael Pena said.

Thousands of tax return checks are now making their way through the postal service, so what better way for thieves to target you?

“You’ll see a lot of the mailboxes especially in apartment complexes, or neighborhoods even, they’re in a location that’s not gated, even if the community is gated,” Kelly Trevino said.

Trevino, with the Better Business Bureau, says having your information stolen directly from your mailbox is not only an invasion of privacy, but can do some serious damage.

“Just recently we had W-2 forms mailed out. Most of which have all the information that a bad guy needs. There’s your name, your address and your social security number right there,” Trevino said.

“This can go on for years. That criminal will use your identity and it will pop up years from now,” Lt. Pena said. Read more from KRIS TV

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