Video: Postal Service Provides Safety For Employees to Help Against Dog Attacks

CARIBOU, ME. (WAGM) –Dogs and postal workers don’t always get along, so Caribou’s United States Post Office is making sure their employees stay safe.

Ruth Adams is a mail carrier in Caribou. She takes pride in what she does, but know that at times her job can be dangerous.

“It happened so quickly I had no time to react,” said Adams.

Adams was bitten by a dog, a bite she didn’t expect.

“I saw the dog, and the dog saw me, and he was at the mailbox, and he just jumped at me and he just bit me,” said Adams.

After the bite, Adams says it was a tough process getting back to work.

“The letter carriers all have a scanner with them where they have given us the delivering points for each residents and homes that have dogs, so when they’re starting to approach the delivery it does give a sound alert to let them know that there is a dog warning,” said postmaster Lisa Cantafio.

The postal service also equips their employees with satchels to help protect themselves as well.

“That is what they will use for protection to block the dog from them,” said Cantafio.

And if blocking the dog doesn’t help, the carriers are provided a protective spray repellent called ‘Halt Spray’. WAGM TV

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