Video: Postal Service Has No Fix To Flaw That Lets Scammers Redirect Your Mail

STOCKTON (CBS13) – Six months after CBS13 exposed how easy it is for anyone to re-route your mail, the U.S. Postal Service has yet to announce a fix. Rep. Jerry McNerney is now calling for a federal oversight hearing, forcing the head of the Chief Postal Inspector to testify.

After a scammer re-routed Frank and Rebecca Ronquillo’s mail without their permission, they learned that person tried to open a credit card in Frank’s name. His blood pressure medicine also ended up going to the scammer.

“It’s got to be stopped,” Frank said.

I tested the change of address process, filling out a change of address form. I filled it out using producer’s name and her address. Eight days later, her mail was coming to me. Read more

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