Video: Postal drop boxes targeted by thieves for checks

Thieves looking for private information such as checks and credit card applications are willing to do anything.

That includes hitting those drop boxes that are supposed to be a trusted place for your mail.

For folks around central Ohio like Mary Szuter, they can no longer say the check is in the mail.

“I don’t use it ever anymore,” she said. “We noticed that some of the checks were not being cashed by our vendors but by other people.”

Szuter is one of a dozen victims so far this year who have had mail stolen from a drop box. She has had more than 10 checks taken since January, losing $2,000.

“Drug users need money, and quick money and the easiest way to do that without having to approach a person is having a piece of paper in front of you,” said Police Sgt. John Grubb. “You don’t know who you’re hurting, and it doesn’t matter to you.”

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