Video: Position 76 Jenny Invert sells for $295,000

Linns – Associate editor Michael Baadke recounts the 90-second flurry of bids during Siegel Auction Galleries’ May 11 sale of the Position 76 Jenny Invert that was once part of the famous McCoy block of four stolen in 1955 and returned to the American Philatelic Research Library, the stamp’s rightful owner, in 2016.

The Inverted Jenny is one of the most recognizable United States stamp errors, and one of these rare stamps was just auctioned last Thursday, on May 11.
The Inverted Jenny started out as the very first airmail stamp issued by the United States Post Office Department in 1918. The design of the 24¢ stamp shows a Curtiss Jenny mail plane, so that’s why the stamp is called a “Jenny.”
The “inverted” part of the name comes from the fact that the error variety has its central design inverted. On the day these stamps first went on sale in Washington, D.C., a lucky stamp collector was sold one sheet of 100 stamps that was printed with the design upside down. It’s the only sheet of Inverted Jenny errors ever found. Read more at Linns

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