Video: Paralyzed Man Finally Gets His Mail Delivered To His Door

OVERLAND PARK, KS (KCTV) – Grabbing the mail is something most people take for granted every day, but it’s not that easy for an Overland Park man who is paralyzed from the waist down.

When Robert Wood moved to his new apartment, he discovered the mailbox was quite a distance from his apartment. He made requests to the post office in person, in writing and even sent friends and family requesting door delivery.

Eventually, Wood was granted a lower mailbox he could reach, but that didn’t solve his problem. So, after months of polite requests, he contacted KCTV5 News’ investigative unit for help.

KCTV5 made the trip with Wood on a perfect day when it was 60 degrees outside and sunny. Walking was easy, but navigating slopes and turns in a wheelchair was more difficult.

“Rolling is much harder than just walking up there, because I’m propelling up and down plus using my shoulders and everything,” said Wood.

KCTV5 investigative reporter Angie Ricono contacted the post office and outlined the communication breakdowns as well as the need for Wood to have door delivery. Within 24 hours, Ricono received an apology for Wood and the promise of immediate door delivery.

Ricono checked back in a few weeks later, and Wood says the new setup works great. Read more

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