Video: Bakersfield construction worker finds stolen mail: ‘It gets me so angry’

BAKERSFIELD,Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) – A construction worker says he found piles and piles of stolen mail left in trash bins in northwest Bakersfield. The Good Samaritan tried to return some of the mail, and he contacted Post Office authorities. On Friday, postal inspectors picked up the latest batch, and promised an investigation.

“This right here is boxes, trash cans, truck-sized loads of mail,” Michael Adams told Eyewitness News. He’s working at some new homes under construction just off Rosedale Highway. Adams says crews have been spotting mail in their construction trash bins for a few weeks.

“It angers me so much to see this stuff, ’cause I know how I would feel,” he said.

Adams says one of the first things he saw was a wedding invitation, and he’s getting married at the end of the year, “I know how my fiancĂ©e would feel if she knew her wedding invite ended up in the trash at a construction site,” he said.

Adams says at first there were small amounts of mail, and his boss had boxed it up, and took it to the Post Office.

Then, there was more late last week, and even more over the weekend. He says crews spot the mail in the morning when they get to the work site, and they’ve never spotted who is dumping it off. Read more at Bakersfield Now

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