Six things you should know about USPS

Male carrier hands mail to camera

USPS News Link – 5/16/17 – What information do you share when people ask about USPS? If you’re at a loss, here are six things you should know, courtesy of Postal Facts.

1. Dog bites. More than 6,000 mail carriers suffer dog attacks each year – a serious problem that USPS addresses every day, including during annual National Dog Bite Awareness Week.

2. Retail giant. The Postal Service has the nation’s largest retail network bigger than McDonald’s, Starbucks and Walmart combined, domestically.

3. Heroes. In 2016, USPS recognized 325 heroic employees for going above and beyond the call of duty, including some who risked their own lives to help customers.

4. Global business. The Postal Service processes and delivers 47 percent of the world’s mail.

5. Veterans. USPS employs more than 113,000 military veterans. The organization also has issued more than 140 stamps honoring the nation’s military history, including the Medal of Honor stamps.

6. One and only. The Postal Service is the only organization with the resources, network infrastructure and logistical capability to regularly deliver to every residential and business address in the nation.

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    Best damn Vehicle Maintenance team!!! 😀

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