Colorado Man Sentenced For Conspiracy To Steal Mail, Possession Of Counterfeit Postal Service “Arrow” Key

5/3/17 – Gregory Allen Rathkey, age 38, of Aurora was recently sentenced by U.S. District Court Judge Michael W. Mosman to 39 months in federal prison.

Rathkey was sentenced for conspiracy to steal mail, possession of a counterfeit postal service “arrow” key, unauthorized use of a credit card and aggravated identity theft. Upon his release from prison, Rathkey will be on supervised release for three years.MARION COUNTY SHERIFFS - Gregory Allen Rathkey of Aurora.

Beginning in November 2015 and continuing until April 1, 2016, Rathkey and others engaged in a conspiracy to steal more than 100 pieces of mail, including credit cards, checks and packages delivered to 77 victims in the greater Portland area.

Rathkey used counterfeit postal arrow keys and other tools to access locked mailboxes in various neighborhoods.

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