Videos: Is this video of a USPS employee kicking packages the real deal?

A video was posted to Facebook this week of a Houston County USPS mail carrier kicking and dropping packages.

We sent Jacob Reynolds to the woman’s house to verify if this video is what it appears to be.

After Vontressa Williams’ brother shared the video it got hundreds of shares.

WMAZ wanted to know, is this video the real deal?

To verify this, WMAZ went straight to the source and talked to the homeowner Vontressa Williams.

WMAZ looked more closely at the video and compared what we saw in the original video to what we saw Friday at Williams’ home.

Vontressa Williams was having a normal Wednesday until her husband texted her a photo of packages strewn across the family’s driveway.

“So, instantly, I jumped into Amazon to see who delivered the packages this day. Had someone been to my house and vandalized? What happened? And then I told him to go and pull the footage from the ADT camera and that’s when we saw,” Williams said on her porch.

In the video, a USPS worker appears to show little care when placing packages. Read more

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