Video: Sharp Increase in Mail Theft at North Texas Collection Boxes

Postal inspectors have seen an increase of people stealing mail from collection boxes in North Texas. USPS says the thieves are looking for whatever they can get their hands on.

NBC 5 Responds has learned that the thieves wait until it’s dark outside and use different objects to wiggle their way into these boxes and pull out anything they can find.

Postal inspector Amanda McMurrey calls it “fishing.”

“What I think we’re seeing is actually an increase in numbers in the city itself, in the Metroplex itself. So obviously the more people you have, the more crooks you’re going to have,” she explained. “But we also see a portion of these people are involved in drug culture.”

McMurrey said the Postal Service has measures in place to prevent this type of mail theft from happening, but they have to balance protection with convenience. Read more

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