Video: Charlotte North Carolina residents upset with the Postal Service after mail delivery issues for years

 – FOX 46 Charlotte is getting results for residents in Steele Creek’s Crossings neighborhood. People who said they’ve had enough with the Post Office after dealing with missing sensitive mail and packages getting crushed in their mailboxes.

“It just seems like nobody cares! Nobody at the post office,” Crossings neighborhood resident Dave Willard said.

Willard said he’s done with the United States Postal Service and he’s not alone. Many of his neighbors are also refusing to use the Post Office because of mail delivery issues they’ve been dealing with for almost two years.

“I had issues with Amazon packages and it was guaranteed delivery because it was a new release. I had to call Amazon because they said it was delivered and turns out my neighbor had it…so it kind of was a hassle. Do I really want to use the mail service or UPS, another carrier where I get reliable service,” Crossings neighborhood resident Mike Marcoux said. Read more from Fox 46 Charlotte

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