Video: Woman Battles With Postal Service After Mail Truck Hits Her Car

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A local woman battling the U.S. Postal Service reached out to Get Marty.

Lanette Mitchell’s email was very clear.

She wrote to KDKA: “I am beyond frustrated with our United States Post Office sending me in circles. I simply want my car returned back to the original condition it was in before the postman decided to play bumper cars with my parked vehicle.”

A postal service box truck hit Lanette’s car on a street in downtown Pittsburgh in early January. Her car was parked, and the driver of the box truck apparently hit her car and left the scene.

“Two witnesses told me he got out of the truck, looked at the damage and took off,” says Lanette.

The post office did send inspectors to the scene to take pictures. However, Lanette says it took them weeks to get back to her. Read more

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