Video: U.S. Postal Service put to test in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. Channel 9 has reported extensively on several local postal workers who have been charged with felony mail theft in recent months. There have also been recent examples in our area of non-employees stealing mail.

In recent months, investigative reporter Paul Boyd has received a steady stream of complaints about Charlotte’s mail service.

The problems range from delayed mail to undelivered mail plus missing envelopes and packages.

In fact, several people told Whistleblower 9 that birthday cards with cash inside had been targeted and even envelopes containing gift cards that were worth big bucks.

“I’ve heard about a lot of mail problems going on within the neighborhood,” said Ashley Lannon, who lives in east Charlotte.

She received a phone call from her stepmother the night before Christmas.

“She’s like hey have you gotten our Christmas card yet? I’m like, ‘No. Why?’ She told me they had sent $100 Home Depot card in it,” Lannon said.

Weeks went by and there was still no envelope.

“I was just interested to know where it went,” Lannon said.

She started making phone calls and discovered the gift card had been stolen and used at a nearby Home Depot.

“I didn’t use it. I never got the thing,” Lannon said.

Surveillance video captured someone else using the stolen card. Lannon said investigators provided her with the images.

Last year, nearly 500 postal service employees were arrested on suspicion of mail theft. Read more

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