Video: Mail destruction investigation out of Gold Hill, OR Post Office

GOLD HILL, Ore.– The U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General (USPS OIG) is investigating the possible destruction of mail out of Gold Hill.

Real Estate Broker Tyler Weber said he delivered 175 post cards–advertising his real estate business–to the Gold Hill’s Post Office. Several days later, Weber received a call from a Delta Waters Car Wash employee; the employee found 141 of the cards in the trash.

“It really hurt my feelings,” Weber said. “It was sad.”

Weber said he believes a post office employee threw his post cards away.

“If it happened to me, hopefully it’s an isolated case, but odds are it’s not,” Weber said. “It’s probably bigger than me.”

The car wash has 24-hour video surveillance. The employee said the car wash has video of someone dumping the mail in the garbage. Investigators are working on identifying that person.

“When something like this happens, you kind of lose faith in the system and you worry, putting money into it, am I going to get anything back out,” Weber said. Read more

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