Video: Livermore Maine man claims mail disappeared from P.O. Box

LIVERMORE FALLS (WGME) – A Livermore man is looking for answers Tuesday night, after he says his mail disappeared from his P.O. Box.

He says he’s even getting late fees for bills, he says, were never delivered.

Tom Posa says for a week, he didn’t receive anything in his P.O. Box at the Livermore Falls Post Office and now he’s looking for answers.

Posa says he checks his P.O. Box every day.

For nine years, Posa says he rarely found it empty.

“Slowly but surely, mail was disappearing, and I complained about it, and then all of a sudden for seven days I didn’t have one single piece of mail in my mailbox,” Posa said.

Posa says he contacted the postal service, worried his letters might be getting in the wrong hands.

“I was concerned about identity theft, because where was all my mail going?” Posa said.

He says local postal workers told him inexperience might be to blame. Read more at WGME

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  1. Avis Newsom   August 26, 2017 at 4:36 am

    Looks like this is a common problem. This has happened to me twice and I reported it and got a nice “sorry for your luck” letter from the inspector general.

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