Rolando letter addresses postal reform issues raised on a recent radio program

Rolando letter addresses postal reform issues raised on a recent radio program

NALC President Fredric Rolando has sent a letter to author Walton Francis, who was a recent guest on Federal News Radio’s “Your Turn” program.

During the program, Francis—author of Checkbook’s Guide to Federal Health Plans for Federal Employees & Annuitants—made a number of inaccurate statements about the House’s postal reform bill, H.R. 5714, and about NALC’s position on it.

Click here to read Rolando’s letter.


One Response to "Rolando letter addresses postal reform issues raised on a recent radio program"

  1. Dissapointed Postal Retiree   October 5, 2016 at 11:09 am

    Rolando is still giving his Donald Trump like spin on how forcing the postal retiree into Medicare Part B is a fair thing overall. How can this idiot, president of a union (NALC) continue to put forth this crap, that screwing the retiree by forcing them to pay Medicare Part B monthly payments currently 120 plus soon to go up to 140 plus for the annuitant and if there is a spouse over 65 then again for them the same cost, to maintain coverage under the FEHBP.
    How is it fair the the retiree and his/her spouse to put it on their back when their monthly income has decreased due to living off a fixed retirement income in most cases.
    Oh I forgot, he gets paid approximately $200,000, per year and his insurance is paid for by
    the Nalc. I do not see rolando caring about the retirees in his own union much less the
    federal work force. All he cares about is getting reelected to another term and a new
    contract to cover the active members in his union. Or in other words just another example
    of a politician, speaks with forked tongue, protects some but not all.
    Have you ever heard of grandfathering and giving those that have earned these benefits through the years of service, a choice to elect to participate in Medicare and not being forced
    to pay a disproportionate amount to maintain their earned benefit to stay in the FEHBP that they now enjoy along with active workers in the federal workforce.
    Why screw the retiree, we don’t want to hear, others in the private sector do it, this is not the private sector, we don’t enjoy the right to strike, they do. Do not mix apples to oranges!
    This will cost all more not less for FEHBP coverage, as two pools with lesser people in each.
    Also a 10% possible decrease in FEHBP premium as he has stated previously is not a savings to the retiree who will pay an additional $120, 140+ or more if forced to enrol in
    Medicare Part B to keep the FEHBP eligibility.
    I personally think that the NALC membership should take a really, really, really close look
    at rolando and what he stands for, because he does not support the retiree and spouses
    and maybe does not really support the active members of his own union as to his claims
    and statements and letters, and testifying before the idiots in Washington.

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