Bel Air mail carrier retires after 40 years

Mail carrier Dennis Schultz walks his route along
Main Street in downtown Bel Air for the last time.
Schultz, who delivered mail along Main Street since
1981, retired on Jan. 2 after 40 years
with the Postal Service. 

Mail carrier Dennis Schultz, who retired Jan. 2 after nearly 41 years with the Postal Service, was lauded by his colleagues and family for going “above and beyond” for the downtown Bel Air customers he has served since 1981, but Schultz just sees it as providing good customer service.

“He gives customer service beyond what anyone else would do,” fellow mail carrier Mike Androsky, 58, of Forest Hill, said. “He takes care of his customers, the old, the sick; he’ll go out of his way to treat them with the respect that they deserve.”

Schultz, 61, of Forest Hill, said actions such as giving money to homeless people, sending mail and providing stamps to customers and even visiting customers in the hospital are all just “part of being human.” Read more



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