PMG Briefs Management Associations and Unions on Move to Five Day Delivery

The resident officers attended a briefing provided for all of the postal unions and management associations that took place immediately after the Postmaster General’s press conference. We were provided with the attachments that are including in this messaging. These documents were provided to the field for both internal messaging and messaging to the general public.

At our meeting we discussed some of the impacts that this proposed change would have on the workforce:

  • It is expected that there will be approximately 23,000 carrier impacts as a result of the change in delivery frequency. At the present time the USPS does not think that attrition on its own will take care of placements of impacted letter carriers. To date, there has been no discussions on incentives to reduce the carrier ranks.
  • Supervisor staffing in Customer Services will still be based on the SWC formula that was recently rewritten as a result of Consultations between NAPS and the Postal Service. Until a determination is made on the staffing of employees for the proposed Saturday operations, we are unable to determine, at this time, the actual impact on Customer Service EAS positions.
  • Processing & Distribution changes have not yet been fully developed. The current EAS staffing criteria for Processing & Distribution will continue to be used for EAS staffing in processing facilities. Based on current complement projections and the initiation of the new Supervisor Program, we still believe that there are vacancies that will still exist in EAS positions even with the reduction in delivery frequency.
  • The current Congressional directive on maintaining six-day delivery was included in last years’ appropriations bill in the U.S. House of Representatives. This directive expires on March 27, 2013 and must be renewed by the Congress in order for six day delivery to be a Congressional mandate. In 2012, when the current appropriation was submitted by the U.S. House of Representatives Appropriation Committee, as it has for decades.

The Chairman of the House Government Oversight Committee, Darrell Issa objected to the Appropriations Committee inserting delivery frequency into their appropriations bill as Issa believed that the Appropriations Committee did not have jurisdiction to insert this language. NAPS will be monitoring the development of this years’ appropriations bill to see if language on delivery frequency will be included.

Next steps in the process:

  • NAPS headquarters is expecting to be receiving additional briefings on the inner workings of the changes that are anticipated including;
  • Development of distribution changes to support service standard requirements for boxline/caller service on Saturday;
  • Supervisor staffing in Customer Services for Saturday operations as retail operations and package delivery will still be in place;
  • Possible changes in EAS schedules in both Customer Services and Processing & Distribution.

Below are the Core Documents Distributed to our leadership:

USPS News Release on Five Day Delivery

USPS Newslink Extra On Service Changes

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