Rural letter carriers agreement

from NALC

On July 3, the Interest Arbitration Board chaired by Arbitrator Jack Clarke issued its award setting the terms of a new four-and-a-half-year national agreement between the Postal Service and the National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association. Although the award addresses numerous issues unique to the rural letter carrier craft, the wages and benefits awarded are expressly modeled on the terms of the 2010 USPS-APWU agreement.

Significantly, the Board rejected the Postal Service’s call for a more radical restructuring of the economic provisions of that agreement. Chairman Clarke stated: “The Chairperson is convinced that no restructuring of a single labor contract can address all of the USPS’s financial challenges created, in large part, by the recession and the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act with its retiree health benefits prefunding obligations.” Click here for a summary of the terms of the NRLCA award.

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