Congressman Carter Calls for Post Office Closings Review

Congressman John Carter

Carter Calls for Post Office Closings Review

(Washington, DC) – Congressman John Carter is asking the U.S. Post Office for a review of the considerations used in determining which post offices to close in the agency’s cost-cutting decisions this month.

“We fully recognize that bringing federal spending under control requires difficult decisions and sacrifice,” says Carter. “But we also need to know that the tough decisions were made for the right reasons, and that any closings are based on what is least damaging for the postal customer, rather than the bureaucracy and unions.”

Carter has received numerous complaints over the closing of the South Temple Post Office, which residents say is one of the favorite and most efficient locations in the area. Post Office customers have informed Carter that they agree post office locations could be closed to lower costs, but other locations would be better choices based on the superior customer service offered by the South Temple location.

The former Texas state judge is calling for the U.S. Postal Service to provide information on the criteria used to determine which locations should be closed, and what processes are available to challenge those decisions.

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  2. tea partier T. Sweeny   February 1, 2012 at 11:59 am

    Do you really think the PMG and the USPS stakeholders are going to listen to you and take your advice in not closing this Post Office! The only reason we are hearing from you is that your many constituents in this area are pressuring you to do something with the hope it will remain open!

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