Working For USPS May Be Dangerous To Your Health

USPS Dangerous To Your Health

June 28, 2010

According to reports released by the Department of Labor it remains a fact that working for USPS may not be good for your health – or at least your body.

Federal injury and illness statistics for the second quarter of fiscal year 2010 indicate the following:
[case amounts are for the second quarter of 2010]

Total Federal Injury/Illness Cases: 53,025
Total USPS Injury/Illness Cases: 21,424
Total Injury/Illness Cases For Non-Postal Federal Employees: 31,601

The above case numbers mean that over 40% of all injuries and illnesses reported to the federal government for the second quarter of fiscal year 2010 are attributable employees of the United States Postal Service.

The federal agency that came closest to USPS in reported injury and illness cases for this period is the Department of Defense with a total of 9.608 cases.

During this same time period there were 4 postal deaths and 19 non-postal federal employee deaths.

98 Responses to "Working For USPS May Be Dangerous To Your Health"

  1. Bobbi   November 25, 2014 at 3:07 pm

    Worked for the post office carrying for less then two weeks and acquired tendonitis in both knees. Was fired the next day before I could go and see a doctor. I tried to call off work the day they fired me to go see a doctor, and they refused to let me call off. They insisted I come into the office. My daughter had to drive me to the post office, and a co-employee got a chair on casters so I could use the chair like a walker so I could manage to walk into the post office for them to fire me. For two weeks it took five minutes to walk the twenty feet to the bathroom using a chair on casters I had at home.
    I never had tendonitis before, and it hurt like a dickens….still does in the right knee. And to think I left a job paying $21.00/hr 12 hour shifts for $15.30/hr working six hours a day six days a week.

  2. mousa   November 29, 2014 at 9:08 am

    Mousa – thank you for posting, but we can not read what you wrote. Please repost using punctuation. PEN

  3. shane   February 27, 2015 at 11:30 am

    I recently quit because they had me working 7 days a week!!! 9-10 hour days whike walking 12 miles a day.

  4. Anonymous   April 28, 2015 at 12:29 pm

    It is so sad to hear how ignorant some people are. Yes, there are fakers but you cannot categorize all on the same label as “fake”, what about those who really injured their ankles or their feet or some other area of their bodies, elbows, backs etc. Many people from what I have read suffered ill health from this postal job. I am not a postal worker but I do have family members who are, and they are suffering. They need the job, they need the money like all of you workers. One of my main concerns is why is it that there’s not anyone the workers can go to that is willing to support the workers, and what does the postal union reps do? Something has to be done about this, it’s not fair for all the workers to be so stressed out about losing their jobs if they call out or if they get some injury on the job. The government has to do better than what they are doing now, which is nothing for those postal workers.

    After hearing what some workers have to say I would not do this job if it’s the last job on the earth. The worst employees are the POSTAL SERVICE (USPS) YOU SUCK AS EMPLOYEES AND YOU HAVE NO RESPECT FOR YOUR WORKERS WHO ARE WORKING REALLY HARD, THROUGH THINK OR THIN, RAIN OR SHINE, COME HELL OR HIGH WATERS. What do they get NOTHING.

  5. ffff   May 8, 2015 at 7:50 pm

    USPS….united states postal scandal

  6. CB   June 12, 2015 at 5:12 pm

    I don’t understand the issue here! When you went to the interview you were told how strenuous the work is. They also told you that you will be working 10 hours+ on holidays and what not, also that you have to walk 12 + miles a day in any weather. You guys did not pay attention!

  7. Marcus   July 9, 2015 at 10:12 am

    i worked at the post office in Phoenix for 3 months. I knew right after I got out of training that I was going to last very long. I was planning on riding it out for awhile until I found something better but after my 90 day review they let me go. Turns out that was the best thing for me because I did find something better. I now work in an air conditioned environment, with indoor plumbing and actually get to take my breaks.

    At the post office, I was always in such a rush that there were times I actually had to pee in a Gatorade bottle in the back of the mail truck, and skip all breaks just so I could make the deadlines they set. They would literally give me 12 hours worth of work, on a route I’d never even done before and expect me to get it done in 8 hours. There were times I would literally run while delivering mail as well.

    In my opinion, if you have to go through all that to get your route done on time, then they’re giving you too much work. They really need to restructure the whole post office as a whole, so carriers won’t bear the brunt of crappy management.

  8. Gregory Smolen   July 29, 2015 at 10:20 pm

    I was a cca for 2 days they gave me 4 hours of training than they said go do half a route by yourself. Do your self a favor do not work dor the post office especially for 15.68 an hour there are better jobs pit there.

  9. Blouge Clinton   September 9, 2015 at 12:43 am

    This company is certainly not worth working for. The managers at my station were always rushing me even though I was on a new route everyday, and it just so happens that whichever route I was on was “an easy route.”

    I was a rural carrier assistant. There are 2 parts to the job: casing the route (placing all mail to each household in a prescribed order) and delivering. In order to case a route swiftly, you have to spend a few days, maybe a week or two on it. Nope. If you’re on a new route every day, you’ll have grand difficulty learning the case for whichever route you’re on.

    I was given 2 days of training and tossed into a full route. I had very, very little idea of what excactly to do, but luckily other RCAs came to my assistance. If it wasn’t for the other RCAs where I worked, I wouldn’t have even lasted the short amount of time that I did. After those 2 days, every time I was casing a route a supervisor randomly came at me to “hurry up.” I didn’t have the necessary information on how to case a route effectively at speed.

    A lot of the time, there are people waiting for trucks to start their route. Huh? It’s a post office and we’re waiting for a truck… but be back before 5! No exceptions.

    I actually called a manager to inform him that I wouldn’t be able to make it back before 7 (that’s when the truck that picks up the outgoing mail leaves) and that someone should come take the outgoing mail that I picked up from my daily roulette route and take it back. His response? “Your route is short, be back in 30 minutes.” Idiocy.

    Then the postmaster calls huffing and puffing and said that my route should have only taken 2 hours. How? Imagine a mailman doing an entire route in 2 hours. I don’t care if it’s “auxiliary” route, I’m not going to rush around and end up hitting a kid or injuring myself.

    If you manage to become a regular, I’d imagine that would be sweet. You get your own truck, the same route every time you come in, and nobody bothers you except sometimes people on your route will complain. That takes forever though… one gentleman had to wait 9 years to become a regular. That’s intense.

    Altogether, I would recommend AGAINST the post office, the RCA position in particular… I can’t speak for any other position.

  10. Jim   December 17, 2015 at 9:23 pm

    Working for The USPS is as close to being in a living hell as you can be. Their expectations are unreasonable and impossible to accomplish. They even altered the times you can report to work, thus shortening the time you have to deliver. You can’t come in til seven and must have all your mail cased and be on the street by eleven. Impossible…and they expect you back by five. Again, impossible and unsafe. Carriers are wrecking their cars trying to meet these unrealistic expectations. You will not have adequate work space at the office as everyone is working on top of each other as they spew negativity. There is never enough equipment for everyone and the vets know that and hoard what they can, making your job even more difficult. You will be out in every element immaginable with frozen hands and wet clothes. Lunch?? Ha, ha, ha! You will never have the time for this. I lost 20 pounds in my first year. Bathroom breaks? Nope, you won’t get those either. Now the Post Office has merged with Amazon and the package volume is unfathomable. You can’t even fit them in your car or truck, forcing you to make multiple trips on the same route that you are not compensated for. And carrying, arranging, and stacking those packages will debilitate your back and the carefully stacked packages will fall on you causing frustration and anger. Your hours will be unreasonable too. As an RCA you may work two days a week or seven. During the holidays expect to be working fifteen hour days…in the dark, cold, and rain. Hopefully you can see. I couldn’t.
    They want you to case mail in areas not large enough to accommodate the amount you have.
    Your dreams of becoming regular and getting all those great benefits are just distant dreams that may take ten years to come to fruition, if you can last.

  11. Suicidal CCA   February 18, 2016 at 6:50 pm

    This job makes me suicidal. 16 days straight, being told to come in later than the other CCA’s, racial and gender biases. I’m so damn sick of this job, yet it got me a newer, reliable car, my bills are always paid on time in full, and I have money to save. It’s funny what humans will endure for that green piece of illusion paper. Smh.

    -Suicidal CCA

  12. Alisa Smith   February 21, 2016 at 1:52 pm

    I’m in houston ad a rca. I’m really trying to get faster. I’ve gotten caught a few times at night and had to go out the next morning and finish. Some people make it harder talking about you to each other. You too slow won’t make it. But I’m like hey I am trying and it will get better. If it don’t work out, then it wasn’t ment for me. I did try!

  13. cca   February 26, 2016 at 6:07 pm

    Alisa,and Suicide cca
    I am almost two months in and I still can’t make time…all the other CCA’s are making it.. The dropped me to 3 hours a day. I know how it feels when supervisor and regulars treat you like your useless, and keep telling you your not going to make it. I wish I could say it gets better, but I am to the point of exit stage right! Alot of stress, and yes they make it more difficult then it needs to be, with all the bull

  14. Jess   April 6, 2016 at 10:11 am

    I am an RCA. I broke my ankle in three different places (trimalleolar fracture) after slipping on black ice. It was on Jan 31st. I started weightbaring and physical therapy 3 weeks ago. I’m still on crutches and will continue to wear this big boot for at least 4 more weeks. I was an asset to USPS, so I was told by my Manager. I’m not sure if I’ll have a job after I go back with restrictions and my manager see’s how impaired I am. It frightens me to think of this because I am a single mother with 3 kids and have never received a lick of child support therefor I have ALWAYS busted my butt day day in and day out everyday to support my children. ( I don’t even have extended family, its just me). I know I will not be able to fully do my duties to carry out my job even by this this time next year. last Christmas I worked 12 hour days mostly, thanks to Sunday Amazon deliveries. The day I broke my ankle it was a Sunday and I was delivering a package. My thoughts and prayers go out to ALL of those who have suffered through terrible times with the USPS.

  15. Richard Karper   April 18, 2016 at 8:56 am

    I was a rural letter carrier for four years until I had a complete tear of my right rotator cuff then suffered a 90% tear of my left rotator trying to drive a left-side drive vehicle from the right side. I now have chronic back issues. Sometime around 2011/2012 there was a class action lawsuit started against USPS dealing with the way USPS was trying to force injured employees to return to duty against the advice of medical professionals without having medical personnel on their review board. What ever happened with that lawsuit? No one seems to know.

    Richard – I suggest you post your questions in our forums – especially our National Reassessment forum here:

    Rick Owens – PEN

  16. cally   June 14, 2016 at 2:52 pm

    I recently lost part of a finger working for the post office on a dbcs by myself. Now I’m being threatened to be fired. They constantly push people to the limits and break safety rules!!!people do get real injuries working for usps

  17. Lyle   July 17, 2016 at 1:27 pm

    Im currently a mail handler in the san antonio plant. I recently called a supervisor a liar and am now in the process of my second pdi or professional disciplinary inquiry…she wants to suspend me for 2 weeks no pay first offense. The environment is toxic…the people stab you in the back…yes there are good people but there are also the walking dead and people who say its not my job to help you….it doesnt matter that you dontmiss a day nor are on time everyday…ive never seen such a badly mismanaged organization in my life…the postal managers cannot manage people nor time…and the 204b…hahahaha…

  18. Nicole   August 4, 2016 at 2:57 pm

    Depends on what kind of postmaster you end up with. Location. I love my job. It’s fast paced, like me, and my boss is awesome. We are never pressured.. It’s a very laid back environment and all the carriers and their subs at my office are outstanding. You are made aware before you start working for the USPS what kind of conditions you’ll be dealing with while working there. I’ve been a sub for 3 years and I am already developing lower back pain. It is what it is but where I live, this is a great job to have. I make $18 an hour and get at least 3-4 days a week. And I probably will develop other medical issues because of the work I do but, it’s what I choose.

  19. KT   August 5, 2016 at 8:36 am

    I miscarried my baby at 18 weeks due to no time off on a 110 mile rural route with extreme heat. It was too much for her. I regret being pushed around to work that hard for a job I hated to the core. It cost me my child’s life.

  20. unhappy   August 21, 2016 at 7:59 am

    I just got converted to regular i still hate this job with a passion, no ok way to it, you always stress,body ache, depression,lot of fake people,like ugh the list go on, they always trying u, im too nice for this job, only bully people good for it, because those illiterate supervisor with no degree only usps can give them this opportunity since they dont require much make the job harder, actin godly, favortism the lazy bums and discouraging hard worker,did i mention i hate it, u ask urself why i dont quit hmm a time for everything we ll leave it as that

  21. i understand   September 2, 2016 at 12:17 am

    I have been a letter carrier for almost 12yrs. This job is NOT for everyone. I, however, LOVE my job. When I first started, I had 12yrs working indoors and then WOW what a change to working outdoors in the triple digit weather and non stop, go go go. During my 90 day probation, I worked 6days a week 8-10hr days, only Sunday off. I had stress induced asthma and got out of the ER at 6:30a and had to report to work at 7:30a. Some days I had nightmares that I didn’t even start my route till 3pm! My first summer I lost 30lbs because I did 7hrs of all walking route.
    This job is NO joke! I am still a carrier but I do train new people and I do let them know the expectations from the supervisors are UNREAL. We have such a high turn over, it’s crazy! I tell each of them to hang in there. It will get better. Like I said… this job is NOT for everyone. The public does not know what we actually have to deal with. They think we are just lazy carriers who do not want to get out and deliver their BLOCKED mail box. They do not know EVERYTHING we have to do to get the job done, the way it really should be done. We end up cutting corners because of the time restraints and in the long run hurt ourselves. I emphasize with new hires. I was once there and I know how they are treated, working “mules”. I try to give as much guidance and tips to help out but you’re always expected to do the impossible and management only cares about numbers! ugh

  22. Lhs   September 23, 2016 at 2:14 am

    Man, I see A LOT of bitching on here. USPS is a fantastic job. I’ve been a PSE for only 6 months at a P & DC and already being covered to career. That means over $19.00 an hour after 6 months…where else can you make that kind of money without a degree!? If you’re afraid of hard work than this job isn’t for you. But don’t be a baby about it. Im very thankful for my job!

  23. Curtis   October 8, 2016 at 4:38 pm

    Yeah it’s crazy because they’ll do all that to some or many mail carriers without fair warning or explain any problems associated with skeletal problems developing from overloads on walking routes with use of bags extra . They say it’s the standard and your required to do it all and that everyone else can including the women and weaker ones. But you know that isn’t true and those unfortunate carriers are forced to carry that much overweight for that long of a duration regularly week by week , day by day until their done and no longer functional enough to continue on . Osteoarthritis in shoulders , back disks hernias, knees , feet etc is to come later on prematurely down the road and worse if you take a fall , get hit by a motor vehicle , attached by dangerous dogs, harassed by mean people and managers , you name it they bad ass enough to blame a hard working efficient mailman not in there with whoevers behind the incompetent leaderships . You couldn’t put it any better than squeezing a 12 hr day into an 8 for the unfortunate ones and then others get away with the bear minimum. People who got out of it before the damage set in where lucky in my opinion . You’d figure PO business would at least be smart enough to learn from all tha damage it causes but the continue to inforce the same bad ways even after it’s known what it does . Health care costs rise and attendance problems happen all the time and even more overwork happens. The system is retarded because they take the times that they forced u to do including the skipped breaks and decide that’s your time and stardard weight load or whatever weight load they decide they want u to have . So it becomes an everyday overload instead of a few harder days from time to time . A persons burns faster with shortened carrier longevity and they try to get rid of you so they no longer have to pay out medical or pension . Also if your kicked out out the labor force then no anything in terms of finically support will you get from the government because you are no longer in the labor force . I think the postal service would be smart not to snatch ever junk mail deal there is in world to dump on the better work associates of the country especially if that claim they can’t afford to hire more better employees and invest in advanced technology . In a way they’ve become more like a Hitler wanting a super soldiers superior to all others who can do all the power loads , but Hitler still funded scientists to develope advanced technologies and his soldiers with better weapons and equipment . Hitlers super soldiers where also administered steroids and crystal meth to do the jobs he wanted.
    The bad PO mangers and whoevers plan it was expects super mailmen to do the same delivering mail but only with tha same old standard mailbag even though the mail load is 5xs over the standard but that’s only the unfortunate ones having to do that , no the ones who are politically saved from it and get away with the minimum in comparison , in my opinion . Then there are others who do do what they can but they aren’t expected to work as hard as those unfortunate ones that are forced to . So yes it’s crazy to push a carrier who already is a hard worker and efficient and safe about beyond their genetic nature and underwork others . I define it as incompetent corrupt leaderships

  24. Curt   October 13, 2016 at 9:33 am

    Yeah , doesn’t necessarily have to do with strenuous work alone. It has to do with very bad financing, bad contracts , and bad planning in the past as the culprit cause for USPS dept and inability to stay profitable enough . A lot of great mail carriers where made to take the burden and essentially used as the alibie and or it was takin out of them. USPS should change it’s standard physical and screening process of hiring . Think a lot of people are lead to believe it’s an easy job and good one that you can retire on . The truth is routes and mail deliveries can be made much more healthy and it would cut down on a lot of overall costs. Believe the idea was to sacrifice the mail carriers that aren’t protected by using them up and then get rid of them before they get to take off for an injury and get the proper treatment they need to make a full recovery if possible .
    Some of the incompetence of from a bad manager is when one would tell u that the carry weight doesn’t matter and it doesn’t take any longer to deliver but still in force the standard to park at one end of the street , do the the extra walking loop with no adjusting it . So essentially it like putting an extra person or big heavy guy on a race horse and expecting the race horse to make the same great times all day long instead of having the lighter jocky on his back . It’s more the job of a mule and mules don’t move as fast as race horses. Another example is that a heavier overweight person can’t walk as fast or as long and isn’t as healthy as a fitter leaner person . So the rule is health wise , carring around extra weight is unhealthy if it’s overweight for a person of your size. Those things bad managers are apparently unaware of and most likely will denie that , say your suppose to be able too and that’s what they need , u to make that time . If it where better management of it all , I’d say for managers to hammer down on team work being employed at all levels in the mail industry rather than being abusive toward people they severely overwork . That would be better for the US postal service nationally and worldwide . Our country needs to be more united again as well also without all the stupid fighting about every little thing made into a mountain . All that stuff just weakens America while the major enemies to the country and good people an their next action of attach . USPS managers should not weaken it’s hardworking dedicated employees . It defeats the purpose of the service to be a great national American or global one .
    It also looks like the national government should step in and provide adaquit funding until robots are developed to take the place of mailmen . The auto mobile replaced the horse and buggy . Did anyone expect a horse to compete with an automobile on the parkway or a farmer to plow the same loads with a mule as a trackter ? The construction workers did a super great job replacing the old sidewalks and everything else with such thourough dedications and care for the homeowners in my neighborhood currently but would they be expected to do the same with just a pick axe and not have the funding for all the specialized equipment and crains of today ? I know the USPS had developed a special van to hold more everthing and a tailpipe on opposit side to reduce gas poisoning , so at least that was recognized
    As a health problem . But based on past experience , I’m not sure if they might want the bigger space to be jam packed as well.
    Think USPS should concider having extra seats put in them and have two or three person squat team set ups for each van . That would cut down on more vans needed and safer to work as teams and probably more efficient as well . Although you’d have to adjust to spending all day with other carriers you might not like as much or happier being own own all day . But in dangerous areas it’s better to have others nearby and immediate help when needed.
    The postal service once was more team oriented where everyone one was utilized to help out with overloads into the night ect. And it appeared that people where not as mean when doing it then because it really did help out on the whole as opposed to the every man for himself deal and others left hanging more often. We have the 50 and older rule now and if u make it till then u can be saved from overwork but the truth is age becomes a factor before then with expectations . Most Olympians don’t continue on as older sports . Some can’t because of age I believe and others choose to get out before it’s too late and an injury sets in with the realization that younger athletes have younger organs and everything and more time is needed to recover to stay healthy . But older mailmen in their forties who made it that far through the worst still have such experience and knowledge not to mention still conditioned minus the age factor and that injuries can set in more that don’t repair as fast as in their twenties or thirties .

  25. Curt   October 13, 2016 at 12:30 pm

    Another example of poor teamwork etc. in comparison to a professional football
    Team. Their football team coaches go over plays with the team by use of a screen and line up all their players in the correct positions then make them as strong and fit as possible to succeed in that position with minimum injuries. They don’t want to weaken their players and wouldn’t expect the QB to do the same job as a linebacker. They r 2 different players designed for two different positions . A linebacker can go short distance at top speed and knock someone down with extreme power but can’t run as far and as long as a wide reciever and a receiver needs to be built for speed / endurance etc. QB needs to be mentally tough with ability to make plays as throw besides take hits. So you would expect a linebacker to be able to carry heavier wts but not expect him to be able to be as speedy for long distance and a reciever you’d expect to have the endurance and speed for a longer distance but you wouldn’t want him to carry an extra 100lbs on him because that will slow him down . Temporarily it might increase muscle strength and power but if u weight him down everyday eventually the muscles will fatigue more and then in my opinion his stabilizing muscles will not be able to support his body as well through time resulting injury . Basically he’s not ment to do that for long distance runs unless of coarse he’s on some super steroid that allows him to be super inhuman like superman . But the coaches know this already and utilize him for what he’s ment for .Even so yes they do or can end up with health prob/ injuries because it’s a rough sport and it happens but they know how to operate and manage things as the way the game is suppose to be played and players if they good coaches.
    Think it be a good idea if managers or unions put things on screen as well and go over assignments and discuss better ways to deliver when caught in those situations that place people at risk . The PO always stated safety first . I mean things out on the road and not just proper lifting. It’s the violent type repetitive movements over and over again and carrying mail of unbalanced wts for too long of a distance that puts improper stress on tendons after muscle fatigues that causes the damage . A person might develope a specialized muscle on one part of his body but it’s still a muscle imbalance and the body part doesn’t function normally through time if you continue using that arm or hip in that ackward way that apparently is the standard . So basically if a person who lifts or carries 3-5lbs it doesn’t cause a muscle imbalance according to some physical therapists but your requirement is thirty Lbs and whatever is decided as your standard carry wt and can be 60lbs or more on a walking route that’s too long and it’s relays if the mail wt continues to be that heavy . And apparently they expected to volumn to drop which allowed them to justify sweezing your route case dividers too tight with adding to the route . A person then has to jam letters in after flats and makes it more difficult and less efficient even though you end up having a couple of rows up top that could be used for spacing the dividers out properly . So anywhere from 8-yrs ago the volumn was expected to drop as far as casing mail and the mail still gets squeezed in and still loads over standard carry wts up until present . Maybe it will drop enough some day but it’s been eight yrs since expected apparently . And it was never senced by me in my route that it would and I was right . All those things could be tackled to improve upon the situation instead of people using their time to sceme and or figure put another way to set up and blame dedicated mail carriers . A mail carrier needs to figure out better ways of delivering their own route but it’s a problem when others prevent it from happening by disapproving it . Personally I would have quit myself or transferred before damage set it , had I’d known but it sneaked up on me and can start off as a very minor thing and feel like a pinched never buy when you continue on and it continues to be aggravated the area , it can get worse without a better way or treatment and I know they want u in still doing the job regardless and still forcing what’s doing the damage . Then you go get an MRI and find out it’s too late, you’ve got some herniated disks . Now you’ve got something to show for all the big bad carring you had to do and finally after going up against management with a union president you get to cut a few relays down to size and allowed to find a better way to carry the wts. Corrective action takes place after the damage instead of being allowed to use preventive medicine from the start.
    As if it was never known why there was suppose to be a minimum carry wt in the first place . I was basically allowed to carry more naturally for approximately 10-12 yrs with over work off coarse but at least it didn’t damage me then until everything was made worse and made more unnatural in addition to something that could be classified as med.malpractise then hit by a SUV while crossing street later . Even so it was attempted to pin on me and when that bad off more crimes followed when my credit card #s stollen , bad labor dept action and everyone trying to stick me with tha bills then get me in trouble with collections . And the currents managers way of thinking is it all on you and not her problem.
    They all heart

  26. Thomas   November 3, 2016 at 12:49 am

    I will say this. For the last year i have toiled at the san antonio p/dc as a mail handlers assistant. Making roughly half what i made at my last job. No biggie…management is brutal…they treat all like slaves…there is no compromise…the supervisors dont know jack…the mdos are clueless….they dont know how to stand up for the employees nor do they want to. I broke my hand last november and they still owe me for 240 hrs of pay which i have given up begging for….i cussed outmy supervisor and now am probably going to be fired…so what…at least i will be happy not to deal withthe juvenile crap that goes on atthe post office….working with no benefits…unreal….happiness here i come

  27. Cathy   November 6, 2016 at 8:12 am

    Can’t the employees get together and fight for better work conditions. Does congress run post office. I would go to local congressman and see if you can get there help to change this it isn’t fair that they are allowing these work conditions

  28. Michigan disabled mail carrier   November 22, 2016 at 9:21 pm

    George is an idiot and LHS…keep working, as you age things will change! I was in perfect heath (mentally and physically) when I started the post office at the age of 28 as a PTF (1998) in Michigan. In the next few years UPS went on strike,(quadrupled are parcels) we suffered a horrible blizzard 3ft of snow ( which is absolutely horrible to walk) when you have over 800 (business’s not included) houses and over 3000 steps to walk with a 30+lb bag on your shoulders and being forced to work over 10 hours a day. Also, got bit in the hand by a dog my hand still aches badly today and I had suffered mentally because the dog attack was a surprise due to an unlatched screen door ( had lots of dogs on my route which burst out only after I turned my back to walk away) These things wore my mind and body down. I started to get more soreness in my neck, both shoulders, upper and lower back, a knee and hand every year which caused me to become depressed and to add to it I was rarely granted a day off or just an 8 hour shift, and on top of that if youre a women and suffer from PMS syndrome, it gets worse by carrying heavy objects! I thought the soreness was due to just being tired and kept working until I had a mental breakdown. My supervisors thought I always faked although everyone (especially my customers) noticed a change in my physical appearance gained 80 lbs in about 4 years, had dark rings under my eyes and always looked sick, even lost memory. All of my doctors put me on restrictions I was harassed constantly by some supervisors, sent to the doctors office 3 or 4 times a week for FMLA approved conditions (which is why I suffer today from anxiety from simply making appts) I was finally told to apply for disability retirement (I did not want too and worked until I was hospitalized ) I worked for almost 10 years before I retired under disbility. I wasn’t alone, several of my coworkers that started when I did suffered with similar disabilities and HAD to also retire…I was also approved for ssdi without going to court based on my medical evidence in my records. Most of my days are spent in my bed propt up on pillows, I follow a strict stretch/exercise regimen (not easy) to keep me active and more flexible. I wasn’t able to rejoin the union either because I was mentally incapacitated at one point and wasn’t able to fill out paperwork on my own and wasn’t aware, But I have learned how to function in society again. I have learned to smile again and to start enjoying life again and yes, on my better days I go dancing from time to time, travel and also lost the 80 lbs (surgery and exercise) and remarried a few years back. For someone to say that 90% of Postal workers are faking is absurd! Several postal workers have died because they weren’t taken seriously. This occupation (especially depending on location, mail volume) isn’t the same across the board so don’t judge! For those currently going through what I did, please don’t give up and God bless you

  29. Michigan disabled mail carrier   November 22, 2016 at 9:38 pm

    For the people that say you know these things were in the job description…Not true! Harassment and injuries are unexpected! ?

  30. Terry   December 3, 2016 at 8:41 pm

    One is told the job is strenuous. What some respondents and the general public aren’t aware of is that one is made to carry much more than the 35lb sachel limit, carry an unlimited amount of flyers with no weight or number restriction, are chastised for poor flyer audits under these conditions, refused overtime claims and face the severe limitation of physiotherapy benefits. The post office simply will not take responsibility for problems that they create. This is the reality of the Canadian and American Postal outfits. The average letter carrier is being abused by the management and their own union who will lobby for more jobs under the same abusive situations rather than attempt to rectify the situation for their due paying constituents. A more realistic depiction of the proverbial letter carrier would be Neumann with two synthetic knee replacements, chronic arthritis, pins in his repaired ankles and chronic lower back pain. Such is the case with this writer at the age of 60.

  31. renee   January 26, 2017 at 3:15 pm

    I worked indoors for the postal service for 8yrs.I went to become a cca in november2015.I fell fractured my ankle jan.2016.I have been out of work for the past year.They sent me to have an second opinion done his results were i can go back to work.My restriction are I can not walk for no more than an hour ,no twisting,bending/stooping,operating motor vehicle at work,to/from work:No pushing?pulling more than 10lbs;no lifting more than 20lb;no squatting,kneeling and climbing.So what am i suppose to do when cca requires all the above oan lift up to 70lbs or more?

  32. Reality   February 1, 2017 at 9:14 pm

    I just got a call from a carrier today who said I opened a mail box and hurt my arm. I said how, she says I don’t know but I can’t work. Ok seems legit don’t it. Now she gets paid to be at home. Good worker. We must be evil management, I got into EAS to try to make a change but the reason management turns heel is because EAS are usually the employees that aren’t the piles of crap. Or weak. Or union. Or useless people that know they work for a broken system and management can’t do anything because they pay someone to say that they can call in sick and do nothing. Good idea post office. Close to quitting. Only 31 and I know this is going to kill me early from the stress, you guys are pathetic. Get off your ass or you will all be unemployed.

  33. Unlucky   April 3, 2017 at 3:47 pm

    When I took the job as a CCA, it was prior the Sunday Amazon Contract. I went from working 6 days a week, 12 hours a day to 7 days a week. Still, I thrived. I outperformed office time and street time, never had any safety infraction, never called in sick, never showed up late. I was able to handle this because I had an amazing Postmaster who was a great man.

    Then, unfortunately, he left and a female postmaster took control of the office. Within months. most of the best CCA’s and RCA’s quit. They did not quit because they did not want to do the job. They did not quit because they could not handle the job or did not like the job. They quit because this postmaster was abusive, ruthless, vicious and attacked the hardest workers over non-work related issues.

    She attacked me to the point that I went out on medical leave due to the stress. After 6 months of non-stop abuse by this woman and her underlings (managers who were previously nice but had to mimic her desires) the situation culminated in a particularly bad event. Despite the fact I was never late on any assignment, she followed me multiple times that day asking if I would finish on time. I kept telling her I would finish without issue and that I would call if something should happen. Well, the final time she approached me, she went on a tirade. The bottom line was that she didn’t like me and wanted me gone but didn’t have a valid reason. So, she decided to scream at me until I defended myself. I told her I did not want to be harassed and asked what her problem was with my work. I ended up going to the hospital that night and called out for the first time in years the next day.

    As a result, she demanded I get a medical clearance to return to duty, even though it was the first time I had called out in years. According to the USPS policy, this was wrong. She had no legitimate reason to do this, and she also violated my privacy by asking co-workers personal questions about my health. She even had a postal nurse make a decision based on no medical information. I won a grievance due to this and am currently awaiting an EEO court date to defend this case in a court of law.

    I stood up for myself and others but paid a price. I have been on leave without pay for a while. Sadly, the only reason this occurred was because a vindictive woman was placed in a position of authority which she abused. Turns out she has a history of doing this to people at every office she covers. She, and others in management like her, are the problem. There is no accountability for their bad actions which cause health problems and financial losses for the workers and the post office. It’s really too bad, because some managers and postmasters are fantastic. I guess I was just geographically unlucky.

  34. Darlene   April 3, 2017 at 6:47 pm

    Hey reality check needs a reality check. No secret most mngt gets there via the friends and family network. Nepotism is highly practiced even though it is against the elm. I got one am disabled from usps due to my nasty postmaster and continual complaints of LLV stinking like gas only to ve told it’s over splash it has been checked nothing wrong. After being taken off road several times a week with everything from bleeding gums to drowsiness I was out 6 weeks with stroke like symptoms. Found beading vessels in my brain. Tried to return to same LLV with has odors. The “janitor” who was acting as comer in my office said couldn’t smell it must be antifreeze… ! Well I had taken to fire station before returning that day cause I had headache after 3 hrs in truck. Lieutenant said could smell it 10 ft away and that shocks not attached right and dents in gas tank under truck. Vents right up against tank. He wrote letter complaint and I demanded to be taken out. Wouldn’t bother until I stated I went to fire station. I also filed osha report which basically is useless they allow them to respond to correction. That didn’t help ms being taken out again with TIA symptoms and triggered immune disease. MCD confirmed gas vapor leak I to cabin so my “problem child” complaining cost me permanentl health issue and career! I was a rural career. Why my postmaster is considered fit to manage people with his record is beyond me! Cause usps doesn’t value their employees. We are replaceable. Well not to our loved ones. So reality ^^ as far as your comments I was an employee with no complaints or delivery issuesand a 204b. What I WAS NOT is part of the good old boy network and refused to play games with people like a lot of mngt does. That doesn’t win you favorite but does maintain integrity. Save your speech for those too naive to know better. Most of us learn the hard way that hard work and dedication gets you no where but sick and injured and tossed away as useless while mostly the are promoted through nepotis. Peter principle at its best – promote to highest level of incompetence on the who is who network rather than quality

  35. City 2   April 28, 2017 at 3:03 pm

    Unlucky ,
    I would love to know how you handled all of that , the process steps . I swear you are in Marshfield MO bc that is the EXACT SAME THING going on with me ! I am trying to research things to no avail . I was forced to carry phone books newspapers and these other newspaper called rural Missourian that weigh well over 35 pounds when your carrying 30+ . My flats alone were 7 inches tall and that was WITHOUT my rural Missourians ! I injured my arm that day and ****** the pm told me I need to find another job . And did not provide a medical form for my arm . Why is this abuse and unethical behavior accepted in a work force so intense so physical so draining yet we are suppose to remain professional ? CCA’s need to strike bc our work conditions have not improved , are not improving and will not improve unless we the CCA’S TAKE A STAND !

    Please – do not post personal names or any portion of a personal name. Thank for visiting. PEN

  36. HH   May 2, 2017 at 5:01 pm

    I’ve been a rural mail carrier for 12 years. Took 7 years to be full time. I agree with most of the negative comments. It’s true and I would not recommend this job. However, I don’t mind the actual work. It’s the heavy work load and management always pushing you to do more. Oh and can’t forget the unfair mail counts! Things really need to change in order for the USPS to be successful. Good employees like us deserve to be treated better!

  37. Laurene   May 23, 2017 at 10:33 am

    Well looking at all these comments I don’t stand alone!! I loved my job but my body didn’t. 23yrs of service and 15 months ago I couldn’t push myself any longer and went out on my own to have surgeries done. A total knee replacement on the right and 3 screws in the left ankle also 2 carpal tunnel surgeries one on each hand. Workmans comp claim denied. Dr’s felt their letters were good enough not for the PO who doesn’t stand behind us. I didn’t get like this dancing!!! I worked my way til cripple. I was injured before naturally foot related treated as a just not wanting to work and my PM sticking me in a corner by a coke machine facing a wall to answer phones. Did not include me in any city carrier meetings I was labeled as a nothing. I hate being inside and could not wait to get out of there and for this boot to get off my foot. Each time I was injured I was disciplined like I was in a lawyers office yelling accusing saying I allegedly (that’s his famous word) hurt myself. I sit there in amazement just staring like are you kidding me, TOO MUCH DRAMA! Do you really think I want to hurt myself so I don’t have to work and stay here and look at you, NO WAY!!! Especially when you are depressed and I am happy! Since the day this PM arrived he had it out for me first boss ever. I always sing and case my mail and other things that other pm were fine about and even said you bring life into this office. Not anymore this one wants me out and I finally got to say it now that I thought I was so happy to return to my job after such a long time being out. This man was on my back from the first day I returned because I should be 100 percent ready to go. My case was changed they added another hour of walking up and down porch steps to mailboxes and long driveways going up! In and out of the truck for a couple more and maybe 5 box on post the rest of my route is already all walking I didn’t need anymore. Plus I got a big business with packages which has 3 different stops and the last has all the sacks. Anyway I was getting timed how fast to put up mail we now have 4 bundles my hands are curled up even more and my hands hurt because I feel the arthritis now since my hands were operated on. The flat sorting machine having extra flats in the bag with spurs and small pkgs. more weight on the right side now bothering my hip and back which were never a problem before. Getting in trouble for not returning on time Oh yea when I first came back from being out he wanted a guarantee I wouldn’t be out any longer??? There’s no guarantee I could be dead tomorrow! I laughed to relieve stress and he got upet with me and said if you feel this is funny, I said no that’s how I relieve my stress, well if you want to have a break, I said no and he continued to carry on because I wasn’t reacting the way he wanted me too. I have excellent blood pressure, he doesn’t. There is no need to treat someone like they have committed a crime when my punishment already was not to be paid and had taken money out of my TSP got taxes thousands of dollars and wound up in a hole again and now I went to deliver a package when I returned to work walking on a lawn and my ankle pulled I didn’t notice the pain until my last loop, reported it when I returned and I know I will be disciplined to the fullest once again because I didn’t report it at that time it happened. It was a pull. But let me say this by the end of the first week I was told after saying good morning and the clipboard and in front of everyone saying I should be taking everything down in one hamper when I know I couldn’t I had too many packages and he starts going crazy saying want me to show you its like a puzzle, I said why there’s an empty hamper right next to it with some of my mail in there already I am only 5’1 I can’t reach on top to hold mail while it goes down a ramp I told him the mail will fall over. He gets so upset at me. I am 5 steps away from the flat and letter case I took the flats but the letters were bulky they would have fallen I went back didn’t think about taking a tub since I was a little nervous with the clipboard and the mean face and him writing so I went back for the letters. Well that was a major deal. I understand minutes in the office but that is not something I do everyday and now I don’t know how to write out peach slips for customer to pick up. For years nothing was ever said now since I returned I was told whats going on? I was told I received a D minus for the week if I was to get rated. Now I know I forgot a few things that were also uplifting, lol oh yea saying that he had seen me cross the street why? I never crossed the street but my scanner said I did. Oh so now you lie and say you had seen me but its my scanner that says it. It must be pivoting off something else my SS said. I didn’t don’t even have time to pee, or a lunch or a brake let alone cross a street!!! that bothered me something awful, So again would you report an injury if you are hoping to god its going to get better before you go back, in my case it didn’t, but this harassing crap has got to stop. Just say it I am an old horse now I am wounded and useless to the PO I go to the glue factory that’s my retirement!!!!! I have 3 kids and no one gives a crap about you. Plus my PM makes me out to be someone I am not!!!!! I just keep praying to God to help me everynight get out of this job that makes me feel like I am useless person and to find something else if possible when I can’t even get out of bed in the morning and walk right from pain. But like my PM says in a stern voice “We All Have Problems” not that I tell him mine because he doesn’t care about you and I know that already. I wouldn’t even tell him my mother was dying I tried hard not to make mistakes but I did just a couple which I heard about and he said on the side of my case on the workman floor “I don’t know what your problem is but you better learn to focus!” I just stood there and I can’t let you know what I was thinking. I am not the type to be spoken to like that he thinks differently. My other PMs and Pms on detail never ever had a problem actually became close too but there will always be one in your life and this one is it or me. He’s just not happy and brings it with him and I guess takes it out on me. I even asked If I remind you of one of your relatives or something, because I just don’t get it. Anyway God Bless the Postal Workers We All Get Hurt and the ones that don’t like being carriers become management but we should all be sticking together!! The PM is the captain of the ship and if the crew members aren’t happy the boat doesn’t float so well. Some PM don’t care they want to scare you which turns into accidents and employees turning against each other trying too hard and trying not to have blame and that is the worst!!! Take care!

  38. The best   May 25, 2017 at 8:16 pm

    This is so funny. I get that some offices are probably awful to work in but the main issue with the post office is the fact that janitors, clerks, handlers and whoever else are basically paid the same as carriers. Hahaha. That’s the craziest thing ever since all management watches and looks at is carrier times carrier scans carrier this carrier that. Clerks can walk around the building looking busy with a blank piece of paper in their hand and no one would say a word. Carriers should make 40 bucks an hr, everyone else, 12 bucks. Also, the only thing management is good at is turning good workers into bad workers because if your a good carrier you just end up getting deliveries added to your route. If your a crappy carrier you get deliveries taken off your route. I will say there are so many fraudulent injury claims out there. I can’t do it it’s too hard. My knees my back my shoulder my neck. I fell and hurt myself. Give me a break. Your walking around for 6 or 7 hours. It’s not rocket science, it’s basically what the human body is meant to do. Walk and move around. I’ve done it 18 years, 10 miles a day and feel like I’m 20 years old (I’m 40). Where else are you gonna get paid over 30 bucks an hour TO WALK AROUND ALL DAY and have no skill whatsoever. Come on people.

  39. CH   July 17, 2017 at 8:43 pm

    All your comments are mostly BS. Any issues you have you can contact your union or talk to your supervisor and they’ll help. 22 years old and been a clerk for a yeah working 6-7 days a week and my body is sore and wish I had more time for me and my dogs but because my wrist hurts one day I don’t go complaining to everyone about it. It’s a job. You hate it so much find somewhere else to work. Don’t come online and bitch and moan about how hard your life is making decent money with plenty of opportunities to better your life and get upset after working there for 30 days you got fired because you couldn’t deal with it. Become a receptionist if you can’t do manual labor. Don’t blame the post office because you’re 40 years old, done manual labor you’re whole life, you’re tired of manual labor and blame USPS. [edited by PEN]. Deal with it or find a new career.

  40. Carol Williams   July 28, 2017 at 3:22 pm

    I have worked for USPS for 24 years, it took me 6 years to make regular. I tried being a union steward to see if I could help the workers, but almost everything is geared towards management and is just too stressful. The amount of Amazon is beyond belief. Last year was the first one I actually made overtime, everyone here did, and wasn’t management livid? They acted liked we loved working through ice storms the cops stayed away from, some somebody could get their toilet paper, since no one goes to a store anymore. Run while you can. This job is DEFINITELY not worth it. It was nice for awhile, but Amazon will kill every carriers dream of making retirement. You just won’t physically make it for 20 years. I just turned 50 and have had both knees replaced. My doctor said I had the knees of an 80 year old. I walk an average 5 miles a day, on a DRIVING route. Just taking all the stuff from the street to the door. 7 miles at Christmas…run…

  41. Charlotte   August 18, 2017 at 9:17 pm

    I’ve been reading these comments for a long time now. I want to thank everyone who has posted here, as it has helped me in the decision to leave my job as a carrier.

    I was a CCA for 1 year. In my first few months, I never took a break and I was adored by the managers. Once I couldn’t do that anymore, I started taking my breaks and immediately was treated poorly. My manager was an evil witch, who was catty & passive aggressive with me daily. There was no healthy communication. Carriers and management are constantly fighting, and the union steward who I thought I could trust was friends with the manager I was complaining about. Carriers talk shit about management and other carriers. They make sick jokes too.

    This whole place is a mess, and needs an overhaul. Management needs new strategies. Like respecting and appreciating people vs pushing them past their limits EVERY day WITH NO CHOICE.

    If there is reason to believe an injury is fake, then investigate privately & respectfully vs making jokes and being an immature child.

    I am fit, smart, and an honest person. I would have been a great employee, but they lost me because of how I was treated. I am not a religious person, but I am PRAYING that the (hardworking) carriers catch a break soon because you all deserve so much better than this. Just find a better job you can do it and I believe in you. Please, you will be happier.

  42. Rodney awilcox   August 25, 2017 at 7:55 pm

    I cant believe the amount of crying, complaining and bitching! stfu do your jobs and be grateful you get paid to walk it’s called exercise!

  43. JJ   September 19, 2017 at 12:19 pm

    I was a female CCA for almost a year. Eight months into it I got a new temp supervisor, a woman. she harassed me about my times per DOIS and she told me I had to do my routes in the same time it took the few men in our office, she also threatened my job for many things including my times, filling out postal forms on the clock and delivering packages I had missed earlier in the day. Not even 2 weeks into working with her, she became angry because she claims i was late getting back to office, per DOIS. She became angry when i tried to explain and tried to grab my vehicle keys out of my hand and then she rammed me forcefully in the chest, etc. i made out a police report and got union involved with grievance. USPS never contacted me or investigated her abuse and harassment . they kept us in same office and her behavior got bad again another 1.5 months later. It got so bad I got a TRO and permanent order but the usps and govt attorneys took it away immediately because they could because she was a federal officer not because they had a good reason too, and yes the first part is what was stated in the court papers. she was still after the TRO never investigated and USPS never contacted me. Union involved again. 3 grievances got no where past step B. Had FMLA and after that told not to come back to work until further notice. USPS falsified my records and documents which I have proof of and they still act as though they have not done anything wrong. I have had 2 fed court cases against them, the first in Fed court to reinstate permanant rest order against supervisor was given to two different judges, 2nd judge dismissed and wrote things completely wrong in court papers as if he never read the evidence or legal doscuments I gave them The 2nd fed case is still going on with EEOC but USPS lawyer is asking for Summary judgement / dismissal. My supervisor had turned 6 out 0f 10 employees against me so it made it impossible to go back to work. I asked several months before hand to be transferred due to this situation and the USPS never responded or made good on what they said about transferring me on talks with the union. THe supervisor a month later than when i left was transferred and promoted. I was encouraged to quit many times and after fighting for my job and to be transferred, I was discharged. How does the USPS get away with this? Doesn’t it cost them lots of money to rush employees who get injured and have vehicle accidents? Doesn’t the high turnover rate cause loss of revenue? What happened to setting people up for success? I was evauluated my a trainer on the route, and they told the supervisor route was overburdened and set up poorly and that I was not efficient but until time I left she continued to harass me about computer DOIS times.

  44. rca   October 3, 2017 at 6:34 pm

    Just wanted to add to this posting as I found it after “googling” hip pain from usps. I have worked for the post office for over two years now. In that time I went from being treated well to like someone who had just walked in the door and couldn’t do their job. Why, because I did not have a car for about six months that ic oils deliver mail out of for 2 out of tem routes, couldn’t put in six days of 10-12 hr work days a week, on top of caring for my three children, and going to school. Everything is all and we’ll at the p.o. as long as you give them every moment of your life they ask for but the moment you start complaining about aches and pains, have to limit your hours, or just start taking the breaks your entitled to your not gonna be as valuable to them.

    At the moment up try to limit ny hours of work availability. Why, because my body after just two years in this place us already about done. I have something going on in my right shoulder, constant sciatica pain, and a set of hips that hurt constantly from the repetitive back and forth motion of the trucks from going mail box to mailbox so fast to meet the deadlines expected of rca’s.

    If you have a choice my suggestion is don’t take the job. You will regret it a few years later when the pains start kicking in from the repetitive motions. If ur in get out as soon as you can find something that pays close because after everything is Saud and done ur really not making that hourly wage u were hired in at. Take that hourly wage and break it down for the hours you work and use bet the evaluated wages will not equal your hourly wage it will be at least a few.dollar a.less….

  45. Jennifer Gallagher   October 9, 2017 at 9:51 am

    Have to concur. I’ve been with USPS for 10 years. First as a part time rural carrier then a PTF clerk and after other coworker retirements finally made regular full time clerk. Most people have no idea how hard this job is and the stress you are under. I’ve worked many physical jobs including wild land firefighter and trail crew laborer. This job is so much more physically demanding. You better be young and fit and able to work under pressure if you want a job with the post office ! No support or positive feedback from horrible management make it far worse. The amount and size of Amazon packages means our carriers make multiple trips as the LLV’s are too small to fit them all.
    In my opinion there are too many higher ups trying to run the show and too few workers doing the actual work.

  46. Hard working gal   October 21, 2017 at 6:48 pm

    My comment to all I’ve read is most are spot on about the dysfunctional work environment. And it’s a very physical job. Which hey, some people simply can’t do. As for the union, they will help you with all they can but they seem to be over powered now. Thus, are mainly focusing on just keeping the post office alive and functioning. And keeping everyone paid. Glad I’m closer to retiring. Only the strongest survive the Usps. But in the end we’ll have the last laugh with that pension check. Damn those carriers really earn it!!!

  47. Lois McKinney   November 11, 2017 at 12:02 am

    I’ve been a CCA in a smallish office for almost 2 years. Tough work. Knew that going in and got out of a tougher job(emotionally and in some ways physically before) but it’s hard. They work you. And then when you’re on your day off, they can switch it and tell you the day before while you’re on your route. I had a doctors appointment that I had to cancel because they told me I needed to come into work the next day. I’ve been sent to three other offices to help out on my days off(the supervisor scheduled me there and then had them call me). Christmas with Amazon was insane last year in addition to the election. Year. Ppl were mad about late mail but my office doesn’t have FFS sorting soo guess who got to sort five feet of political mail and five feet of flats by hand? I get shunted around during Christmas too. Finally got an OPT where I’m on the same route for an extended period of time. It’s nice. It’s short though so I can never go home when I’m done. Always working 10 hours but pay is good. Just wish Amazon wasn’t as heavy so I could spend more time with my family. Won’t be able to make Thanksgiving with them this year with what they have planned. Does anyone know what to do about repetitive motion hand problems? Starting to get some in my right hand(dominant) and not happy about it. Also I wish they would tell you about the glorious double satchels as well. Make my life soooo much nicer on my walking. Supervisors are hit and miss. Some are awesome and some suck. I feel like they should have some of the classroom training and then go train with your oji and then finish classroom training. Lots of new CCAs quitting. I feel like a lot don’t like to back out after the two week classroom stint. My area has had 7 CCAs quit recently. Aren’t getting new CCAs yet either. Christmas will be more of a bear this year!!?

  48. Paul   November 21, 2017 at 5:39 pm

    I got hurt physically and mentally at the Post Office. They do not know how to manage a company at all. It’s a backward system and it’s going to self ruin themselves but wait no it won’t cause they will just ruin others so they stay afloat. That is what they been doing. They have people who don’t work hard stay there making so much more money and all the ones that do work hard cause they want to show how good of a worker they are the managers use them to do all the work and even push them until they get hurt. Then cause you get hurt they blame you or they want to get rid of you. I am sure that this place caused a lot of deaths and not actually doing it but just causing people to do things. I don’t know how the FBI hasn’t had this company audited or even shut down. Some other company should start just deliviering first and second class mail once a week to houses in a small box. They could save so many lives and so many world problems as well as open up some more jobs. Most of these mailmen don’t even know that they are putting their lives at risk and for what. I think their spouses would like a healthy person than a unhealthy person even if they don’t get as much pay.

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