The U.S. Postal Service is a Toxic Work Environment

Dr. S. Musacco - Beyond Going Postal

April 14, 2010
by Dr. S. Musacco

Dr. Steve Musacco is a Ph.D. in organizational psychology, a M.S. in Counseling, and a B.A. in psychology. He’s been licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist and completed Coachu’s coaching program. He also worked for the postal service for 30 years.

Dr. Musacco said:

Prior to my retirement from the USPS, at a former district I worked for, there were three suicides within a two year period that I concluded were contributed to in significant part by how these employees were treated in the workplace. The third employee, a city letter carrier, fatally shot himself in a postal jeep and left a letter stating that he could no longer take the job. The night before he committed suicide he told his wife he did not know if he would be able to handle his job anymore. How do I know? His wife told me this one day after his suicide. He was one of the best employees in the office. The District Manager and I interviewed his coworkers after his death, and they stated he would urinate in a bottle while on delivery route for fear he would not meet an artificial deadline set by postal management. During the interviews, one of the postal supervisors told the District Manager and me that the day before the suicide she gave a letter to all the city letter carriers in the station, noting that any future over time used for their routes would be considered unacceptable performance. The suicide at the Gastonia postal facility was the second since December 2005.

Many people have asked: Why is there so much stress and workplace tragedies in the U.S. Postal Service? The answer to these questions is because the postal culture embraces and reflects core values that center on achieving bottom-line results with little or no regard for employee participation, respect, dignity, or fairness. Additionally, there is little or no accountability for the actions of top management in the Postal Service. Many postal facilities consequently have toxic work environments, and they can be a catalyst or trigger for serious acts of workplace violence, including homicide and suicide. The associated rewards system for behavior consistent with the postal culture core values, moreover, enables systemic organizational and individual bullying of employees at all levels of the organization.

I define a toxic workplace environment as a workplace where there is a high incidence of stress-related illnesses. These stress-related illnesses are manifested by psychological and physical deterioration. In other words, these types of environments seriously erode employees’ health and well-being. The primary factors contributing to a toxic workplace environment are high job demands, low job control, and low social support. Low social support generally entails a lack of respect and validation of employees’ dignity by their “superiors”. It also oftentimes includes organizational practices and methods that encourage the bullying of employees to meet corporate goals.

Dr. Steve Musacco
Beyond Going Postal

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Eric L. Wattree

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  1. terrie   March 30, 2014 at 8:07 pm

    This site is great so many people expressing the same thoughts! But again we all feel helpless to do anything! After 16 years of carrying mail what else can a person do I feel like I have zero no control of my own life! We stay because we need the job! I had postal pride but it is gone! Is anyplace completely staffed?

  2. mae bolton   April 13, 2014 at 3:11 pm

    its all so true…i have developed an auto-immune desease,due2the worst stress immaginable,at work!!and in the office im in,u are either a puppet or puppet master,or ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!OMG I STILL HOPE2GET OUT OF HERE AND GO BACK2SCHOOL AND RECLAIM MY SANTITY!!!

  3. Gerald Churchill   April 29, 2014 at 6:34 pm

    Ditto! I resisted a ever-worsenig bully PM for 3 yrs. I was a wreck, suffering bone and joint pain like I’ve never known and nightmare anxiety/depression. She finally removed me 9/13. I think it was a blessing! I’ll take being poor over being bullied any day.

  4. Tonya Weimer   May 11, 2014 at 2:48 pm

    Agreed. I’ve developed arthritis in my neck, feet, hip, sacroiliac joint, and hand due to the unrealistic demands of the job. I have degenerative disc disease in my cervical vertebrae, and have everything from a sprained back to a fractured foot and kept working.

    We are pushed beyond the healthy limits of physical and mental endurance. Being micromanaged, followed, disciplined for every small infraction, given contradictory instructions between members of management, and the pressure to meet arbitrary times tends to cause PTSD, stress, depression, rage, and so many more psychological issues.

    When you take into consideration the fact that we city carriers receive no support from our supervision and primarily derision or apathy from the community, it stands to reason that we wouldn’t feel compelled to do our absolute best, even though the threats and intimidation force us to perform beyond our safe limits.

  5. Tonya Weimer   May 11, 2014 at 3:19 pm

    *have HAD everything

    I have been through mental problems with the post office as well. As recently as last June I was suicidal and ended up being put off work for a month. I have migraines, almost always associated with work and the conditions there.

    My psychologist has told me that I appear to have PTSD from the disgraceful tactics used by the post office in order to force us to work faster, harder, and more. I am so mentally exhausted [even if not physically] that I nearly fall asleep on the couch after work every night; the mental abuse is abominable.

    Those rare occasions when a good supervisor comes along, higher management harasses him/her into leaving or buckling under. Seeing that is almost as demoralizing as experiencing the abuse first-hand.

    We are driven like cart horses, never with a carrot but always with a whip.

  6. Stephanie Martin   May 22, 2014 at 5:40 am

    I agree with everyone,Who ever thought in the year 2014,employee’s would be treated with such disrespect,I recovered my life back after a situation that I would like to share with all readers,I was married to another carrier in the postal service who started an affair with a co worker,I am a no non sense carrier,who never allowed Management to bully me,the last Supervisor who threaten my job was led out the postal service in handicuffs for putting drugs in packages,Management hated my gusts so when his mistress start trying to bully me in the postal service,Management looked the other way,for 4 years the home wrecker taunted me,each day she would bother me and than go 2 them like I was bothering her,after 4 years of torture,bullying and harassment she showed up 2 my son’s football game at his school and disrespected me in front of my children with my husband and That was it,He gave her so much power that I was scared of her because she is 6 feet and I am 5’6 that when I confronted her she ran up on me and swung,I did a matrix move,and I beat the dog crap out of Lurch,My Management team tried to fire me,and when I was able 2 prove by cell phone records that I went 2 them over 11 times,to stop the harassment an arbitrator not only awarded my job back,but he gave me compensatory damages,So I happily divorced the mailman and just recently married the Fed ex man,So karma is a B….,and as for his mistress when I got that big chuck of child support took out his pay check,she’s looking for the next sucker,When I walked back in my station after Management thought they had got rid of me,It was like they saw a ghost,The Mistress played like a victim and all her so called friends all laughed behind her back,and when she visit them,they make sure there husbands are either on vacation or out the house,Lol

  7. Stephanie Martin   May 22, 2014 at 8:19 am

    The Postal service promote bullying,harassment and taunting,Letter carrier’s all over the world work in hostile working environments,I only mate one beautiful station manager (Sarah Hampton) who truly believed in dignity and respect and they hurried up and transferred her,No one should have a Gold Card to bully people and get away with it,Upper Management ,Supervisor’s and Lord forbid the 204 want 2 B’s and station Manager’s have no problem lying when they are the one’s who help instigate the bullying,harassment and taunting in the first place,I am one of the Management targets,But I am Blessed and God has me,I prey for all Usps worker’s who have suffered at the hands of a corrupt environment where the big wig’s are promoted because of the slavery off our back,Let’s stop bullying and just understand that every one individual have there own tolerance level,and someone need to here the cries of the Usps employee’s because 2 many people are being hurt,and No One,I mean no one is being held accountable!!!!!! I also don’t understand how when u contact your Union because u know a problem is going to arise if there is not a remedy,why when the straw hit the camel back,can’t the union just walk in,to a arbitrator hearing and look the Usps lawyer in the eye and let everyone in the room know,that everyone knew about a hostile working environment but no one acted,Sometimes I do wonder if everyone is working together and I prey for all people who have been hurt by postal abuse.Just give it 2 The Lord and he will guide u.

  8. pen   May 25, 2014 at 5:09 am

    I was a postmaster and supervisor for the USPS. My superiors, most of them, treated people like crap and wanted me to as well. I refused. I eventually transferred to another state and had to take a downgrade as a clerk. At that office I was literally bullied out of my job. Ironic that I was one of the good supervisors who cared about employees. I was a great work. But I was bullied out because of silly reasons by a postmaster and his cronies who were beyond evil. At that office, a few months before I transferred a carrier was taken to the hospital on a stretcher after being bullied day in and out. Many quit. The management didn’t care. They were just plain evil. I’ve seen many good people leave the USPS. Sad, sad, sad.

  9. pen   May 25, 2014 at 5:28 am

    May I add that when I left I told my boss that the reason the USPS is failing is twofold: the internet has cut into the mailflow, but the management is horrible and God in heaven will not bless their evil ways. I had one MDO I worked with tell me that he loved picking on clerks because it brought him some kind of sadistic pleasure. I reported his statement and nasty behavior to the plant manager. I was told nothing could be done until the MDO retired. I was furious. How can an organization succeed if the management are treating people like dogs? Well, he just shrugged his shoulders. A few weeks later this passive plant manager got caught having sex in his office with an inferior and was demoted to a supervisor. I scratched my head and wondered how these people got promoted in the first place. I also watched a great supervisor with a master’s degree and ethics get passed over for promotion by a woman who had a bully reputation. This woman had a high school ged and was selected for promotion because she treated people like crap. On the flip side, I’ve watched lots of clerks and carriers take advantage and are very lazy. They have no work ethic. They need to fire managers without college degrees and they need to be firm, firing bad workers and rewarding good ones.

  10. Former Disgruntled CCA   May 27, 2014 at 11:32 am

    I posted on here back in December about my brief experience as a CCA. The day after I posted my experience, I was fired, though I admittedly did my best to try and get fired the previous day. I had just been pushed to the edge and could not take it anymore.

    After a few days on my own, I was taken off my intial route and put on a new one, because I was running late. So I was in a completely new neighborhood in a new town, because my old office was huge and covered three towns, and the only reason I was even vaguely familiar with the area was beacuse I have friends who live near there. And, again, I was running super late and not even remotely close to finishing. It was at that point that I basically quit and just took the rest of the mail back and ran out of there. I took the next day off and was fired the day after that, which is what I wanted.

    Aside from that, I had serious issues with my pay. They shorted me 12 hours worth of pay and I had to contact the union about it. It took MONTHS and I still think they never paid me what they owed me. I contacted them about it and never got a response. Not only that, but during my training, the union reps were bragging that they were fighting for a 7 day work week. Are you god damn kidding me?! 6 days isn’t enough?! They want to keep up witht their competitors, but maybe instead of slavery, some respect shown to the employees may be a better option.

    I eventually ended up getting a job with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and am enjoying it, despite working in the Department of Welfare. Dealing with welfare clients is nothing compared to the post office. I am treated well by my supervisors, the starting pay is nice, the hours are nice, there is no forced overtime, and we get all the holidays off. It just goes to show you that government or state agencies CAN be run efficiently and with respect to their employees. The USPS just decides to run things horribly and treat everyone like shit. The Google reviews of my former post office are all 1 out of 5. But my job with the state is nice. I have a bachelors degree and they encourage employees to test for higher positions, which I will do when my probation period is up. It is basically the complete opposite of the post office.

    All that I can say is that out of all of the dumb jobs I’ve had in my life, including customer service in a call center, working nights, weekends and holidays at a gas station, working as a two year old teacher in a day care center, sweating my ass off paving streets and cutting grass in the summers, and working in welfare, the post office was BY FAR the absolute worst. I was only there for two weeks, but I feel sickened by my short time there.

  11. jaye   May 27, 2014 at 11:40 am

    Not only am I bullied by management, my fellow carriers bully me as well. The environment is very high school and clickish. It is sad that people who make such a good income are so miserable. I have been suicidal and mentally drained throughout my short 7 year career. I was put “off the clock” in December for being assaulted by a customer. I am now being returned to duty, talk about a gift & a curse. I DO NOT believe the union can stop or help with the work environment issues. I believe that a heavily documented class action
    LAWSUIT is the only thing that will deter, USPS.

  12. Lee   June 7, 2014 at 6:27 pm

    I am currently a CCA. While there are days I feel like a puppet and as if I am overworked, I look at this company like all the others. A business is a business. Bottom line is to drive profit and maximize efficiency and lower costs. Having said that, this is absolutely no excuse to be forced into anything. Tragically, there was just another suicide within the company this week and I felt the need to speak out.

    #1 remember why you took the job
    #2 know the rules and your own personal work ethic
    #3 never accept that bullying is more powerful than who you are as a person. As someone who has the most to be disgruntled about in my office, I simply focus on personal short term goals and a work ethic that I will always be proud of. It helps! Trust me! When others are angry and affecting you, knowing that you do the best you can and try to better your trouble areas is more validation than any supervisor could ever give you
    #4 if your coworker is having a bad day, speak to them. Sometimes a simple HI will bring someone off the ledge: mental, physical, or emotionally
    #5 take your breaks! I am guilty of trying my hardest to stick to time constraints. I wouldn’t take my breaks and it cost me. I snapped on a few ppl because I felt overworked, mistreated, and pissed. A break can be that moment you needed to stretch your legs or just come down off your own ledge!
    #6 get rest, find an outlet outside of work, and keep track of your leave. Although you may be working 7 days a week, you need your personal time. I am a student and I totally almost flunked my last class because I was so drained. You owe it to yourself to treat you right.
    #7 find your happy place. No one has to know about it. If you ever notice, all the employees always get so angry by anything that happens in the office. Personal inner peace can help alleviate pressure. Dont take this job as your last chance or option. You were great enough to get this which means you achieved a goal. So set small goals throughout your year. I said to myself that every 3 months I would buy something I really like or take myself somewhere that makes me happy.

    I know you are saying who is she? But trust me, you only get one life. A job is to ensure that you can support you, your family if you have one (I do), and a place to connect to. If your connection is toxic, then find the good and eliminate the toxins. I lost both my parents in the last few years, moved to a completely new state, and have a family all while being in school. It has been times when I wanted to just give up. But to be honest, the USPS is actually a good company. It is always around, pays more than many companies, and you can really keep fit if you are a health nut like me. Being a business major, I see both sides of the spectrum. Everyone can’t have their way all the time. However, disrespect for human life is unacceptable. Management needs to understand they are employed by the same company we are and they can be fired too. As a CCA, my peace is in knowing I have a plan for my life. Once you find your peace, you can better absorb shock of life. Remember, life is 10% of what happens and 90% how you handle it.

    And trust me….i have my days. Bottom line is no one can steal your happiness unless you allow them too.

    Be safe out there!

  13. jane friel   July 5, 2014 at 10:01 pm

    I have worked for the usps for 9 years we had a boss [name removed by PEN] in Gibsonia pa that was a total idot he abused 75% of the workers he had sexual harressment charges, from the Allison park post office and they did nothing to him. he has a god complex e is a bully, pig, I hope to see him on the street one day just me and him

    Jane – we cannot allow posting of names at PEN. Hope you understand. PEN

  14. Libbi Lee   July 12, 2014 at 12:51 pm

    This guy knows what he is talking about. At the same time, where as carriers are harassed to make dead lines, the clerk craft is the opposite. They don’t have set standards at all for the most part. Being confined to the post office for heir shifts, usually there’s a constant immature vicious atmosphere of harassment of some by others. Work is far from being the objective by the workers and especially by the managers. It is a terrible atmosphere for women. What I have seen in the post office is the higher managers talk about and claim there is a no tolerance attitude about sexual harassment but that’s just talk. The postal service has it’s own EEOC but they don’t support the workers. They appear to function more to hinder claims of sexual harassment. Actually, the only cases they seem to act on are those on race discrimination. Most EEOC people are black. I have never seen anyone working of the post office eeoc that wasn’t black and the only things they are sensitive to are race cases. If you have a white face, filing an EEOC in the post office is a waste of time. The environment is so dysfunctional and so horrible, it is a totally unfit place to work. Most people only do it for the salary and the benefits. You cant feel a fondness for the job because there’s too much harassment going on with management harassing workers and workers harassing workers. As a worker, it is useless to go to a supervisor about harassment by another worker. They don’t want to hear it. No, managers shouldn’t have to deal with unruly employees but it is needed so badly that they should. In the post office, the more non productive an employee is, the more likely they will be promoted and get out of the craft. So if it is the trouble makers that become supervisors, they will be more favorable to their kind; the ones who spend their time bothering others instead of working. The supervisors are the ones more likely to have affairs with others at work and the ones least likely to be concerned about unwanted sexual attention either between managers and employees or between employees. With most managers being male, a lot of them shrink from the term sexual harassment. They simply don’t want to hear it because they think if one man gets accused, he might be accused.

  15. caren   July 15, 2014 at 9:03 pm

    The usps has lost many good employees due to the lack of management skills . Too many are clueless as to how the operation works and more concerned with spending their afternoons at quaker steak and then on their couches to nap off their heavy meals. The supervisors in my office are incapable of even making a schedule. They hide 1st class mail in the trunks of their vehicles daily in case a poom should make a surprise visit. The whole place is a joke

  16. Big Bravo   July 16, 2014 at 1:03 pm

    Heck no. I DO NOT FEAR MANAGEMENT. When they get in my face about not making my times or scans because i have the WORST ROUTE, i do not back down. I get back in their face. I will never fear those over paid, big ego scumbags. I try my hardest everyday, but when i’m given extra routes to make up for sick calls, ect, it’s just not possible to make it! And they STILL GET ON ME! But it makes me laugh. They’re so pathetic. Lol, bring it!! I will knock your ass out and deliver you to a trash can before i fear any person in a position of postal management. Peace N Love, and F YOUR MANAGER!!! They got in management because they couldnt handle the hustle!! WEAK!

  17. Pissed off TE   July 30, 2014 at 8:56 pm

    I agree totally. First off the pay cut was absolutely wrong. Their math equation is jacked up. You dont cut someones pay by $12,000 a year and expect them to work harder.That makes no sense. On top of that if you opt on a hold down, chances are you will not get to work on it. They will add a ton of work to your already heavy load. Plus our management has not the first clue, they ask us (CCA’s) how to split routes. I’m thinking don’t you have DOIS to help you. They have never been carrier so they have no idea what its like to work in weather conditions, dealing with dogs, or customers. All they care about is mail. Last week, the best carrier we have lost his son. The majority of us went to the visitation to support and PM did not show citing he does not do funerals. This did not sit well with us as group. We were there in uniforms and for him not to go shows his character. I wish the Postmaster General would look into the ones that are put in these positions and train them better.

  18. Mary   August 12, 2014 at 7:26 pm

    My partner works as a PSE at the GMF in Denver. When she was first offered the position she was told that she would work less than thirty hours a week, and not more than four days. Obviously, that was a lie.

    I have watched a person, who a year ago, was energetic, caring, interesting and kind turn in to a monster. Her six day, 10+hr. work schedule prohibits anything other than work, which is so consuming it’s all she talks about when she gets home. Everyday I hear about childish, clickish behavior, sexual harrassment, drug and alcohol abuse, bullying and outright employee favoritism.

    I miss the person I knew before she drank the USPS kool-aid. I wish there was actually someone who was willing to protect the people who work for the post office. Why do you guys have unions?

  19. Dee   August 16, 2014 at 9:14 am

    After reading several of thecomments here, and totally agreeing with them,SOMETHING must be done! I too am experiencing much of what most of you have, or are currently, experiencing.It sucks to be so stressed out BEFORE reporting for duty, just wondering what Management has in store for you that day.
    There are cases and comments all over the internet regarding the hostile work environment at the USPS, yet there is no one with enough backbone in congress to stand up and say “Enough is enough”! Employees become targets for management to harass, intimidate,etc.

    We,as employees, need to stand together for change.Flood our State Reps with emails, phone calls, make thé public aware. Since no one will do anything to stop those who think they are above the law, it is up to us. Let’s start a petition to send to congress,let’s do something. If one person can get the pledge of allegiance out of schools, surely something can be done about the work environment at the USPS if we all stand together.

  20. Outta There   August 25, 2014 at 11:00 pm

    Yes, it would be nice if we could all stand together and start some change in this very toxic and disturbing work environment. But if you have experienced this, you know that all the friends, co-workers, supervisors and even union stewards who in the beginning are shocked at the treatment of a person being bullied and harassed, soon find themselves participating. When it comes right down to it, people want to keep their jobs. And if that means not publicly supporting someone who is being targeted or just keeping your distance so that you won’t be associated with that person, they will just let it happen. And its pretty damn hard to be bullied, harassed, and feel all alone. So do I hope it will change? Yes. Do I think it will change? No. That’s why I’m taking what dignity, sense of self, and the little scrap of faith I have left in people and I’m getting the hell out. I am a great person and I will be again. I will never allow myself to be treated the way I have been treated in this job again. USPS , I’m Outta There!!!

  21. Drea   August 26, 2014 at 6:14 am

    My husband works as a supervisor for the usps. He began as a letter carrier who always strived to do his best. He received so much mistreatment and abuse during his time carrying mail, his health was declining.. He was always tired and worn out. And now as a supervisor he’s treated even worse… The carriers love him, but management hates him. He is miserable as a supervisor. He is the one supervisor in the station that is on the carriers side and management beats him up everyday because if it. And when he applies to other positions/jobs they attack him even more, and make comments to him saying he’s not going to get another position. They’re blocking him from other jobs within usps. Things are bad all across the board, for clerks, carriers and supervisors. I do have to admit that carriers seem to get it the worst. I was so glad to come across this website… I don’t know how to handle all that he comes home and tells me, but to hear that we are not alone is comforting. And the advice that has been given on here is very helpful. Stay strong postal employees.

  22. Outta there   August 30, 2014 at 3:38 am

    I have been ruined. My family has been ruined. My life is ruined. And you that have done this to me know who you are and I want you to remember me and what you did to my entire world. And I want you to be haunted by it for the rest of your lives. You will never be punished in your jobs or maybe even this life. But ultimately you will have to answer to Him as to why you did it. And honestly, I hope He throws you strait into the pits of Hell. So you won, but ultimately in the end you lose. C J. And everyone who backed him up…. I told the truth and u didn’t care

    So as always,
    I’m Outta There

  23. jimmy   September 13, 2014 at 6:24 am

    I was a carrier once I’m 34 years old now retired from post office disabled of course . People you do not have to stay and keep working in that post office hell hole you can retire and get 40% of your pay it’s the worst place to work union, coworkers,supervisors,postmasters,general managers all worked againts me a clerk once threw a package so hard while i walking by the hamper, postal management put screws in my parking spot, I moved my car outside post office damn screws followed. I can go on forever but we all know what they can do. When I got hurt I was even worse I finally dicided I could not ho on and applied for retirement I only had 8 years I get next to nothing but I’m sure I’m not waking up thinking what will happen if I lost it and just end it all. Damage is done I now have ptsd, disc herniation, crazy, suicidal now I’m just waiting to die due to I can’t control my blood sugar. Since retirement my sugar just spiked up mostly due to my body pain and having lost my damn self unwilling to even move or just do a thing most of the time. Yeah post office is a toxic place to work. Damn place is a good place to work until you’re the target best thing to do is keepibg your head down, just tell them you’re doing your best. Never talk back or even talk but you can only take so much. I talked since my friends died, ran over kids and bunch of accidents here and there. I should have shut up. Management changed so many times so yeah it was a mess in my office. You call in sick and you’re on the hit list. I was number one since I was always sick. So yeah what do you do after you’ve dobe so much there was no turning back or going away just pain forever. Nobody cares or would even care this is how you will be 8f you want to stay don’t care don’t mind and hope you stay healthy so you can jump all the hoops and hardles sometimes hoops with fire. I was unfortunate I could not stay healthy. I did not know I had diabetes so I called in so many times trying to figure out why I was shaking. Doctors was no help they said it was panic attack took another year to find out it was diabetes. When I figured out it was too late I was on the hit list for the worst employee. You see using you’re sick leave puts you on that list so don’t be sick even if you think you need it it’s better to die at work than going to a doctor. Not. Good luck you all I wish you all good health.

  24. Rjmar   September 23, 2014 at 3:26 pm

    Retired Postmaster its a shame this great instution the USPS as taken the word service out and replaced it chasing number bullying goes on at all levels of the P.O and having first hand knowledge of the tactics I am ashamed that the postal service has a belief all employees are out to rip off. . the company.who is really. being ripped off managers or. supervisors who work 10 to 12. hours daily for no extra pay. Or is it our customers who are dealing with rude and unprofessional employees the post office will continue to lose money if treatment of employees doesnt change.We have so many dedicated people in the organization I was one until the upper managers lost touch with reality and began with unreasonable demands with threats to be retrained or be placed on a ( S.I.P) Service improvement plan which forces you to comply or be intimidated or harrased and outcast I maintained a Level 21 office for 13 years with great success V.O.E scores always 80 plus a very motivated workforce who understood great customer service because I would not changed I was forced out its a shame how the USPS is going backwords I encourage any one who face harasment daily protect your right and file an E.E.O if an office has an abundance. Of E.E.O issues this will force an intervention and investigation off to represent a supevisor of 28 years of service on her own E.E.O case for harassment enough is enough use the process and you will prevail.

  25. Why   September 23, 2014 at 8:01 pm

    I was a CCA and have never been treated so horribly, ever. It is hard to handle when you are working hard and it just doesn’t matter. Horrible environment and the day I walked out that door is one I don’t regret

  26. Ceclia   October 9, 2014 at 10:00 am

    Everything I’ve read so far is completely correct and it’s so sad, I wish everyday that I never left my federal government job years ago for this mess, thank God I don’t have long before retirement

  27. Joe_the_Fed   October 12, 2014 at 3:27 pm

    I spent 15 years in the Postal Service. I was fortunate enough to be able to complete college and go on to law school while working overnight. I had a supervisor who falsified her resumé to get in via the old Associate Supervisor Program. During my final year of law school, I stomped her guts out in every PDI she attempted to run on my people. And that’s how to fight management: Educated, proactive stewards who will step up to defend the good employees and aren’t afraid to confront bosses.

    Unfortunately, bosses in the Post Office nowadays are inexperienced and have not worked in the craft for very long. I had one boss who had been in for 4 months and became an acting supervisor. Thus, a sub-culture exists whereby those in management feel asthough their main function is to beat on the people who will work and ignore the people who won’t work, because it’s easier to get more work out of a good employee than it is to confront a bad one.

    If bad employees were dealt with properly and good employees were rewarded, the Postal Service would be a different place.

  28. Joe_the_Fed   October 12, 2014 at 3:30 pm

    Oh and just to be clear, I left the Postal Service for another Federal agency 3 months after I got my law degree. The first weekend after I switched jobs was one of the happiest two days of my life and I’m forever thankful I was able to continue my federal career in an agency that cares about it’s employees.

    Moreover, almost every other agency looks at the Postal Service in general and their management in particular with disdain. They’re considered complete amateurs by their counterparts in other government organizations.

  29. Tula   October 12, 2014 at 10:47 pm

    It’s so sad that as a recently new employee. I have left the post in tears at the very least 4 days a week.In a post that the management is hazing the New employees and making us do ridiculous routes with time limits in place that are simply insane. Well all I can say is this I will not lay down and go peacefully into the night.If they believe that kicking and out right lying and being racist is the key to getting so called “The job done in a timely matter!” You are mistaking. This is a year where new potential presidents are being asked to vote for me. Well people keep checking where they will have open forms and go and be heard. Don’t be scared any longer. United We Stand. I know if I make this known and turn this into a topic that the president has to listen too. Well then Let the you tubes light up and hope that the media catches the waves of air time !! Time to expose these bully’s and force a change!

  30. Vicki   October 14, 2014 at 3:37 am

    I am a citizen who uses the post office a lot, and very supportive if the employees. I would love to see the post office go back to the good old days. I hope companies like eBay are helping to turn things around. What the post office is experiencing is exactly what all of us are experiencing, bare bones operations, expecting workers to do the work of three, acting like they slave masters, working conditions we outlawed 70 years ago. Business with one arm strangling their workers, and the other arm caressing federally elected officials backs, or sides. Our median wages and benefits now are below 26 other nations. The lack of protection on every level has catastrophic effects on our health with toxins in our food, pharmaceuticals that have more harm than good, this way hedge funds can buy them up, put derivatives on then. They are betting on the failure of Americans. We as groups, must go on a nation strike! To get a real fair living wage! Let’s get organized today!

  31. Andrew Paulene   October 26, 2014 at 11:59 pm

    I am going to be that guy. I have been working for the Post Office nearly a year now, and I love it. Yes, it’s very stressful. Yes, I have been treated like an animal. Yes, it’s not for everyone, but I love it. I have a family that needs a steady income, and this horrible job has given it to me. The leadership is awful, but it will not affect my attitude nor my will to work hard. I have had to work for a worse company in Target who has made ten times as much as the Post Office. Yet, I am paid much better at USPS. My only true complaint is I want more hours. I still make at 20 hours per week more than I did at Target where I worked no less than 40 hours per week. Soak that in for a second before harping over a difficult job. I am now 25 years old, and I am tired of my generation complaining about hard work. I love it, and honestly, I hope do not retire because I love to work hard.
    PS: In my first at Target, I was Logistic Team Member of the Year. My second year I earned Team Member of the Month four times before Target stopped given this award to employees. By the time, I quit I worked every position in my store except management who makes the real money. When I asked management for a raise, management training, or anything to do with making a decent living, management told me they don’t have positions available so I said see you later, and I never looked back.

  32. Rural Carrier   October 28, 2014 at 9:44 am

    I agree with all of these comments. The pay is good but it’s not worth the stress from the job. I’m a full time Rural Carrier and I am resigning so I can have a life worth living again. The postal service has changed entirely from what it used to be. We are treated poorly and expected to work like dogs for less pay. My doctor put me on stress leave for 6 weeks and suggested I talk to a counselor. After doing so, the counselor agreed that all the drama with management and the job itself is ridiculous. She also told me that I was not the only postal worker she had seen in her office with the very same complaints.

  33. babybullet   October 31, 2014 at 2:54 pm

    I’m currently working for the post office.It is definitely the worst job on the planet! It’s to bad, because it could be the best job on the planet. They have the worst management on the planet.They are only worried about their scores, and bonus checks. And they get them because all of us 2nd class citizens do all the labor, while Management cracks the whips. Verbal abuse ALL the time. I have the company email because I would step in when the PM thought she had to be off. I have received emails from the poom saying to cut our hours, and push us to get more out of us. REALLY? You want a PTF getting that kind of emails? I have asked them to cancel ALL my approvals for the reports and emails, because I’M DONE!! Our PM got caught embezzing, and the other PTF and I have lived a living nightmare for the past 10months! Do they care? Hell no! The PM got a slap on the wrist, because they protect their own at any cost. She took $11,000 in cash, and floated $435,000.00 between 4 different places making her look good. Borrowed from the post office with out permission. Then lied her way into a medical retirement! Telling everyone she was set up. It’s all in her hand writing. She even forged my name along with others including customers names, on her deposit slips like they doubled checked her. No one ever doubled checked. There have been PTF clerks like me that stole $100 and they are serving 7 years in prison! But the rules do not pertain to management. I have been treated like crap, and I wasn’t the criminal in this! IF you are thinking about working at the post office, please don’t. I had a wonderful attitude, and was raised to be at work every day on time, and be conscientious. That has changed now. I couldn’t care less! Just buying time til I can flee the hell hole. I had to start therapy to try and not kill anything. YES it’s that bad. The only reason I haven’t gone postal, it I don’t want to go to JAIL.

  34. PittBull   November 9, 2014 at 10:33 pm

    I agree with all of the comments above except I disagree with Andrew as he has not worked for the post office long enough to form an opinion. I am sure he is in love with the money, but over time the bullying, degrading tactics, the games that aren’t even human will crush that tough guy front. Why would anyone want to be treated like an animal? People should be treated with dignity and respect, but that does not happen very often at in the post office. I am so happy I left and my advice for Andrew is to look for another career, as the post office is a dead end.
    If you like to be treated like an animal now, you will really have mental health issues after a career with USPS. You have been warned, and there are other jobs out there.

  35. This is What I Know   November 10, 2014 at 11:38 am

    I have a “friend” who is a Postmaster at a local post office. We are constantly joking around asking her if she has a job. I have never seen anyone have so much vacation time and comp time on a job. It is no wonder that the post office is in trouble. The benefits are great, they get an incredible amount of vacation days and their sick days “accrue” forever when not used….who even does that anymore? She doesn’t use sick days when she is out sick. She plans to retire two years earlier than planned, take all her accrued sick days and collect her salary as if she were still working the two years. Apparently others before her have done this and it worked. There is something terribly wrong with this picture, the postal system clearly needs overhauling and supervisors need supervision.

  36. norma   November 11, 2014 at 9:20 am

    24 years carrying mail. I tell it like it is. To management. I encourage new hires in every ctafy, welcoming them. Letting them know they have friend if they need direction. For all of you who say “just do your job” well it doesn’t work that way. I would love to just go to work, and just do my job. But eventually, a craft employee befriends a manager, and you become a target on behalf of that craft employee who is now drinking buddy, bowling buddy, sex partner, steward in a pocket, you name it. Once an uneducated low self esteem manager has a “friend” they can help by making your life miserable, the trouble begins. And craft employees are a jealous bunch. We are, in some ways, abused in one way or another, as the years pass. But that same person who was beaten down along with you, finds joy in having the upper hand and abusing his fellow employees for a change. It’s sick. And encouraged. And everyone around you will be scared to speak up. People will quit, transfer, be promoted out. This is the scenario that plays out over and over. I don’t know the solution except TRANSPARENCY. And a bully and abuser relies on secrecy and shame. So SPEAK UP. It is hard. It finally got bad enough for me that is was easier to fight than look the other way. Women in the ladies room confide that I speak for the entire office when I name names and tell it like it is. But the office won’t speak for me. I don’t even blame them. I don’t call them chickens. They don’t want to go thru what i am suffering. Being the target. It hasn’t gotten bad enough for them to fight back. But it has for me. And if they need me, if I’m not fired, I will be there for them. Hopefully having survived this gauntlet of harassment. And maybe more and more will join together to improve OUR Postal Service.

  37. anonymous   November 11, 2014 at 1:03 pm

    When will it stop

  38. GEORGE WEAVER   November 11, 2014 at 7:55 pm

    I went out on a hypertensive attack. Yes stress. Was directly related to dealing with workplace abuse. I was the shop steward dealing with issues when it happened. I had 4 or 5 trips home where it was like someone pulled the plug on me. I had no energy, was barely able to drive the 18 miles home. Then I’m in the middle of processing a workplace grievance, on the phone, at home, and it hit. This 2 days after going home because of stress. I get a trip in an ambulance to the hospital for 3 days and they get me back on my feet with some meds. I haven’t been the same for the 2 years since I retired. No, I didn’t retire on disability, and I probably should, but that’s stressful. I opted to cut out all stress and just call it quits. My wife, also a carrier followed me 6 months laters also because of the workplace stress. I didn’t get my 40 years in, had to settle for 32, she settled for 14. It cost us dearly. The manuals always said that people over 50 were suppose to have allowances for their age. I found it to be the reverse. I’m a Vietnam Vet, received commendation while serving a little more than one 5 year term. I want to thank all my fellow Veterans who served their country. God Bless America.

  39. Sylvia   November 12, 2014 at 1:06 pm

    I could only read of the few comments cause I started to get stressed out. I retired two years ago and did so to keep my health for what it was. But still have Postal Traumatic Stress. A Steward for 26 of the 27 years I was there, wow, what a nightmare. The article is so true. No Joke.

  40. 33 Year Employee   November 12, 2014 at 8:39 pm

    Lets all remember also…

    What do you get when you try to run a World Wide, Multi-Billion $$ operation with nothing more then mostly High School Graduates —

    The United States Postal Service.

  41. CityCarrierPa   November 12, 2014 at 10:43 pm

    Like to connect with employees here. I came toPost Office hired off the street, no relatives or friends in po. KMA To Truth Is maybe your in a good office or easier job but I KNOW I Worked & Ea rned my Job.

  42. Helen R Reavis   November 12, 2014 at 11:22 pm

    My husband was ‘bullied’ into early retirement and our daughter is slowly being bullied into a nervous breakdown, I believe! She has too many years in, to just walk away.

    We still have documentation to support my husband’s case! We will hold onto this information until the USPS management ceases to bully their workers!!!

  43. eileen   November 13, 2014 at 2:45 am

    what is the latest word on MHA’s? has anyone had any trouble – or is it just our building. they treat us like crap. used & abused i guess until they pull our plug !

  44. V   November 13, 2014 at 10:14 am

    I was terminated after being told I could resign. I was a new hire. I was not given a reason why. I didn’t have any disciplinary actions or evaluations. I had trouble delivering in my own vehicle, in fact, it wasn’t safe. I was the only new hire in the office that didn’t have a postal vehicle to drive. They haven’t paid me for 34 hours of work since September. The union won’t help me because I was on probation. The head supervisor of RCA’s in Olympia is a psychopath. She has lied about everything. She doesn’t have any empathy for people. She is very manipulative and very one dimensional. Her office is a complete, disorganized mess. How is this person a supervisor? I made a huge mistake accepting a position with the USPS. I was told there was a one to three year wait to become permanent, yet I met carriers who have been waiting five to nine years to become permanent RCA’s. My start time was delayed over a month. While delivering, many customers approached me and told me about countless mistakes with their mail from seasoned carriers. This organization is extremely toxic!

  45. Kimber   November 16, 2014 at 4:18 am

    Wow. Yes it’s true, but CCA’s don’t have enough years (yet) to see or feel the impact that the veteranos do. If you hide nothing you have nothing to hide. Stand up to them. Do not let them define you as a person or a carrier. Their idea of a carrier and our idea of a carrier are two different things. They are reaping what they sow. They kick you when you’re down but they drink, eat, and other self deprecating to stuff their own bad feelings down. I’ll never forget the say I woke up. Here’s what was said between a postmaster and a 204-b….If you can get them where they’re not eating and not using the restroom, you’ve got them right where you want them. We have some sick [deleted by PEN] sociopaths in the post office.

  46. Kimber   November 16, 2014 at 4:27 am

    NORMA IS SPOT ON! What she writes is true. The job itself is lovely. The eight miles I walk is no problem. The physical isn’t the issue. The way they supervise is sick and dysfunctional. The post office isn’t in trouble because of vacationing postmasters. I’m at five weeks paid vaycay a year and believe me, I earned every hour and every cent that I make. Just wish I didn’t work with so many wimps and wimpettes..
    Thanks Norma….thank you for telling it like it is…

  47. joan   November 18, 2014 at 4:25 am

    Too many unexperienced chiefs….all that is worried about is the mail being delivered’ Cca’s in some offices slave for seven days a week sometimes. However, if Masta “supervisors”do give you a off day they let you know that day you just finished a 13 hour shift dont come in tommorrow, or will give you a phone call early in the morning after you just got dressed for work. If you drive far to get to work transfer by your home so at least you can drop off to sleep in a matter of mins after you off . Remember safety first! When your dead the postal service will still be running its business!! Cca’ deserve higher pay …

  48. Kimber   November 27, 2014 at 7:57 pm

    Here is what they want: A workforce full of CCA’s so they can use and abuse when they want ..when they need…so they don’t have to do anything but their nails, and eat. They won’t have to worry about a union butting in. Grievances won’t be a bother. They could careless how wonderful the career employee is. Don’t full yourselves. Stopping living your life on your knees. Stop begging them to like you. STAND UP!

  49. Tom   January 4, 2015 at 5:21 pm

    I became a CCA a few months ago and despite all of the negative things I’ve heard about the post office, I figured I’d give it a fair shot. The first week of training wasn’t bad. Then we were told to “worry about accuracy, and that making the times specified for each route/piece would come with experience.” That was the biggest lie I’ve probably ever heard in any workplace. The first day they were on all of us, the new CCA’s for being a half hour or a little more late, even though it was our first time being on our own and we aren’t even from the area so we don’t know where we’re going that well. We went more than a month without a day off, including Sunday’s since it was around the holiday season, and when asked if we were getting one we were told “yeah I’ll try my best, but I’m not making any promises.” Then throughout the bs it got..better? Or we just got used to it. But either way the most ignorant and unprofessional thing was when I had to call out because my grandmother was in the hospital and the doctors told us she wouldn’t make it through the day. I called my boss to let her know I couldn’t come in and her response was “I’ve had too many sick calls for you to not come in today. I don’t want to sound cold hearted but you are coming in and doing your piece that I have sitting here.” So after that I think I’m done. I didn’t believe the comments I was reading when it said how bad it would be, but this is the worst place I have worked for, or anyone that I know of for that fact. Avoid it if you can.

  50. Pamela Castus   January 8, 2015 at 5:10 pm

    Where DO I even begin, My name is Pamela and I would completely agree with almost everyone here except for Andrew. I was bullied in the Post Office, Houston from the very day I put my feet down at the office. I was put on 9 different routes for the first two weeks (to case and to go on the routes to deliver) this is far about the WORST PLACE to work in the US. Nobody cares about you! they just treat you like garbage. I just REGRET ever working here. I would not even let an enemy work there. They want you to work lie an android or a computer, they want you to be back before 4 pm to bring back the raw mails. I wish I never worked there.There was constant arrangement and bullying done to me.(I was only a rural carrier for less than 3 months) and I hate myself for not walking out from there earlier. I have never ever QUITTED any job before. THIS WAS MY FIRST! and it felt so good.

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