Gatlinburg Skyline
Gatlinburg Skyline

Ah-h-h-h, the Smokies and Gatlinburg at night.

We try to visit the Smoky Mountains each fall when the leaves have turned golden and the air is crisp and clean. Without fail we always reserve our accomodations either in downtown Gatlinburg or in one of thousands of cabins for rent surrounding downtown Gatlinburg – either way, we win.

For years our family has made Gatlinburg and the Smokies a fall ‘can’t wait to get there’ vacation getaway and for years we have never had any regrets. I especially love strolling down main street during the evenings – ducking into alleyways and shops.

Good food? What’cha talking about…there are more good places to dine at than you can imagine for a city as small as Gatlinburg. However, during fall you can expect to have a hard time booking a room if you have not placed a reservation at least a couple of months in advance.

If you live on the east coast – or even if you don’t – you should consider vacationing in the Smokies and reserving accomodations in Gatlinburg.

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