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May 2010

May 28, 2010
4 accused of stealing jobless pay - 2 are postal employees -

USPS Wins FMLA Case -

Postal Service to close Lima sorting station, move 86 jobs -

OIG: USPS Audit Report – Contract Payment Terms -

Suspect Robs Montgomery County Post Office -

Federal Daily says that while postal inspectors may continue to seek employee medical information as part of an investigation, doctors and health care providers can say no. -

May 27, 2010
Business or Public Good: It’s Not Just about Saturday Delivery - The Urban Institute -

Former postal worker gets time served in workers comp fraud -

USPS Spent $35 Million Using FedEx Needlessly -

Transcript Testimony of Las Vegas PRC Field Hearing - Also see Sacramento Field Hearing -

PEN Ed: Watch Out for bottle bombs - newest fad - TRUE - Watch This Snopes Video -

Postal offices accused of non-payment at two Manhattan condos -

Milwaukee letter carrier suffers injury from dog attack

May 26, 2010
Q&A with the USPS Regarding Providence Employee Drug Bust - Also see 'Up in smoke' post office drug raid video -

U.S. Supreme Court refuses to hear case in 1999 Valley hate-crime shooting of postal employee Joseph Ileto -

Yorktown, NY postal carrier accused of selling marijuana to cop -

Two former Alabama U.S. Postal Service employees indicted on charges of theft of government property -

May 25, 2010
PEN Ed: We are sharing the link to this article - YOU must form your own opinion - U.S. Postal Service Expands Construction Of Secret Rooms -

Update: Former postal worker pleads guilty to stealing Netflix -

Burrus Criticizes Exclusion Of Postal Unions from OIG Workshare Audit -

Bismarck postal worker sues for harassment -

5-day delivery would be postal death knell -

A former Elizabethtown, KY mail clerk with the U.S. Postal Service was sentenced last week to a year in prison, two years of supervised release and ordered to pay more than $7,000 in restitution after being found guilty earlier this year of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud and theft of mail. -

Customer stuck with counterfeit money from the post office -

APWU: Unions, Management Reach Settlement of Unions’ Privacy Lawsuit -

Update: Post Office Robbed, Clerk Kidnapped -

Ghostly Postmaster?
... one of the most persistent spirits is a cranky former postmaster, who used the hidden catwalks above the main floor to spy on his employees and make sure they were doing their job. -

USPS April Financials
Net loss -$382m -

May 24, 2010
Can the Postal Service Further Consolidate the Area and District Administrative Office Structure?
OIG Blog -

Piles of undelivered mail found in Michigan shed
Also read here -

Postal worker pleads guilty to stealing drugs from the mail -

Post office worker told not to wear mask while cleaning asbestos floor tiles - Also see: Mailroom mask fight -

It's Time For The Postmaster General to Go, and The Inspector General as Well - Eric L. Wattree -

Closing some post offices makes sense
Federal Times -

IRS may get access to TSP accounts of tax-delinquent feds - Federal Times -

Confirm competition ahead?
Postal Affairs Blog -

Postal carriers picket for Saturday -

May 23, 2010
Whiteside, TN Postmaster Held Hostage After Armed Robbery -

Postal Services warns to stop mail deliveries to prevent dog attacks - FOX 13 - Utah -

Could US Postal Service be key to investigating Landis allegations? -

May 22, 2010
FSS Througputs 9% Below Plan, USPS Official Says
Dead Tree Edition -

Five-Day Delivery Campaign Driving Away Businesses, APWU Says - Federal Daily -

PMG Winton M. Blount Video
This is a video, late 1960's, of PMG Blount on Meet The Press. PMG Blount, now deceased, lived in PEN's hometown of Montgomery, AL. -

4 Arrested in post office drug bust
PROVIDENCE, RI - Four men are arrested at the Providence Postal Annex, charged with possession of drugs. We’ve learned three of the men are postal employees. -

NALC: Settlement reached on medical records
The NALC has entered into a settlement agreement with the Postal Service and the USPS Office of Inspector General (OIG) that imposes significant new restrictions on OIG agents and postal inspectors when they seek to obtain confidential medical information about employees from the employees’ doctors or other personal health care providers. -

Confirm competition ahead?
Postal Affairs Blog -

May 21, 2010
Pilfering Postwoman Charged In Westchester
Police in Pound Ridge said in February she stole items worth about $200,000, including a $250 jar of caviar. -

Just what you thought: Mail carrier dumps--not delivers--your mail -

D. Eadward Tree Unmasked!
A postal executive stunned the Mailers Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) today by announcing that D. Eadward Tree, pseudonymous chief arborist of Dead Tree Edition, is actually a high-ranking Postal Service official.

Rosa Fulton, Executive Director of Flats Sequencing, said that the Flats Sequencing Map published on this blog last month had only been shown to a few high-ranking USPS officials. She announced, therefore, that D. Eadward Tree must be none other than Patrick R. Donahoe, the #2 man at the U.S. Postal Service. Donahoe reportedly laughed but issued no denials. -

Genius Drug Dealer Arrested at Post Office Trying to Mail Marijuana (video) -

USPS Merges Expedited, Ground Shipping Units -

Fairbanks postal worker charged with theft -

Car slams into Birmingham, AL Post Office branch - video

May 20, 2010
Potter announces organizational shift at USPS -

U.S. Senators Barbara A. Mikulski, Benjamin L. Cardin, and Congressman Frank M. Kratovil (all D-Md.) sent a letter to Postmaster General John E. Potter
Regarding AMP study at Easton, MD -

U.S. Postal Service Is Not an "Employer" Under Connecticut Workers Compensation Law
PEN Ed: Say what? -

Memphis Public Hearing On Post Office Cutting Saturday Deliveries -

USPS to PRC: The elimination of Saturday outgoing processing will save mail processing workhours -

Opinion: Government Should Fund Postal Service So It Can Compete -

Federal News Radio on USPS
It is no secret that the Postal Service has to come up with a new business strategy to ensure its financial stability and ultimately, survival. Postmaster General John Potter says they've realigned some services to help with that. The Expedited Shipping and Ground Shipping groups have merged into one Shipping Services Group. Meanwhile, Potter named Jim Cochrane as vice president of Product Visibility and Operational Performance. It will be his job to lead the development of technology to help scan and track packages through the postal system. Potter said the new internal structures will result in more competitive package products and scanning visibility information for customers. -

May 19, 2010
Burrus: A Pig with Lipstick… Is Still a Pig -

APWU Urges PRC To Save Saturday Delivery at Memphis Field Hearing -

Netflix's Latest Problem: The Mailman
Forbes -

APWU Rallies Against Big Banks, For Good Jobs -

USPS Monthly Financial Data for March -

Pitney Bowes: $210,000 spent to lobby health care, postal service and banking laws in 1st qtr -

Woman accused in fatal robbery of retired postal employee refuses plea offer - Also see Retired Postal Employee Slaying Befuddles Police, Family -

May 18, 2010
Post Office Waste Could Cost Mail Day
WSB Atlanta -

Regulator Says No-Mail Saturdays Not Done Deal
NBC - Dallas/Ft. Worth -

Also see: Many protest proposal to end Saturday mail delivery at postal hearing in Dallas -

Feds/Retirees Have Political Muscle
Federal News Radio -

Postman delivers help in emergency -

Police and Fire Report - Battle Creek, MI
INDECENT: A warrant for gross indecency is being sought for a Battle Creek man, 22, after Battle Creek police said he exposed himself and was masturbating while a female mail carrier was trying to make deliveries Friday and Saturday. -

May 17, 2010
Postal Service To Discuss Cutbacks In Dallas - Also see:
Dallas customers weighing in on plan to end Saturday mail service -

US Postal Service’s Woes Impact Netflix -

by postal commentator Gene Del Polito
"It has been said that the business model of the Postal Service is broken. Broken, it may be. It wasn't, however, the customers of the Postal Service who broke it, and they shouldn't be held accountable to fix it." -

OIG: What Do You Think of the Priority Mail Advertising Campaign? -

Sentencing today for former postal employee charged with stealing Best Buy rewards certificates -

Postal Inspector Criminal Complaint
Defendants did conspire to commit armed robbery of a postal employee, forcibly kidnap and rob a postal employee, and forcibly steal mail and property belonging to the United States Postal Service. -

Postal Employee Charged With Destroying Mail -

Postal Employee Charged with Stealing 24 Letters from Mail -

Direct mail drop doesn't tell the whole story
DM News -

May 16, 2010

Junk Mail and the Postal Service
I just received four letters in the mail today with a total of .20 cents worth of stamps on the combined mailings. Let me rephrase that, I just received four pieces of junk mail today, each with .05 cents worth of stamps on each letter. Yet when I mail a letter, I pay .44 cents a stamp. -

"Mastermind" of postal robbery had insider knowledge -

Former Rolla, MO postal clerk indicted on federal charges -

Five-day postal delivery would affect businesses in different ways -

May 15, 2010
The Postal Service Is Essential to Democracy -- It Should Be Re-Imagined, Not Shrunk -

Man pleads guilty in Wytheville post office standoff -

Winlock: Postmaster to face prostitution charge - NOT rape charge - Also see Child-sex sting nets Winlock postmaster  -

This Week In Postal
Listen to this week's review of postal news. -

May 14, 2010
New Documents Show Wage Theft in NH Post Offices Continues -

The North Dakota Newspaper Association has issued a flyer regarding possible loss of Saturday delivery -

Mail carrier accused of repeated thefts -

Postal service employees trusted despite occasional blemish -

Union, lawmakers say Dover letter carriers shortchanged -

Postal Service rate of 44 cents may not be good enough for consumers -

Police seek Alabama postal carrier accused of killing wife in front of children -

Lake County postal worker sentenced for stealing more than 500 parcels containing prescription drugs -

20K Pieces Of Mail Found In Mailman's Philly Home - More on this story -

Burrus: USPS Postage Discounts Are Illegal, Self-Defeating -

APWU: Bills to Extend Health Insurance Coverage To Young Adults Introduced in House, Senate

Automated Package Processing System Equipment Maintenance Opportunities

May 13, 2010
Postal Service sees $381M loss in March -

Feds: Postal worker stole IDs on route -

‘Coffee break’ inequality not actionable
A postal employee could not hold his employer liable for allegedly allowing female employees to take long coffee and lunch breaks, the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled. -

A 21st century Postal Service
LA Times Opinion -

Big, little postal clients plead to keep Saturday service -

Gamefly vs. US Postal Service Complaint Continues -

May 12, 2010
NALC: 5 Day Delivery - Just the beginning?
Buried at the bottom of a piece in Monday's Washington Post on Postmaster General Jack Potter was this quote from his remarks at last month's National Postal Forum in Nashville: "The value of going to four days - removing a second day - is even greater." -

USPS marketing executive, Robert F. Bernstock, to resign; IG investigation ongoing - Also see: Postal Service official to resign | USPS press release | Postal chief who OK'd no-bid pacts to step down -


Periodicals Are Profitable for USPS, Publishing Exec Testifies - Dead Tree Edition -

Burrus to Testify At House Hearing on Postage Discounts - Read his testimony -

Update: Winlock postmaster arrested after detectives pose as girl on Craigslist -

Former Canada Post carrier pleads guilty - admits stealing more than 160,000 pieces of mail over a 16-year span -

Letter carriers' food drive tops 1 billion pounds in 18 years of helping to 'Stamp Out Hunger' -

Please Mr. Postman, look & see—will you still be delivering mail to me? -

Jury convicts mail handler for theft -

May 11, 2010
Time Warner Backs U.S. Postal Service’s Saturday Cut -

APWU Urges Postal Commission To Save Saturday Service -

USPS Leaves Confirm Customers Hanging Once Again
Postal Affairs Blog -

USPS Cited for Third Set Of Safety Violations in One Week - Fines Now Total Nearly One Million Dollars -

PRC: Request for Proposal to Measure the Social Benefit of the Postal Service -

Postal service outlines possible Saturday cuts at Las Vegas meeting - Omar Gonzalez, regional coordinator for the American Postal Workers Union, said he was speaking Monday on behalf of 250,000 members of his union. “The mail will be deliberately delayed,” he said. “We think that the public deserves full service. Gonzalez continued: “It’s a spiral to the elimination of the Postal Service as we know it. If the Postal Service goes, the country’s in trouble.” -

Also see:
Postal workers oppose five-day week at hearing -

Outrageous Executive Perks
Postal Affairs Blog -

Postal Service Moves Closer to Energy and Fuel Reduction Goals -

Postal Bulletin 22284 - May 6, 2010 -
 - New FERS Accrued Unused Sick Leave Ruling in Effect
 - Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Statement

May 10, 2010
Winlock postmaster arrested for using Craigslist to arrange for sex with women -

OIG Blog: Can Letter Processing Get Even Better? -

Postmaster General John Potter leads a cry for retrenchment - Potter says "By fall, the Postal Service won't have enough money to make payroll." But big customers, regulators, lawmakers and organized labor still have to be won over. -

Plea bargain delivered to ex-mail carrier -

Ginger Barrow: Mail carrier delivered friendship, too -


May 09, 2010
To The United States Postal Service - Bring It On!
by Eric L. Wattree - a PEN contributor -

Newell, SD man a victim of high-profile mail thief -

Post office drowning in a sea of red ink
Chicago Sun-Times -

May 08, 2010
FSS Machines Shuffled Again -- But Do They Work?
Dead Tree Edition -

Also see:
FSS Deployment Plan – May 2010 -

Postal Populism Amid Governmental Distrust
NAPUS Newsletter -

Postal Employee Convicted of Four Counts of Mail Fraud, Eight Counts of Worker’s Compensation Fraud, and Two Counts of Making False Statements to Federal Officers -

This Week In Postal Podcasts -

Express Mail Next Day Delivery Postage Refund Amendment - Postal Affairs Blog -

May 07, 2010
Rural Carrier
Eonreco M. Myles of Pearland, TX (PDF)
Carrier Myles says, in his letter to the PRC, that most rural routes are larger than city routes and rural carriers "usually carry more mail" than city carriers. -

APWU: Dispute Filed Concerning USPS Failure to Bargain Over Safety and Ergonomic Issues - Read Dispute Letter -

Bellingham man who threatened post office workers pleads guilty -

Postal truck rolls over toddler in Plainfield -

'Letter-stash' mail carrier pulls a 'Seinfeld'-esque stunt -

Car crashes into Clear Lake-area post office 5 people injured -

Mail carrier allegedly witnesses crime, give officers clue
He might have gotten away with it if not for the vigilant mail carrier. -

Postal employee challenging the federal law - the Defense of Marriage Act - New York Times -

May 06, 2010
USPS Reports $1.6 Billion 2nd Quarter Loss -

Postal Service Reports Continuing Losses
- But Levels Of Service Remain Stable -

Also see:
Mail volume, income still shrinking
Washington Post

Why October 12 is needed...
Rag Content -

APWU: Obama Declares: 'I’m Pro-Union' -

OSHA Fines USPS $217k for Safety Violations in Denver Just Days After Citations Issued in Providence -

Downsizing Diminishes USPS's Role As A Source of Opportunity for Blacks, New Book Says - Dead Tree Edition -

Cops: Fired postal worker tried to kill ex-boss -

Wheeling's Postal Workers Upset Over Processing Move -

Rural mail carrier indicted for stealing money, gift cards from customers -

Postal employee faces federal charge of abandoning mail -

May 05, 2010
Houston postal worker convicted in gasoline scheme involving $17,829.39 in gasoline -

The Future of the Postal Service
FedSmith -

It’s (Past) Time to Free the U.S. Mail -

How Michigan could save the Saturday mail -

PRC Chairman Ruth Goldway says... "the Postal Service's proclamation that it will lose $238 billion over the next 10 years if nothing changes is an "unsubstantiated figure with no connection to reality." [from PostCom: scroll for article 'PostCom update from postal consultant Kathleen Siviter' -

Joint Alternate Route Adjustment Process 2010 (PDF)
Agreement between USPS and NALC: See M-01720 - See M-01717 - See M-01719 - See M-01718 -

Postal Service finds 2,000 missing SS checks -

May 04, 2010
NLRB Settlement on Information Requests Concerning Ergonomics & Tour 2 Consolidation - Read memo to local and state presidents -

Burrus: Phony Deficit Projections Mask Management’s Real Goal -

Spokane City Council rejects ‘Do Not Mail’ concept -

USPS consolidation with Grand Rapids will cut about 40 jobs from Oshtemo Township site - Also here -

OSHA Cites USPS for ‘Willful’ Safety Violations - Also see: Postal Service responds to OSHA fines -

USPS Statement Concerning Sex Offenders Working for the Postal Service -

May 03, 2010
NALC: Standing Tall - Then and Now (PDF) -

American Justice - As Practiced by the United States Postal Service - by Eric Wattree -

Postal Workers Picket Against Proposed Cutbacks -

Should the Postal Service request financial relief from the $6.8 billion FERS surplus? OIG Blog -

The USPS’s ‘Automation Refugees’
Tad DeHaven - Cato Institute
PEN Ed: Apparently, after all these years, Mr. DeHaven still does understand what the postal service does, how it works, or how postal employees work. -

Four D-FW postmen are sex offenders, TV show to report
More than 20 Texans working for the U.S. Postal Service are on the public sex-offender registry maintained by the Texas Department of Public Safety, investigators for New York-based Inside Edition found. -

OSHA Fines USPS $500k+
PROVIDENCE - The U.S. Postal Service faces more than $500,000 in potential fines after safety officials say it exposed workers to the possibility of electrocution and other dangerous conditions in a Providence post office. Also see: Postal Service Hit with $558,000 Fine | Providence postal service responds to OSHA fines (video) -

May 02, 2010
Postal Service Scores a Win with Wal-Mart
Dead Tree Edition - If FedEx and UPS are so much more efficient than the U.S. Postal Service, how did the USPS manage to beat its private rivals for an exclusive deal with the nation’s toughest customer? -

Optimizing the Postal Service Network and 6-day Delivery - Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Reflect and regroup - and regain the nation's trust
Federal Times -

Mailman saves woman from fire -

Concerned Norton Shores mail carriers credited with saving elderly customer's life -

News Story Changes Post Office's Plans -

May 01, 2010
OSHA finds safety violations at Providence post office -

USPS controls the outside of your mailbox, too -

3 Year Old Jason Evers, the son of retired postal employee Bob Evers, was kidnapped and murdered 28 years ago - recently Bob found out that an unknown man had stolen Jason's identity. Also see Ex-Bend OLCC mgr. may have taken slain toddler's ID  -

Postal employee pistol-whipped during attempted robbery

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May 28, 2010
- Post Office, Woman At Odds Over Dogs

May 27, 2010
- Group to hold protest outside CT post office Saturday
- Official Word - USPS will Begin Signing Bills of Lading Again
- In e-mail age, still nothing like a handwritten letter

May 26, 2010
- Lynnwood postal worker wins $2.8 million
- Hearing postponed for carrier accused of abandoning mail
- FedEx tells independent contractors to make business change or leave
- Postal Service reports $382M April net loss

May 25, 2010
- Missing letters from Vietnam bring memories after 41 years
- Ex-postal worker pleads guilty to stealing prescription drugs from the mail
- Quad/Graphics Has Quarterly Loss, Eyes Plant Shutdowns
- Valassis missing children insert targets 44 million households
- Odom v. PMG Potter
- Homeless man accused of lewd act in front of postal worker

May 24, 2010
- Another No-Cal COLA for Retirees?
- Texas Mailman arrested
- USPS Signs $28.7 Million Deal to Cut Power Costs
- Missing letters from Vietnam bring memories after 41 years

May 23, 2010
- Opelika, AL Postmaster: Campaign flyers distributed without paying postage

May 22, 2010
- Postal Rates Headed Higher -- Again
- Train Slams Into Mail Truck in Iowa
- Trial Set in Post Office Shooting

May 21, 2010
- Mail facility still set to close
- Toledo postal employees want to keep Saturday mail delivery
- USPS clerk sentenced for stealing $19K

May 20, 2010
- Liquor, drugs smuggled by mail to Alaska villages
- Letter carrier charged with stealing from mail
- British gov't to partially privatize Royal Mail
- OPM pushes bill to allow agencies to share job candidates

May 19, 2010
- Suspicious items sent to Toyota sites in 4 states
  Update: Suspicious Toyota Package Was Turn Signal Invention
- 41 Mail carriers attacked by dogs in Utah last year

May 18, 2010
- Minivan Crashes Into Jackson, MS Post Office
- Letter carriers wage battle daily with aggressive dogs
- Saturday mail-service hearing scheduled in Memphis

May 17, 2010
- Carrier recognized for assisting snake bite victim
- Two PA postal workers accused of stealing mail
- New Stamp Series Offers Customer Convenience

May 16, 2010
- Post office built in 1910 faces closure

May 15, 2010
- Reagan Gets US Stamp Three-Peat
- Shipping Firms Seek Legislative Deliverance

May 14, 2010
- Postal Service plans for new bypass mail hubs
- Bill of Lading/8125 update
- Heroic act wins East Stroudsburg postal worker national award

May 13, 2010
- US Postal Service in Fiscal Pain
- Canada Post workers protest changes
- APWU v. USPS: legal fees, costs, and expenses
- Background Screening Provider Wins U.S. Postal Service Supplier Performance Award
- British letter carrier steals an estimated 76,000 letters and packages
- Harrisburg-area postal workers honored for helping people during emergencies

May 12, 2010
- Postal employee and wife win lottery
- Glass v. USPS
- Terrific EMD News at Postal Affairs Blog

May 11, 2010
- What Goes into Your "High-Three" Salary Calculation?
- Mail carrier honored for heroic act
- Postal worker convicted

May 10, 2010
- PRC to discuss delivery schedule
- Hearing: The Price is Right, or is it? An Examination of USPS Workshare Discounts and Products that Do Not Cover Their Costs
- Reagan slated for 2011 stamp
- OSHA fines Bedford postal center $210K

May 09, 2010
- A man who put his stamp on postal bargains
- Moving postal processing to Memphis doesn't make sense

May 08, 2010
- Post Offices Making Unexpected Deliveries
- ME Postal Worker Brings Vietnam Dog Tags To Niece
- Letter: Poor management hurts postal service
- The Postal Service finds a fired law firm office manager after he allegedly takes $300K

May 07, 2010
- USPS semi tractor-trailer crashed and burned
- Mail theft suspect fails in bid to get bail

May 06, 2010
- Views of Federal Departments and Agencies
- USPS study of Industry mail facility on hold
- Rapid City rural voice in eliminating Saturday mail delivery
- Photos showing how lucky letter carrier was
- Some Jackson postal work goes to Memphis
- Stolen South Dakota mail being returned

May 05, 2010
- Postal employee sounds off
- Flooding prompts Kentucky post office closings
- Postal Service Plans Move for Panama City Distribution Center
- Postal Jobs Canceled

May 04, 2010
- New postage stamps feature shelter animals

May 03, 2010
- The $500K Club for Feds
- Mail used to be delivered twice per day
- Kalamazoo mail processing to head to Grand Rapids

May 02, 2010
- Postal worker receives probation
- Highlighting the lives of letter carriers

May 01, 2010
- APWU: Get the Facts, Spread with Word
- $50,000 reward offered in Bangor post office robbery


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