How to Change Your Employee USPS Address of Record
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Keeping your address and contact information up-to-date is important. Now you can do it online anytime, 24x7. You can update your residence and mailing addresses, phone numbers, and emergency contacts on LiteBlue.

Log on to LiteBlue using your Employee ID and USPS PIN. Then click on the Change of Address/Phone/Emergency Contact link under Employee Resources. Your current information will be displayed on the Address/Phone/Emergency Contact form. To update your information, click the Edit button, and youíre on your way. Follow the prompts to review, save and confirm your changes. Thatís it, youíre done.

Once youíve completed your updates, you must close your browser window. By closing the browser you will be logged out of the Change of Address application and out of LiteBlue. Next time you log in, your updated information will be displayed.

Source: USPS



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