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The Belden Factor
Welcome from DENNY BELDEN: Editor

Hello Brothers and Sisters!
Welcome to The Belden Factor! Rick Owens has been gracious enough to invite me here to share some of my thoughts with you on a separate section of PEN and I am truly honored. I hope to give you some informative bits and pieces about your job, through decisions and arbitrations, and also just some op-ed stuff of my own…my own personal rantings and ravings if you will. Some of you may know me as VetCarrier on a number of postal forums, but Postal Employee Network is my home base.

I hope to share with you some of my thoughts on management and sometimes some lighthearted commentary as well as some angry ones. I hope to offer the new carriers some great insight to their jobs and what it entails and what rights you have as a carrier and what not to let management do to you! For the veteran carriers I hope to add to your knowledge with some more in depth studies of the general knowledge of our jobs. Some great Step 4 decisions and arbitrations that may help you in the daily beat down management tries to give us each day. Perhaps by a little knowledge, it will help you get through another day of the drudgery management heaps on us. I didn’t know what an Art 8 was 4 yrs. ago and now I have to explain the intricacies of Art 8 to my floor supervisor so he can understand when he has to pay penalty time to and ODL carrier! Knowledge is power!

I hope you will enjoy my articles as much as I have writing them. Contact me on the City Carriers Message Board with any issues you may want me to write about. I am not expert on any issues, but am knowledgeable on many, so I will help when I can. I am also an OWCP rep. for our branch and can answer many questions for you. There are also many other carriers on the carrier board who are expert in their fields so ask away.

Rick has provided a great site for information sharing and we hope to keep it this way. Many other sites have gone to name calling and political banter. We hope that this site stays an informational postal site. Where you can come and ask your questions about your job and get answers. I hope I can add to this great site with my articles and commentary and I hope you support Rick and all his sponsors so that this site can continue being the best informational site on the internet!


Denny Belden
Orlando FL Br. 1091

from Rick Owens
Founder: Postal Employee Network

Denny -
I would like to THANK YOU for agreeing to keep all of us up to speed on NALC-USPS issues and on other subject matter that will help and/or inform our PEN members and guests. It is not easy to work your postal job, manage your NALC responsibilities, AND author The Belden Factor on top of all of this. Our members and guests will appreciate your hard work and your interest in pointing us down the right path.

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