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When management asks you in the morning for your verbal estimate on your call state:

“Based on the mail that I have right now, I will leave @____ and return @_______”.

If it comes to more than 8 hours, request a 3996, in duplicate, or a copy. All OT requests will be submitted on a 3996, whether they approve it or not. You may not have all your mail yet. If the supervisor argues, simply state:

“This is my best ESTIMATE at this time with the mail I have.”

If management brings up DOIS projections, respond:

“DOIS is a management tool, and it sets no performance standards for me”.

Do not argue with the supervisor about DOIS as it is NOT recognized by the contract or by the Union. You only legitimize DOIS by arguing about it. Ask for a 3996, or get back to casing your route.

If they insist you must do your route in 8, fill out the 3996, get a duplicate, tell them you will do as instructed, but will call in later when you are sure that you cannot make THEIR call. The 3996 (especially the duplicate) will protect you from unauthorized OT.

If, when calling the supervisor, you are told you must carry the route in 8, tell him that you need clear instructions about what to do with the OT. If they state:


“Carry it and be back in 8!” Those are conflicting instructions and cannot be done. If you are a non-odl, tell them, “I do not volunteer”, if they tell you to keep carrying the mail, ask “Am I being mandated?” When they say yes, then request steward time right then, then do as instructed. Always “Obey now, grieve later” except when there are safety concerns.

If they begin to engage in an argument on the phone, simply state you are “doing the best I can.”, and calmly ask for their instruction to either bring mail back, keep delivering, or arrange for aux assistance. Do not hang up until you have Clear Instructions!

Remember, discipline for doing your job correctly never sticks! They are the managers, make them manage the mail!

Denny Belden Br. 1091


Denny Belden
Aka-VetCarrier Orlando, FL - NALC Branch 1091

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