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Decisions Decisions! T-6 Issues
Hello Dere! Another month and another 30 days of uninformed managerial decisions! Is it really a step UP to be a supervisor? Naw, I think it is something you step into instead of stepping up! But let’s get on with learning about T-6 issues this month. Hope I surprise you with new info! So all you T-6’s (yea, I know your Grade 2’s now, but it doesn’t have the same ring to it, so for all us old veterans you’ll always be T-6’s!) you need to pay attention here!

According to our Local Memorandum (Orlando, FL) a T-6 can only be bumped by the regular on the route. Not by a PTF, not another full time employee, no one, except the regular on that route, and that is ONLY when there is another route open in the T-6’s group. Your local may be different and it is the controlling factor on how the T-6 is bumped or moved.

If there is a PTF with a hold down within the group, the T-6 may bump the PTF off the hold down. This is only on a day-to-day basis and does not nullify the PTF’s hold down. This is supported by a Step 4 Dec., M-00154 and the JCAM pg. 41.13. (see J-CAM at resources)

Vacant T-6 positions are not opted on under Art. 41 of the National Agreement. They are assigned higher-level assignments under Art. 25. See JCAM pg. 41.11 and Step 4 Dec. M-00431. The senior qualified, eligible and available employee volunteer in the immediate work area MUST be selected. Full time regulars are eligible to apply for higher-level assignments under this Art. So, if you would like to apply for a vacant T-6 bid to see if you would like to bid it, you may do so within your station and you are the senior volunteer. PTF’s may apply for this position also. If no full time regulars are bidding, then the senior PTF would qualify. Be sure if the T-6 position is vacant more than 5 days that management puts it up to be applied for.

Mgmt. cannot assign different employees to cover the position on an as needed basis when there are 5 or more days involved. This was ruled on by Arbitrator Snow in arbitration C-10254. When a full time regular is awarded the T-6 assignment he is also paid accordingly. This is enforced by the “Brown Memo”, a Step 4 Decision, M-00902. If a PTF is awarded the T-6 position they are awarded a higher level pay, but that will vary according to what step level you are on at the time of assignment. This DOES NOT mean that they receive the equivalent T-6 pay.

How many of you T-6’s just get shuffled around, one route to another? According to a Step 4 Dec., M-01085, that’s not allowed. It states:

“…a T-6 should not normally be moved off the scheduled route unless absolutely necessary and all other alternatives have been considered including the use of overtime and/or auxiliary assistance.”

Also, a T-6 may not be used to fill in on one of his routes for an extended period of time. Step 4 Dec. M00100 states:

“The information presented in this case indicates that the grievant has been utilized to carry one route in his string of five routes for an extended period of time. Such a requirement is contrary to the provisions set forth in Art. XLI, Sec. 2.D of the National Agreement.”

“…the Postmaster is advised that the intent of the provisions in Art. XLI, Sec. 2.D is that a T-6 carrier will work their duty assignment as posted, except in those unusual circumstances when it is not otherwise possible to do so.”

While researching this, I find that the reference to Art. 41.2.D is now Art. 41.C.4. Also, another Step 4 Dec., M-00277, also references extended periods:

“However, when it is known in advance that a carrier will be absent for an extended period, it is not anticipated that a T-6 will be required to serve the same route for the entire week unless unanticipated or emergency circumstances exist.”

So the next time your supervisor wants you to do a route in your string for the regular’s 2-week vacation, just tell him, “I don’t think so! I want to speak to my steward!”


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I hope you T-6’s know that you are not supposed to case several routes a day! If you didn’t, you know now. Step 4 Dec., M-00758 and M-00129 have established that T-6’s must be assigned to a specific route each day.

“Whether or not the T-6 carrier was improperly assigned to case mail on several routes on a given day can only be determined by applying Art. 41, Sec. 1.C.4 to the fact circumstances. The parties at this level agree that a T-6 should not normally be moved off the scheduled route unless absolutely necessary and all other alternatives have been considered including the use of overtime and/or auxiliary assistance.”

A T-6 should work 8 hrs. on his daily assignment. That means if you are scheduled on route A for that day, you should work at least 8 hours on that route (unless that route has undertime…yeah right!). If mgmt. is requiring you to move all over the place to case, this is not permitted under the Step 4 decisions. If you are a non-odl T-6 they should not be doing this at all. Only work assignment and ODL T-6’s should be casing additional routes in their string and they must put in eight hours on their assignment for that day.

How about distribution of overtime? Work assignment T-6’s have preference of overtime over any non-odl regulars and ODL regulars within their group. That means if a T-6 was on work assignment and a the carrier in his/her group was on the ODL, the T-6 is entitled and is obligated to carry the overtime on that route over the regular. Only if the regular is a work assignment carrier are they entitled to the overtime on their route over the T-6. This is explained in the JCAM on pg. 8-19.

Well now, have I got all of you totally confused yet? Hope not. Just trying to inform the membership of the rights of the Carrier Technician. So if you plan to bid on a T-6 group you now know what you can expect and demand.

I hope these articles enlighten you and inform you, as these are my goals with these articles. We all need to know our jobs and rights. Only then can we keep management from taking advantage of us and for them to begin to understand what the National Agreement is all about!


If anyone has questions you can contact me on the City Carriers message board and I will be glad to answer them!

Denny Belden
Aka-VetCarrier Orlando, FL - NALC Branch 1091

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