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Q and A’s
Hello Brothers and Sisters! I would like to try and start a Q & A column for our newsletter in hopes that some questions you may pose can be answered and shared with everyone else. They too may have the same problem you have and one question could be answered for many. So lets get to it….

Q: I’m a non-ODL at my station and have had to work my days off because of the shortage of help here. Can they work me every day off like this?

A: Yes…and No! How is that for a definitive answer? Boy, I’m starting off good, huh? According to the Nat. Agreement Art. 8.5.D they can only work a non-ODL on his day off if all the ODL carriers are maxed out and they are rotating working the non-ODL by juniority first (Art.8.5.C.). If they are working everyone on your day off group every week then you must work each week. However, if only some are working, they must rotate the mandatory overtime. If the ODL’s are not maxed out, the ODL’s must initiate a grievance concerning their lost opportunities for OT if mgmt. could have pivoted your route to them and show that they should not have scheduled you in on your SDO. Mgmt. had prior knowledge and could have scheduled the ODL’s to be maxed out and not violated Art. 8. Must be rough toting that big heavy paycheck around every two weeks!

Q: I am being forced to carry off my assignment as a non-ODL because mgmt. says that they don’t have to work the ODL carriers working their SDO past 8 hours. Is this right?

A: Absolutely not! And what would management know anyway! According to the JCAM, page 8-13, “Before requiring a non-ODL carrier to work overtime on a non-scheduled day or off his/her assignment, management must seek to use a carrier from the ODL, even if the ODL carrier would be working penalty overtime.” The ODL carriers on their SDO should be worked into penalty time to cover any relief that you were required to carry. A grievance should be filed so that the ODL’s be paid for that time they were denied and a cease and desist issued for management violating Art. 8. I’d also ask for admin. leave for you having to work that day or days, you probably won’t get it, but hey, why not ask? The morons might give it to you!

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Q: I came back off my route and went into the locker room at my station and found all the lockers opened. I asked supervision about this and they said they wanted to check all the lockers to see which ones needed cleaning as they were going to clean the locker room. Can they do that?

A: Nay! Nay! Lockerbreath! Management cannot do this, and it is a violation of Art. 41.3.J which specifically states that…”except in matters where there is reasonable cause to suspect criminal activity, postal management or inspectors shall not inspect lockers unless the employee or the Union representative has been given the opportunity to be present. For a general inspection, in which a number of lockers are to be inspected, where employees have had prior notification of at least a week, the above in not applicable.” So get in there and get rid of that moldy raingear and use some Lysol for goodness sakes! And spray your management while you are at it! Geez!

Hey, that’s it for now folks! If you have questions, email me at E-Mail Denny and I will do my best to get the best information I can for you. I will answer you directly and might use your question here in my column! Whoa…won’t you be popular then! Until next time remember…BE INFORMED…BE PROFESSIONAL…BE UNION!

Denny Belden
Aka-VetCarrier Orlando, FL - NALC Branch 1091

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