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Here they go again! Please fill out your VOE surveys! My answerÖshred them, rip them up, and destroy them! There I feel better now. If you are a carrier filling out this piece of garbage, stop now! These questions do not address any issues that affect the workplace. If you feel they do, when was the last time they came around and stated that because of the survey mgmt. is going to now communicate much more with the carriers and take their suggestions into consideration much more than in the past. Weíre all going to be buds! Has this ever happened to you? Didnít think so.

This is a feel good survey for them. They want to show that they are improving in some areas and to promote that while ignoring the real issues. This is also counted in their pay for performance plan so they want you to respond or turn in these letters. The letter is addressed to you and is a first class letter. Once they deliver it to you, it is yours. They cannot tell you what to do with it. We take ours home to destroy them, because of documented accounts of supervisors taking the unmarked surveys and filling them out themselves just to make them look good. Take them home and get rid of them!

The new carriers will wonder why many senior carriers feel this way, including myself. In the 94 contract negotiations we filled out surveys. One of the questions was ďAre you happy with your salary?Ē Didnít give us any additional options, but most said sure. We would like more but for now that is all we could get. Mgmt. used the survey against our Union officers saying look the carriers are happy with their salaries, they donít need or want a raise! Well, Vince Sombrotto immediately issued a statement that we wonít fill out anymore surveys. And that is where we are today.

The Union has offered to help write the questions and participate in the survey so that the questions would be fairer. Mgmt. turned away from the offer. They donít want to hear the truth, just THEIR VERSION of it. A question on the survey asks if your co-workers are being held accountable for their work? Well, ainít this sweet! Letís use carriers to complain about carriers so we can issue more discipline because thatís what the CARRIERS WANT! See how this gets twisted? Ft. Lauderdale mgmt. did this by putting their own survey out wanting to know what kind of discipline do you think should be used against your fellow carrier who you donít think are pulling their weight? Ahh, the old divide and conquer tactic! Trouble is the new guys fall for it. All you new carriers, 10 yrs and less, need to look to and learn from the veterans. They can see it coming when you canít. They can see the pitfalls when you see smooth sailing. They see the knife when you think the supervisor is patting you on the back. Too many of the new carriers have not had the experience to know any better, so I hope they learn from the vets, because when we are gone, its just them and the morons in mgmt. Donít go into a battle of wits unarmed. Learn from the veterans that have been around.

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One issue that is of note; A carrier in my station informed me he got a letter at home reminding him that he still had not turned in his survey. If it is anonymous, how did they know that he had not turned it in? In a stand up, our supervisor said we were the worse station in the district in turning in the surveys! Howíd they know that? We are very proud of that standing by the way. He said about 80% didnít turn them in. We all looked around wanting to find out who DID fill it out and have them stop immediately! LOL!

Remember, the Voice of the Employee Survey should be renamed to This is Just What I Want to Hear Survey by mgmt. It is very simpleÖ the surveys they should listen to are the grievances filed every day in your station and the violations that they continue to do on a daily basis! Thatís a true barometer of the workplace, not this trumped up feel good survey they cooked up! Ö. Does the Union and mgmt. get along? Hell no. Not till they provide a way to make a supervisor accountable for his errors like carriers are accountable for theirs. A carrier can miss one express in 30 yrs. and get a LOW. A supervisor can violate Art. 8 over and over and over and whatís he get? Promoted! Thatís right, no accountability!

Until then brothers and sisters, take that first class letter of YOURS home and shred it, stomp on it, spit on it, burn it, and rip it apart so that they may truly know your feelings about the survey. Make sure they donít get that portion of the pay for performance and let them know by your grievances the REAL ISSUES they should be addressing!


Denny Belden
Aka-VetCarrier Orlando, FL - NALC Branch 1091

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