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VerificationÖFor What?
Hello Brothers and Sisters! Well, guess by now all of you have been getting flat out frustrated with this verification of mail volumes. Canít say I blame you, I had headaches the first few days trying to figure this one out as well as the rest of the stewards.

I have to say I am not at all pleased with National implementing a program without having everything in placeÖor anything in place for that matter. After figuring out a form to use at College Park, National then issues a national form to useÖthen issues 2 revisions of the same form in 1 week! I have no idea what they are doing and I donít think they know what they are doing. Iím not one to bash national very much but this time they deserve the criticism. You donít issue an edict across the nation and not give an explanation of what it is for or how to do it. Here!ÖJust do it!

Our branch officers had no more info than what the memorandum stated. I am constantly online and in contact with stewards across the country to see what is going on everywhere. It is just like here, they have no idea what is going on and they all have a different way of counting the volume. Many are counting sprís, many are not, some mgmt. think it is a voluntary process and have opted out of it completely (they keep proving they are not very bright!).

My biggest concern is that there are carriers out there who are accepting mgmt.ís volumes because they are higher that their count and the carrier thinks he is doing himself a favor by accepting mgmt.ís count. You are dead wrong! Example: You count the volume and you have 4 ft of flats and 1 ft. of letters. Mgmt. comes around and they say you have 8 ft. of flats and 2 ft. of letters. So you think, hey, makes me look good that I did all that so Iíll verify their count. Letís say it takes you two hours to case and hit the street. What you have just done is prove that you can case that amount of mail on that day and hit the street in two hours. Not bad, huh? Now letís look at what a moron you are. You verified that you can do TWICE the amount of mail in two hours than you can do. If there is a route count right after the moratorium and letís say every day is the same. The route examiner now questions why you cannot get out any earlier since you are casing half the volume YOU verified as correct! Heíll write you up for regulating your performance. YOU screwed yourself! Donít come running to the Union screaming foul now! You have the opportunity NOW to verify the count. DO IT!

Many of you have voiced that they are going to screw us with the DOIS figures anyway. That very may well be, but if I am going to get screwed over with figures, it will be with MY verified accurate volumes, and not by the inaccurate volume figures they input. Do the job right! YOU are the one that will suffer by your inaccurate verifications! You finally have a chance to see that the figures that are input are correct and many are not taking that opportunity to their advantage! How about you Orlo Vista, are you listening?

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Although National has not said exactly what the reason is for the counts, I believe that this will soon be used in helping to adjust routes in a new and different way. It may be beneficial for us. The way we do it now is so bad that no one can take it seriously. The last count we had at College Park with routes proven over months to be 9 to 9 Ĺ hrs. long, were counted and said that they were only 7 Ĺ hrs. long. When you delay the mail so that there is no mail during the count week, all the routes will show less time. Then the examiner on one route that kept showing long, wrote the carrier up for 2 Ĺ hrs. of time wasting practices, so that his route now showed only 7 Ĺ hrs. long. They stated that they would be nice and not add to the routes. This system is so flawed and deceitful that no one can want this system to adjust routes. Perhaps a new system would benefit everyone. If mgmt. keeps up their moronagement ways, then we will surely be privatized in years to come. You cannot run a huge business such as the USPS with the morons we have and expect to survive!

Someone at some time in upper mgmt. must have a lucid moment and turn this train around, or otherwise the people delivering mail may be wearing brown. Scary thought but a possibility. Letís not totally bash National yet. Letís see if this thing may help us. If not, national NALC elections are right around the corner!


Denny Belden
Aka-VetCarrier Orlando, FL - NALC Branch 1091

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