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In recent discussions with supervisors outside of my station, it has been brought to my attention that discipline is not what it appears to be. What I mean by this statement is that discipline is supposed to come directly from the supervisor, and he/ she has the option to the degree of the discipline. However, it seems that many Postmasters are going around reviewing discipline files of supervisors and threatening them by not being harsh enough in their discipline. That something such as a suspension reduced to a Letter of Warning should have been a removal in his opinion. Screw progressive discipline. Remove him! That also, the reductions in time for LOW’s are too low. Basically, some Postmasters are telling the supervisors to issue harsher discipline. This is the reward we get for working hard. All he is looking out for is his bonus. Think about it, if the goals don’t get met, all the higher ups lose money, bonuses, or should I say incentives. If it walks like a duck…

I for one am not going to sit and watch the dog and pony shows that our Postmaster and his Court present when they come out to the stations and give an award to a carrier so they can get another photo op being “good guys”. They hand you a commendation in one hand and a Letter of Warning in the other. If this is not hypocritical what is? Let’s reward a carrier with a trinket or token, but let’s suspend him or remove him! What hypocritical hogwash! This is disciplinary management at its worst! Whatever happened to motivational management? Must have left with Service we used to be allowed to provide to our customers. Or it could have left with Common Sense the day it went out the window in delivery operations. Maybe Cooperation took it as it left with Honesty and Dignity.

Discipline is coming down brothers and sisters, but don’t just blame the puppets in the Manager’s office or the supervisor’s chair, it goes right to the top. Do not fall under the illusion that it is only the Station Managers getting hard on carriers. Where do you think the mandate came down to issue LOW’s for express mail? Did anyone get one before the edict came down somewhere around last Nov. of 2002? Yet, now they are issued for whatever reason for failure. I talked to a Steward today who was in meetings with Mgmt. on steward time. The supervisor put express mail on his hamper while he was in the meeting. By the time he got out of the meeting, it was 12:30. Guess what? Automatic LOW. Late on the express mail. Like I said, Common Sense, Cooperation, Honesty and Dignity had already left managements building and never returned. And they wonder why we think they are the biggest waste of the postal budget! They prove it each and every day!

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The next time discipline is handed out at your station, look to the GMF for the real culprit. All this discipline is happening on the Postmaster’s watch. He is ultimately responsible for the actions of his supervisors and managers. And as far as talking to these other supervisors, they state they are instigating it. So don’t be misled by their calm and quiet demeanor when they is in your station, for they are probably reviewing your supervisor’s discipline file to tell him he needs to be harsher, or he will get an LOW! Now ain’t that special!

Hang in there brothers and sisters, the next few years will be a roller coaster ride since they are setting everything up as a disciplinary management style. They can’t manage so I guess this is their only option. Remember, their motto: “It is ALWAYS the carrier’s fault.”

Then remember mine:

“I ‘d like to see your point of view, but I can’t quite get my head that far up my ass!”

Denny Belden
Aka-VetCarrier Orlando, FL - NALC Branch 1091

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