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Hello brothers and sisters! Guess by now everyone has heard of the 5 oíclock goal. Whatís that? You say management says it is a mandatory 5 oíclock window? Hogwash! This is an arbitrary goal set by management. There is no mention of any windows of operation in the National contract or any other handbook!

ďBut they saidÖĒ. Yeah I know we all have to listen to mgmt.ís crap that they donít know about day in and day out. The B team has ruled that the window of operation is when the last dispatch truck leaves or when the last carrier returns, whichever is last. So does management adhere to this, of course not! They know the contract like I like to wear ties! We must teach them the contract by our use of the grievance procedure. Oh, its OK for the higher ups to email all the managers about the B team decision to allow accountable mail to be put in the hot case, but do they send out B team decisions to managers about the window of operations? Or the decision that it is an OFFICE function to separate mail, so that means carriers are NOT to do it on the street? No they donít email those decisions station to station! Because those take more time and are now proper procedure!

Why donít they let all the managers know about ALL the decisions? Because they donít trust their incompetence, it is that simple. When you donít let everyone know what is going on, it is because you canít trust them with all the information. Well, this shows you the level of confidence they have for themselves.

This GOAL, and it is a goal, not a steadfast rule or regulation, may be used when everyone can make it back by the goal time. However, if ANY violation of Art. 8 happens while quoting a mandatory 5 oíclock window, the steward should file a grievance immediately against moronagement. Since there is no WINDOW cited in the Nat. Agreement, but Art. 8 is, I would say that it would be a slam dunk to get the ODLís and PTFís their 10 hrs pay. Remember too, during the moratorium no ODL or PTF can be casing PM mail outside of their own route. Only regulars may case on their route. The ODLís and PTFís may case on any open route but not on any regularís route. Check the M-1509, second letter of transmittal. No office assistance will be provided. File a grievance immediately if the supervisor orders this. The first filing should be a cease and desist. The second should be a non-compliance grievance, willful and blatant violation, and seek monetary remedies. Hit em where it hurts! Get some carriers paid for their ignorance or blatant disregard!

What bothers me is that carriers are now returning to the office, running in to scan in before 5 or punch in on the clock, and then going out to empty their vehicles. What are you thinking? So you take off street time from your route each day so management can make their numbers, while you are invalidating your own street time? Why not just ask management to add to your route now, instead of when they go back and look at YOUR clock rings and show your route 15 minutes shorter each day than you state. Itís YOUR rings so how could it be wrong! Then youíll scream at the steward to do something about YOUR ignorance and how could management do that to you, you were helping them out?!!

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See where Iím going with this? You only screw yourself. You make management happy twice. First, they see you being dumb enough to shorten your own street time, then they stick you with your clock rings later down the line and add to your route. They are smiling the whole time while you yell at the steward on how could this happen to you. Now you make the stewardís life hell for your own mistakes. The carriers must know that clocking in early will not fair well for them, but they still do it. Why? Because they donít want to get hassled for being a few minutes late to a GOAL, not a mandatory window, but a GOAL. They avoid the immediate hassles for ones later down the line. You canít win. Do the route like you would on inspection. As soon as you know you will be even a few minutes late, call in and notify management. Put the burden on their shoulders. They must make the decision on what to do. OT or bring it backÖlet them decide and any fault is with them. Different situations can affect your call on the street on a day to day basis, so let them carry the burden of OT or not. But you must call to relieve the burden from you to them, otherwise you can get hit with unauthorized OT.

Remember that this is a goal, not a mandate. If management tells you it is and violates any Art. 8 provisions, file a grievance immediately. B team say last dispatch truck out of the station or last carrier back sets the window of operations, not any arbitrary time picked out of thin air by moronagement! As a GOAL, itís fine. As a mandate itís Hogwash!

Donít you wish management would take half the time to learn the contract than the time they take to harass us? Just a thought.


Denny Belden
Aka-VetCarrier Orlando, FL - NALC Branch 1091

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