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Well…well…well. Gee, once upon a time a postmaster of a large city like mine, Orlando, had a Postmaster come into my station and ask me why don’t we fill out the VOE surveys? “You know we really have changed and really need the feedback so we can correct the problems!” I stated that the surveys do nothing. He counters that it’s a new era and we should give the new mgmt. a chance to prove themselves. We shouldn’t hold past mgmt. transgressions against the NEW mgmt. The new mgmt. is better and changed! (Insert halo above his head held up with horns!). I got the feeling like it was the fox in the henhouse telling them to be quiet, and that he wouldn’t try and eat them! Yeah, right!

Well, I’m not an idiot and I will not state what I think HE is, however, let me explain why the Postmaster lies and couldn’t give a damn about the carriers. We just had our food drive on May 8th. One of his illustrious supervisors on the east side of town, I won’t mention the station, but it’s close to ALFAYA Trail, states that she won’t pay for overtime for any carrier to pick up food on food drive day. If a carrier is going to go into OT for picking up food, LEAVE IT on the street! DO NOT pick it up! She isn’t paying for carriers to pick up food! She’s paying the carrier’s to deliver mail! Well, King Bob, is this the new supervision and the kinder and gentler type of mgmt. you profess? We don’t trust you and this is a perfect example of your leadership. Let’s tell everyone to leave food for the carriers and then not allow, or better yet, ORDER them not to pick it up. Why, you can piss off your employees and your customers in one single bound there Super Bob! Can you see the tie flowing in the smog?! What a great way to get our cooperation for your inane and stupid VOE surveys! Let’s just make the carrier look as bad as possible to his customers! That’s why the Southwest District suspended the Customer Connect program. Supervision was leaving the customer hanging in the breeze for parcels to be picked up! It’s always the story isn’t it? The carriers do the work, and mgmt. falls on their face. Seems like all of mgmt. would have broken noses by now, especially after they GROW with each little white lie! I understand the supervisor is now backpedaling saying she never said not to pick up the food! Even with 4 witnesses! Can you see the nose growing as we speak? If WE could give discipline, mgmt. would already have been fired! Where’s Donald Trump when you need him?

Don’t ever listen to a Postmaster asking for cooperation or any manager or supervisor for that matter. If their mouth is moving… they are lying. We just proved it. Ole King Bob said I shouldn’t hold the current mgmt. to what mgmt. in the past did. OK…the current mgmt. under his illustrious leadership is issuing more discipline than anyone can remember. Current mgmt. won’t let carriers pick up the food that a mailing asked them to leave for carriers to pick up! Customers were bringing mail into the lobby stating the carrier told them they did not have time to pick it up…mgmt. orders. Why don’t you just hand the customers a UPS business card while you’re at it King Bob? Why not just send them over to our competitors? Or is it Captain Pete’s orders? Don’t’ know and don’t care. We only know that public relations were damaged by one of your protégé’s and her complete ignorance of the food drive. Ignorance seems to run rampant in mgmt. and each day they prove it. Only in the Postal Service here can a Captain rule over a King!

Well, as you can see I am incensed at the idiocy of upper mgmt.! They want our support and for us to fill out the surveys. This is part of their performance bonus package and makes up 10% of the total. They’ll lie to you and tell you they want to work with and to cooperate…they have our best interests at heart. Hogwash! They only care about their pay for performance bonuses and getting better numbers and to hell with cooperating with us. If they were truly looking for better numbers, don’t you think they would listen to us for the best way to deliver mail so we could get home to our families? No, some idiot in a chair determines the best way we ALL must deliver mail, whether it is the best way or not!

Common sense is not a prerequisite to being a supervisor. A matter of fact, it is probably a hindrance, because you might be able to think and they only want puppets in mgmt. And only the upper echelon holds the strings. That is why the protégé’ out by Alfaya Trail is not a rogue supervisor, but a product of the system that has been in place here for the past few years under King Bob. She won’t be disciplined, probably privately commended because of her efforts to save a few clicks of OT while food rots on the curb. If it is going to cost them overtime, to hell with it, let the needy starve! They have their bonuses they can afford to eat, but leave the food on the curb to cook in the sun and let people go hungry because they won’t make their numbers! Makes you sick doesn’t it? And they think they are doing such a good job managing! Words fail me here….not really…just can’t print them!


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You have shown your colors Mr. King, Mr. Captain, and the whole chain of command down to the east side. You’ll get no cooperation from me (surprise!) or others who have a sense of fairness and goodness. You stated that the new mgmt. is not like the old mgmt. You were right, they are much worse.

Carriers, do not fill out your surveys, do not return them to the idiots who will benefit from them. They are first class mail addressed to you, take them home and toss them. I have a post from a steward where a supervisor was filling out the blank forms returned to him to benefit him. DO NOT FILL THEM OUT, and DO NOT RETURN THEM. That shows you participated. Take them home and put them out with the trash. Let’s return the favor for not allowing carriers out by Alfaya Trail to pick up food on OT (gee, I hope I didn’t pinpoint what station that might be!) and be sure that all the stations do not have a favorable return rate. Protest by non-participation. Remember, the last time they asked us is we were happy with our salary they used it against us in the 1994 negotiations when they told our Union officials that the carrier force is happy with their salaries, see it’s right here in our survey, they don’t want or need a raise! They are nothing but scoundrels and snakes! I agree with King Bob, mgmt. has changed and we must watch our backs!

Am I harsh on mgmt? You bet. We don’t work our butts off across the nation to get food for the needy while a supervisor decides that they won’t pay OT for us to pick up the food! She should be banished to the Second Harvest Food Bank for a week to help stack and sort the food. Perhaps her viewpoint will change, but I doubt it, it would take an IQ change and she evidently is without hope! Remember 0 times 0 is still 0! You hear the same old story day in and day out. “Oh, trust us now, we’ve changed, we’re FOR the carrier’s now, we won’t screw you over!….RINSE…LATHER…REPEAT! Same old story!

Denny Belden
Aka-VetCarrier Orlando, FL - NALC Branch 1091

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