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DOIS and Unauthorized OT

Hello brothers and sisters! Here we go again with the DOIS crap! Everyone is scared of a mgmt. tool. This tool is for them to use. They like to badger you and intimidate you with what DOIS says. Tell them to shove DOIS where it will do the best for them and you! NawÖdonít do that! Itís what we would like to tell the morons however, we must maintain the Mutual Respect Atmosphere! No sense in stooping to their level anyway!

DOIS is a program and tool mgmt. may use to estimate you performance. It is based on estimated linear volumes along with actual volumes (NLM). It does not take into account your parcel load, accountables, discussions with the supervisor, or carriers giving you direct hand offs from missorted mail. It is an estimate and tool for them. Now listen very carefully to this:

DOIS does not set any performance standards for you in the office or street!

The only way any stupidvisor can determine route efficiency is by a count and inspection. And until this moratorium is over they cannot do ANY type count and inspection of any carrier through Aug. 31, 2004. Visually watching you case for a minute and counting you case mail does nothing except prove what you cased for that minute! You may case 15 letters and 4 flats for the minute they count you and then case 25 flats and 30 letters the next minute. Donít let them bully you with this tactic! They learn this in Manglement Stupid Moves 101! The 18 and 8 is for a final tally average in a count and inspection. This is only a guideline. Even if you do not make 18 and 8 they cannot discipline you unless they have documented unacceptable conduct that led to the failure to meet office standards. This is in their handbook M-39 sec. 242.341.

Mgmt. is going to use DOIS figures to intimidate you. The ONLY correct estimate of your time is your 3996. You put your estimated street time on the form and reasons for why you might go over 8 hrs. Put in what the reasons are. 40 + sprs, double hamper trips to LLV, heavy accountables (35 certs), deviate for Express mail, etc. Whatever the reasons are you must list them. Mgmt. cannot tell you that you cannot put down your reasons for your call, except if you are too general. Heavy mail is too general. You can list your volume, 15 ft. flats and 4 ft. of letters, however, nothing should be stated as a reference volume since the Union does not recognize reference volumes. The volume is what you have for that day.

Supervision must approve or disapprove your request for aux. assistance. If you have notified them that you need OT and they state DOIS says you donít need any, or if they say you have undertime and give you relief when you donít have undertime, be sure to ask them at what time you should call them if you cannot make the time THEY say you should have. Call back at that time and ask them what they want you to do with the mail since you cannot do it in the time they allotted. They must give you clear and concise instructions on what to do with it. They cannot state carry the mail and be back in 8. You have notified them of your inability to do so. Step 4 Decision M-00326 supports this. This can also be examined further in Unauthorized OT arbitrations in C-21716, C-08291, and C-08256.


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By stating deliver the mail and be back in 8 they have issued you conflicting instructions. If you follow the order to deliver the mail and you return after 8, you have disobeyed the order to do it in 8, and if you bring the mail back in 8, you have failed to follow the order to deliver all the mail, so you are caught in a no win situation from the moron who is called a supervisor. One who can make instant decisions with impunity and no sense. We all work for him or her and these kind of instructions happen daily. The worse part is they defend the order! They canít figure it out on their own. Donít help them. Just file the grievance and smack them upside the head with the arbitrations and Step 4 decision.

If you have only gone over a de minimis (insignificant) amount of time, use their own form to throw back in their face. On page 33 of the M-39 is a form 1813. It shows that there is a 15-minute leeway in return times and a 10 to 20 minute leeway on leaving times. This is THEIR form. To me that is proof that there is a leeway and that the rigid time you called is the time you should be back is ludicrous! Things happen on the street, screwed up DPS (duh!), customers asking directions, a customer with an extreme amount of dispatch, or finding a load of certifieds in DPS and filling out the forms, a large amount of parcels to deliver. All these are reasons for a variance in the call. Use the form to establish that even mgmt. allows for a leeway.

Brothers and Sisters, the times will be harder, not easier in the coming years. However, if you ALLOW mgmt. to intimidate you, or bully you, on your call, you are only asking to be harassed even more. If they can get you to back down on your call, you encourage them. If you get back earlier that you called because they harassed you, you prove them right, you didnít need the time! If you skip your lunch and breaks to get back when they say you must, they have won! You must make as accurate a call you can at that time on your 3996 and stick to it. Be sure to call in if you cannot make it and put the burden on them to determine OT or bringing the mail back. Donít take that responsibility on yourself! YOU can be disciplined for that. They are paid to manage, make them do their job!


Denny Belden
Aka-VetCarrier Orlando, FL - NALC Branch 1091

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