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Multiple Topics - Scanners/Street Standards/3996/1571 etc Scanner ID #, No Street Standard, 3996 & 1571 Copies, Eff. Count & OT

Hello brothers and sisters! Another day, another issue, and more incompetence by manglement. Thank goodness we have carriers that save the postal service every day in spite of its management! Let’s see what I have in my goody bag that we can use against the “incompetent ones.”

Did you know that you do not have to use your social security number in your scanner if you don’t want to? Step 4 Dec. M-01458 states; “City carriers have the option of using a personal identification number (PIN) other than the last four digits of their social security number.” I use my route number as my PIN. If you select a pin you must continue to use that one, however, manglement must then convert your pin into your soc. security number when enter it into their Tacs report each day. So why make it easy on them? Change your number and force them to refer to a conversion sheet everyday! Let’s make that THEIR “dps” handling everyday. They don’t make our job any easier, so why let them sit around and get fat! Oh, too late!

Now you new PTF’s and new transfers listen up! Under Step 4 M-1444 it states: “…there is no set pace at which a carrier must walk and no street standard for walking.” This is also referenced in Step 4’s M-00360, and M-00304. So, PTF’s, what is your darn hurry? You are not in probation anymore! Do not skip your lunch and breaks. You are setting a precedent and a performance standard that manglement will now hold you to. If you do a route in 6 hours, by skipping lunch, where the regular is doing it in 6 ½ hrs, do you think you get a gold star for a job well done? No. You get another relief to carry Flash! And once you establish that type of performance, then you do take a lunch, then they get you for expanded street time. Gee, mgmt. is not the “compassionate friend” you thought they were. Listen to Harry Ireland and you will get the picture. “Scum sucking maggot”, is not a derogatory term, if it’s the truth.


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Do you get a copy of your 3996 and 1571 each day? You should. You have the right to demand a copy from management. Step 4 M-00144 supports this. They may require you to make a duplicate yourself or make a copy on the copy machine, but that is OK, that’s just more time you have to do office work. No one ever said manglement wasn’t lazy. This is especially important if you are looking to qualify for a 271G, special count and inspection. You should have 6 weeks of 3996’s that YOU have kept. Do you really think mgmt. will supply you with all of the 3996’s if you DO qualify for a count and inspection? If they just lose one, you won’t qualify and your 6 weeks goes out the door. So protect yourself and ask for a duplicate. The 1571’s are important to show that on any particular day, especially an 8 hr. day, that the curtailed mail would have put you into overtime if you took it. If they go back and check that day, they will claim that you did not qualify for over 30 min. that day because of your clock rings. YOU must prove that you curtailed 10 ft. of mail to be back in 8 per supv.’s orders. They will have conveniently lost that form too!

Step 4 Dec. M-01217 states that on a one day count (efficiency count), “…if the carrier is being accompanied on the street, management may require a carrier not on the Overtime Desired List to work overtime on his/her own route in order to allow for completion of the count.” So if you are getting counted on one of their one day efficiency “harassment” counts, then you may be required to work OT on that day, no matter what list you are on.

Well, now that I have your head spinning, I hear a cold beer calling my name! So until next time…BE INFORMED!…BE PROFESSIONAL!…BE UNION!

Denny Belden
Aka: VetCarrier Br. 1091 Orl. Fl.

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