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Mixed Flats, Form 3189, Unsatisfactory Attendance, Covert Observation, & Reporting Accidents

Hello Brothers and Sisters! Gonna feed you a little information today to hopefully make your job a little easier for you and make sure moronagement follows their OWN rules they wrote in their own manuals! It’s always nice to remind them of things that they should be doing, don’t you think?

How many times has a supervisor told you to curtail mail and you notice that there is second-class in the tub? When you bring it up, he goes over and sorts out the flats for you. Well, according to the POM 8 458.2.b, any mixed tub of flats is upgraded to the highest class. That means that if there is second-class mail in that tub, then the whole tub is considered second class. And if he goes to sort it out, be sure to file a grievance for crossing crafts! That’s a no-no Mr. Supervisor. So you may file a grievance if he curtails the tub, and file one if he sorts it out! Boy, I love how they write their own manuals, don’t you!

Don’t forget that by an authorized form 3189 you are exempt from having to work post tour overtime. I mentioned this before but want to reiterate this. To be authorized management AND the steward must sign off on the form. If either signature is missing it is not valid, and you must work your full regular tour. This is supported by Step 4 Dec. M-01079.

Here’s one for the stewards. In a Step B Dec., B1091-184-02D from Deltona, there is interesting language that all stewards should be aware of and use in their defenses involving unsatisfactory attendance. The Step B Team states: “We agree that “Unsatisfactory Attendance” is purely subjective. There is no standard agreed to by the parties that can be applied.” A simple statement but one that should be used when defending a carrier for this infraction. The LOW issued would be based on a purely subjective notion by management and that should be attacked in the defense. Since there is no standard to apply, this would mean that if you should bring his subjectiveness into play in the defense of the carrier. See if he is discriminating against this carrier. Are there others with worse attendance problems with no discipline? Arguing the subjectiveness of the LOW may mitigate the just cause provisions and may persuade the B team to your favor. Since it is subjective it may have big faults in their contentions.

Street Observation. Oooh, my favorite subject! The same supervisor from Lockhart that is the subject of my other articles also did covert observation on our carriers. I grieved and settled that any observation by a supervisor on the street should be giving notice to the carrier that he was observed, even if it was a good observation. Covert observation is covered in the M-39:

134.21 The manager must maintain an objective attitude in conducting street supervision and discharge this duty in an open and above board manner.

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134.22 The manager is not to spy or use other covert techniques.

So they must not spy and do this in an open and above board manner. This tells me that they should let you know when they have observed you good or bad. Of course you know they will see you when it is a bad write up, but why not when it is a good write up too! Must we always cringe at the ogre coming at us with the 4584 each time expecting the worst! Of course not, they should let you know when you are doing good too! Just as it states in the M-39:

134.12 A positive attitude must be maintained by the manager at all times.

So I’m sure our street supervisors right will always exemplify a positive attitude, right?………… Hello?….Anybody out there?….You think they won’t have a positive attitude? Oh, yeah…I forgot…..past practice! Well, at least we can hope! Gives them something to shoot for!

Please remember to report any accidents immediately to your supervisor. Do not wait five minutes to call in, call in immediately. Management is discipline happy and failure to do exactly as they want may result in a LOW. Don’t give them the chance. I call in insect bites. Who knows who the next West Nile Virus is going to hit? I want them to know I got a mosquito bite that day. This is stated (not the mosquito bite, calling in!) in the Employee Handbook EL 814. Just in case anyone in management is reading this, there is a Motor Vehicle Safety section that you might want to cover just for kicks! Might give you good info in case you have to do street supervision y’know!


Denny “Positive Attitude” Belden
Aka: VetCarrier Br. 1091 Orl, FL

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