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Local Forms, CA-1, & Rotating ODL list!

Hello Brothers and Sisters! Heres some more decisions so that you may straighten mgmt. out with their idiot ideas!

Did you know that Step 4 decision M-1302 states that when carriers are read information that they are not required to sign off stating that information was received? And Step 4 M-00544 states that there is no national requirement that subject information was received and that we are not required to sign a local form. Look at the bottom of the form on the next video or stand up you have and see if there is a PS form number. No number? That means it is a local form. According to this Step 4 you are not required to sign it.

Had an accident at work? Had to fill out a CA-1? Did management give you the CA-1 receipt AND a copy of the CA-1 back to you? It states in the CA-810 Injury Compensation for Fed. Employees that they are to give you both. So demand one at the time and see your steward if they do not. You should call the branch or contact me at dbelden@cfl.rr.com for any OWCP questions you may have. Someone at your branch should be trained in OWCP and should be able to answer any compensation questions. Be sure if you are injured that you notify management IMMEDIATELY of the injury. This does not mean when you get back to the station, it means WHEN it happens! Don’t get yourself in a disciplinary action by not informing mgmt. immediately. If you are injured, but not badly, you have a week in order to go to the doctor with an approved CA-16 from management. If you must go to the doctor immediately, mgmt. should provide you with the form then or within 4 hours of the injury. If it is a minor injury that does not need attention now, you have 30 days in which to file a CA-1 and get COP. Once the CA-1 is filed you only have 10 days to get medical documentation on your injury or your COP will be reverted.

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Hope your station is keeping a rotating non-odl list. If you are a non-odl and are forced to work and all of the obligations are met in Art. 8, then be sure that they are following the rotating non-obl list and it begins by juniority. Junior man works first, then the next senior man. If you are working one day off your route, then you have to work off the route again the next day, better see your steward and file a grievance. Step 4 dec. M-00145 reinforces Art. 8.5.D in that after exhausting the ODL list, only then may a non-odl employee be forced to work starting with the junior employee. So if you work one day, the next day they better be rotating the work. Ask to see the rotating list if you feel you are being used out of sequence or have the steward investigate. Remember though always, “OBEY NOW, GRIEVE LATER!”


Denny Belden
Aka: VetCarrier Br. 1091 ORL, FL

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