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Hello Brothers and Sisters! Hope the heat hasn’t got all of you down yet! If the heat doesn’t moronagement tries their best to! I hope someone out there has manglement that is somewhat humane and acts like a real human being! Nothing like getting asked why you are late while the heavy rains and thunderboomers are banging away!! Well, now that I’ve got my rant out, let’s get to some decisions shall we?

Step 4 Dec. M-00335 stipulates when a satchel may not be worn on a Park and Loop route. “The only exception whereby a motorized carrier may make deliveries without a satchel is a dismount to make a limited (one or two) number of deliveries from a single stop.” This decision also defines how the satchel should be used and when. If there are some of you who have never carried a park and loop route, please bid to College Park on the next bid sheet and we will show you the ropes! Well, at least the other carriers will show you, I have a business route with no satchel needed! Seniority does have some rewards!

Be aware that if you are mandated to work your scheduled day off, management must work you 8 hrs. or pay in lieu thereof. You must work your 8 hrs. on your SDO unless there is a personal emergency or sickness. If mgmt. knows ahead of time that you cannot work the FULL 8 hrs., they cannot solicit you to work less than 8, unless they are willing to pay you the eight hours pay, with less than 8 hrs. work. This is guaranteed by Art. 8.8.B of the Nat. Agreement. This means that if they ask you to come on in when they know you cannot work 8, and tell you that you can just sign a 3971 and go home, they are breaking the contract and it is grievable for soliciting the employee to work less than his 8 hr. guarantee. The steward can and should grieve the fact that you did not work your 8 hr. guarantee and it was solicited by mgmt. If you are going to work your SDO, plan on working the full 8. This is supported by Step 4 Dec.’s M-00709, M-00118, and M-00879. Do not sign a 3971 waiving your 8 hr. guarantee.

Here’s a laugher for you! Step 4 Dec. M-00102 states that: “Management agrees that sound judgment shall be exercised in maintaining normal delivery schedules. The decision to lend aux. Assistance, schedule overtime or curtail mail is a management function which must be based on the facts at hand.” Sound judgment? Management? So far they have not attained this lofty goal they have set for themselves.

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Ever been threatened by being taken off the ODL list? Management thinks if you refuse OT for a valid reason then they can just take you off the list. Nay, Nay. Can’t do that. No one can take you off the list except you. Step 4 Dec. M-00858 states that mgmt. cannot unilaterally remove an employee’s name for the ODL. You may move off the list at any time at your discretion. You must move completely off though and cannot move down to the Work Assignment list from the ODL. The removal would be effective for the following day and if you already have been put on the schedule to work an SDO, you are still liable to work anything you were scheduled to work prior to your name being removed.

Has mgmt. ever posted “efficiency rankings” at your station? They just wanted to show who was doing “real well”, or “real bad”. Well, Step B Dec. B1091-497-02C from Lee Vista states this cannot be done. It states: “Management will cease and desist form posting efficiency lists comparing individual carrier efficiency whether by ranking carriers from worst to best or in any other manner.” They are not to be comparing carriers against carrier’s period! This is their way of divide and conquer and don’t get sucked into their games. By posting these rankings they hoped it would create dissention among the carriers by showing who was not performing up to DOIS (Crap In-Crap Out) figures and their expectations. Do not get influenced by the DARK SIDE! Go to the LIGHT! Walk to the LIGHT! Ooops…sorry, fell into some science fiction trance!

Hope this helps all of you! Any information you may have learned has just made you a more informed and knowledgeable carrier and less likely to be lured to the DARK SIDE! LOL! Remember…BE INFORMED! BE PROFESSIONAL! BE UNION1

You can always email me at dbelden@cfl.rr.com if you have any questions. Or you can bid in and talk to me personally!

Denny YODA Belden
Aka: VetCarrier Br. 1091 Orl. Fl

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