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Stupid Is As Stupid Does

To all my brothers and sisters who were affected by Hurricane Charley:

I hope this article finds you well and healthy and your families are fine. The devastation left in the wake of Charley is immense and the worst most of us have ever seen. Only those around during Hurrricane Donna may have seen as bad or worse. My prayers go out to everyone affected and especially the children, who may forever by affected by the storm.

Many of us learned what Mother Nature’s fury can unleash and all of us do not want to revisit that again. We have been fortunate for decades not to have a storm of this proportion hit the Central Florida area. I have been here since 1968 and have never witnessed the devastation brought on by the sustained high winds of a Hurricane before. My respect for Mother Nature has increased tenfold.

The communities and neighbors united in an effort to clean up after the storm and to help the neighbors who were affected by Hurricane Charley. The united efforts of neighbors, and even unknown people helping each other was awe inspiring!

Then we have Postal Moronagement.

How many called the Crisis Line to find out Sat. morning that it had a message from Fri. at 3 pm stating everyone should report to work as usual? The Hurricane hadn’t even hit yet when the message was made! Stupid is as stupid does! How many of you were out in the weather on Fri. when they were stating that tornadoes were popping up from the Hurricane rapidly approaching? How many stupidvisors told you to keep delivering in the weather because no one told them it was OK to call you in? I believe the sound of wind most of us heard was the wind blowing through moronagements ears at this time!

I go to work Sat. morning trying to find my way out of a neighborhood I’m not familiar with (I stayed at a friend’s house in Conway). Trees are down everywhere. Thank goodness I have a pickup as I have to weave my way down Michigan Ave. with all the downed trees crisscrossing the median.

As I go to work the devastation is incredible. I live and work in College Park, so I go by my house, and thank God it is OK. I look down each road on my way to the station and trees and power lines are down every street. I pull into work and see there is no power. The Sta. Mgr. states that there are trees falling over and held up by a light pole where the mail truck pulls in and states if he comes it would be unsafe for him to pull into the dock. Ok, no power, truck can’t pull in if he comes. He states he can’t get hold of the Big House to see what to do. Like the big wigs are going to go into to work! A number of carriers are now at work. His cell phone doesn’t work, so a decision can’t be made!

Many of us have some type of damage to our homes. Some can’t make it, as we later find out that they were blocked in or their houses damaged so much they couldn’t leave them. Our PO roof is leaking water on the floor so half the station is unsafe to walk into or on. Ok, so we have no power, no trucks could come in if they were coming, can’t walk on half the floor of the PO, the carriers have families and homes to worry about, while we stand around waiting for a head idiot to make a decision to call a manager who can’t make a decision, on a cell phone which is not working, which is now making us angry because of all the concern and compassion the USPS has for its employees! We were later let go to go home on admin. leave, but not after spending time watching moronagement show how completely inept they are in times of crisis.

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Rumor has it the area mgr. was not happy that we were let go to go home. You know, we are getting paid, so perhaps we should just sit there on their time doing nothing! I hope everyone remembers the idiocy and stupid is as stupid does rule that mgmt. follows when our lives are turned upside down! A disaster hits the Central Florida area and they cannot make a decision about their employees. Compassion? Concern? Why that would affect their numbers now wouldn’t it? Why, we are paying them admin. leave, why did you let them go home?

Moronagement does not rule by any type of thinking. Micromanagement exists because someone in authority doesn’t trust the ones below them to be able to make decisions, so they make them for them. Micromanagement in the postal service means a Captain or a King makes a decision and every one else “puppets” the decision. Whether it is right or wrong, no one would dare question it! The man above could affect their bonuses! Or should I say Pay for NonPerformance. My mgr. couldn’t make a decision when it was obvious nothing could be done. Instead of making a decision concerning people and human beings, we had to wait on a cell phone call. Instead of listing supervisors by their levels why don’t we just list them as Puppet 1 and Puppet 2 and so on. At least we can follow the microMISmanagement that way! Hurricane Charley was a big disaster, but let’s face it Postal Mismanagement was and still is a bigger disaster!

Remember this the next time they want a “favor” from you, such as rescheduling a Dr. appt. or to try and help them out by carrying a little more, or to move a little faster. They have no concern for you or your family…ONLY THEIR NUMBERS! Don’t believe me?

If you didn’t show up Sat. did you get admin. leave or have to take your own leave? Everyone who didn’t show up, regardless of reason, does not get admin. leave! Concern? Compassion? The words don’t exist in the Postal Moronagement Dictionary. Only Making the Numbers, Discipline, and Stupid is as Stupid Does!

Has anyone checked to see if they changed the Crisis Line yet? Mmmm………..


Denny “Just Pointing out the Obvious” Belden
Aka: VetCarrier

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