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Hello brothers and sisters! How many of you have heard the great management BS term “window of operations”, whether it is a 5 o’clock “goal” or “mandate”, it is all common management bullcrap! There is no window of operations mentioned in any article of the National Agreement and it is as much moronagement hype and mismanagement as their supposed “one hand motion to a curbside box” bunk!

Manglement likes to state things over and over again till they believe what they say is the truth. They never know what the truth is so why not just create more lies to heap onto the letter carriers!

The only recognized window of operations is the last dispatch truck leaving the station! If your truck leaves at 6:30 pm the operational window should be 15 minutes before it leaves. This means that every ODL and PTF carrier should be working to 6:15 when they must be maximized. They SHOULD NOT, I repeat, SHOULD NOT be coming back at 5:00 and then casing mail to make their 8 hrs. This is not the intent of Art. 8. It is so that the ODL’s and PTF’s should be maximized ON THE STREET so that no non-odl has to work OT or off their assignment. A non-odl has as much right to NOT work OT as an ODL has a right to work OT. These rights under Art. 8 should not be compromised. There is no mention of any “window”, “goal”, or “end of business day” rule or regulation. These are made up moronagement terms to be able to violate Art. 8. Stewards must file to stop these actions by moronagement. They cannot think on their own and usually blindly go where they are lead by the higher ups. By the way, when is the last time you saw a higher up actually watching how the mail is really delivered?

Stewards should be aware of the violations made with the ODL’s and non-odl’s. If a cease and desist has already been resolved on a prior grievance resolution then you should file for monetary compensation for the carriers involved under a class action. The non-odl’s should receive a 50% compensation over and above the time and a half they were required to work, in essence getting double time pay for the work they should not have done. All ODL’s and PTF’s should be compensated for the OT they were denied, including penalty OT and nighttime differential if it applies. This can amount to a substantial amount of money for violations over a period of time.

I recently settled, at a lump sum and lower rate for $5,773 for the carriers at College Park. If we had gone and reviewed each day of the 18 grievances filed, the amount would have been substantially higher and would have included penalty time and nighttime differential. It would have been contentious and drawn out so I offered a very fair deal to settle all the grievances quickly and everyone is happy…well almost everyone!

The steward must protect the interests of those carriers whose rights were violated by moronagment’s imaginary window of operations. Art 8 must be policed and maintained. It is the easiest for management to violate because it is a difficult article to understand. For a steward who learns the ins and outs of Art. 8, it should be an easy task to monitor the daily scheduling and overtime distribution. For manglement, they only learn what we teach them! They know about as much about the contract as they do about how to deliver your route! When have you ever heard about a supervisor or manager who had to go to a class to learn about the contract? Never! They go to class to see how they can get around the contract, but never learn the contract itself.

Wouldn’t it be better to teach them THEIR contract to begin with? Of course it would, but remember, Idiots don’t know they are Idiots, it is up to us to show them! Every grievance filed and won shows them how much they don’t know, but instead of learning from their mistakes, they do it again! Those of us who have children understand the process of teaching a small child about doing something wrong, only to have them do it again. Moronagement has the same mentality! They hate to be proven wrong and just retaliate. Sounds like a little kicking and screaming to me! Now children…!

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If any stewards are having problems with the window of operations or moronagement’s “goal” of being an idiot, please email me at: dbelden@cfl.rr.com and I can email you my contentions that have all the documents listed that you should use in your arguments against the dark side. I have won nineteen of these grievances, one at the B team, the rest settled at Formal A because of the B team decision. You should also look up the 8 window of ops grievances filed by Manny Delgado at Dixie Village and the B team decisions that ruled in favor of the Union. Ask Manny for copies. You should use all of these B team decisions in your defense if you are an Orlando office as they are all precedent setting. For all the AO’s you should use the language from the B Team decisions to help formulate your contentions and lead the B Team to the only conclusion they have come up with, and that is sustaining the Union’s position. Remember that although the installation may not apply to you, the same people are making the decisions on the B Team and if you use their reasoning to explain your position, do you really think they will rule against themselves? Won’t happen as long as you have put together a sound package to be sent up.

Remember that when dealing with Management, if you visualize them as a 5 yr. old you will be ready to handle the situation much better and the tantrums, kicking, and screaming will be expected and not surprise you! However, offering them a Happy Meal might be going too far! LOL!

They will try to intimidate you, bully you, harass you, and talk to you in a condescending manner. However, as we all know by now, idiots don’t know they’re idiots, till we show them!

Good luck in all your grievances and let’s keep teaching them the contract!


Denny “OT” Belden
AKA: VetCarrier

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