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“Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to our quiz show “Stump the Chump!” The purpose of the show is to ask our distinguished panel questions that they may or not be able to answer! We start with simple questions and progress to the harder questions each able to earn money with each block they select, so lets get started!”

Contestant # 1, for $10, “What is your title and what is your name?” “uhh…I’m a 204B and …uhh…can I make a phone call?” “No, sorry, you can’t. No money there for the 204B!”

Contestant #2, for $20, “What is your title and what do you do?” “I am a manager and I make decisions!” “No, sorry, you are only a manager in title, everyone knows that the higher ups make all the decisions, and you just follow along. No money there!”

Contestant #3, for $40, “As a floor supervisor, what is Art. 8?” “Well, uhh…Art. 8 is uhh…mmmm…am I supposed to know this?” “Sorry, no money, and yes you are supposed to know how overtime is distributed, that is your job.” “It is?”

“Now we move on to the final round of “Stump the Chump!”

For a $500 bonus question, “What is the National Agreement?”

“Contestant # 1, your answer is…?” “Uhh…That the abbreviation for management is M..O..R..O..N?” “No, sorry, you are wrong again 204B!”

“Contestant #2, your answer is…?” “Hey, I thought I made the decisions, my boss said I could when he’d let me! Wait, the Nat. Agreement…must be something important…some kind of agreement…oh, I know, when management agrees to take 2 hr. lunches!” “Sorry, Sta. Mgr., wrong again, no money made yet!”

“Contestant #3, your answer is…?” “As a floor supv. I have a clear idea what this is, it is the thing the steward has a clear knowledge of, and which he teaches me through the grievance procedure since I am too busy with computer paperwork and haven’t learned how to read yet!”

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(Audience screams and gives a rousing standing ovation for the floor supervisor!)

“That is amazing, you are correct, Floor Supv.! You had a clear and concise answer for the $500 question! You win!”

“Contestants #1 and #2 were clearly STUMPED! A chance when mgmt. could make tons of money clearly lost by their lack of knowledge! Does that sound familiar to anyone? Oh well, join us next week when we’ll have a new panel of contestants from postal mgmt. and see if they can answer the Bonus Question: “What is DOIS?

A) an inaccurate computer program B) the Spanish word for two C) Crap in-Crap out!

You too can now play along at work and STUMP THE CHUMP. Simply ask your supervisor or manager a simple question!

We’ll see everybody next week on STUMP THE CHUMP!”

Denny Belden Game Show Host
aka: VetCarrier

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