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April Notes

Hello Brothers and Sisters! Well, we completed a few weeks of route counts and overall it seems to be going pretty smooth. Only a few minor glitches here and there but the inspection seems to be moving right along. The real test will come when we see what they do with the numbers. I hear they actually had a standup talk in Sanford, 17 min. explaining why they think the mail was so light during count week. How many times can you say, “We were hiding it at the plant,” in 17 minutes?

Azalea Park, Dixie Village, and College Park have had their route count classes at the Union Hall, and Kissimmee is due at the beginning of May. Exec. Pres Dan Tegreeny gave a great instructional class and the carriers learned a lot during the training and during the Q&A period. Remember if your station is ever up for a route count we will be providing a training class prior to the count and if you can’t make it for the night it is scheduled for, more than likely other stations will be having training and you are more than welcome to attend those instead of or in addition to.

There seems to be some problems on getting to see the steward at some stations. If you need to speak with a steward, ask your supervisor to speak with him. They should grant you immediate access to the steward. If there is some reason the steward is not available, you should be able to speak with the steward within 2 hrs. If that situation is impossible, such as he/she has already hit the street, then you should be provided time by the end of the tour. Only when these three situations are impossible to comply with, should you have to wait till the next day, and then it should be immediately when you begin your tour. If there are any problems in any of these options, a grievance should be filed under a Step 4 Decision M-00458. Also, if a supervisor says you cannot meet with the steward, Step 4 Dec. M-00125 states they must inform you when the time will be available to see the steward. So when these supervisors deny you time and do not tell you when you can see the steward, a grievance should be filed to stop this arbitrary action. Many supervisors like to do this to try and stop you from seeing the steward or feel that they must make their numbers and the hell with your rights. Be sure you assert your rights! Otherwise, they no longer are rights! BE INFORMED!

Everyone needs to be aware of the Postal Reform Bill that is being considered now. As it stands, the current bill is supported by the NALC. However, once it goes through the Senate, if it does not come out clean (riders or amendments attached) we could be in trouble. They can attach amendments doing away with collective bargaining or jacking up your contributions to health benefits. Understand that the USPS is lobbying to have the employees contribute more for their health benefits. A 1% increase in our contributions will amount to $25 per pay period increase. Do you think they will offset that by giving us a $50 a month raise? Of course not! Anytime politics is mentioned many tune right out, I used to. Now, there is too much to lose and your jobs and livelihoods are at stake. If you do not get active and proactive you soon may be working for much less money and no contract to protect you!


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Before collective bargaining carriers were required to work whenever the employer so chose, whatever hours they wanted, and worked for much less money. If collective bargaining is done away with, all your rights as you know it now under the contract is no longer valid. No collective bargaining, no Union, no contract. Things such as a non-odl, senior selection of vacation time, guaranteed amount of leave, seniority, ODL equitability, holiday scheduling, guaranteed full time positions, all could go the way of the dinosaur! Don’t get caught napping! If your job and your family is important to you, take the time to participate in PROTECTING your job! It is far less time consuming to protect your job than it is to go out and find another one!

It is imperative now to be more politically active than ever. Have you contributed to COLCPE? That is our political action fund. It is bipartisan, and we contribute to both parties. It doesn’t matter which representative the money goes to as long as they support what is best for this Union and our jobs. We have contributed to Republicans and Democrats. COLCPE can be deducted from your paycheck. If everyone contributed $1 per pay period, we would raise millions. Think about it, the last COLA we got was for $229 dollars. That Union negotiated item would be over $8 a pay period in contributions for COLCPE. We aren’t even asking for that…contribute what you can, but at least, at minimum, $1 per pay period. Contact the Union Hall and we will get you started. This is money you won’t miss and will be a start to being politically active in saving your job! Your family will be proud of you and you will feel good knowing that you became proactive in preserving your job!


In Solidarity,

Denny Belden
Aka: VetCarrier
Br. 1091 Orl. FL

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