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Hello Brothers and Sisters! Well, many of you have already heard about issuing everyone more MSP scans. Management wants to put 12 total scans on each route. They claim it is to provide better service for the customer by being able to tell them approximately when the carrier should be at their location.

But since many of us are now carrying OT and carrying off assignment, that bogus claim now has no merit. Where are you going to be if you carried your relief in the middle of the route? Or if you carried business before you start your residential? Again management blows smoke so that they can tell the public that this is for public service although we know it is just a way to track carriers! Itís just the blatant lies that get to us!

You should be consistent on your routes and should hit these scans with the approximate times that you usually do BETWEEN the scans. This is, if you normally take 1 hr. between your first scan and second scan then that is what you should normally take. Some light days you will be ahead slightly and on heavy days behind slightly, but the time between should be fairly consistent, no matter what time of day you get there. Now, if you carry relief in between the scans, they will show a large discrepancy, but that is on a day that is not normal. Remember that these scans can show that your route is overburdened also. If your scans are consistent, this will prove where you are each day and that you are doing your route in a professional manner. If at the end of the day, you consistently run into overtime, you may need to put in for a special count and inspection and their scan points will actually help you achieve this.

Also, according to managementís MSP Guidlelines Manual, if they added the additional 5 scans to your route, then they are to grant an additional 5 minutes to do the scans. You should put this on your 3996 each day. Your routes were adjusted without these additions, and even managementís manual allows you the extra 5 minutes. So be sure you scan all your scans and take the time to do it right!

Donít forget that you DO NOT have to deviate to your lunch scans before breaking for lunch. If you were late leaving the station you do not have to go out of your way to scan your out to lunch scan then travel all the way back from lunch to scan in from lunch. You scan them as you get to them. This is supported by a step 4 decision M-01458.

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While on the issue of scans, please be sure that you scan all your express items and double check that they entered into the scanner. You can review all your entries after you enter them. Take the time to do this. They are issuing discipline because of missed scans or late scans. It is practically impossible to defend a carrier who left at 9:30 am and didnít scan or scanned in the express item late. The only other way to defend yourself is to log in every single day, the scans you do and what time you did them. Document this and you will have a defense if the scanner fails, however, the safest way is to check immediately afterwards to be sure it entered into the scanner. Sure it takes time to do this, but it takes more time to defend you in a disciplinary action when the scanner fails or you failed to scan. You are paid by the hour, they want you to do it right, so do it, and double check yourself. Protect yourself from unnecessary discipline!

In solidarity,

Denny R. Belden Aka: VetCarrier

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