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August 2006 Postal News

Thursday - August 31, 2006
Advo Stock Falls After Valassis Sues to Rescind Acquisition
  Also see Valassis Files Lawsuit
- The Postal Conundrum (PDF) Murray Comarow Who Is Murray Comarow

Wednesday - August 30, 2006
New Web site will be one-stop shop for Postal Service HR info
Postal Worker Accused Of Tossing, Damaging Customer's Boxes
- Praying postal carrier helps save a woman's life
- Carrier does duty to save mail from burning truck
- Junk Mail Weighs on Their Minds
- Snake attack rattles postal worker
- Girlfriend charged with mail theft
- Charleston postal facility to expand, hire more than 100

Tuesday - August 29, 2006
Former postal employee wins $162,500 settlement
- Postal Workers Negotiate for Share of Growth
- Mail Thief Hits Post Office Truck
- Mail Bonding: Neighbors Hate to See the Blue Boxes Go
- Readers are outraged by Postal Service 'fix'
- NALC Head, Postmaster General Optimistic at Start of Negotiations
- Yonkers Man Pleads To Assault Of Postal Worker

Monday - August 28, 2006
Letter Carriers Union Seeks 'Fair' Wage Increase
- The Union’s Role in Management, Mailer Issues
USPS OIG Audit Report: Management of Retail Workhours in
Relation to Workload
  Also see these other recent OIG Audit Reports: Overdrawn Express Mail® Corporate Accounts
  Postal Service Emergency Preparedness for Hurricanes
- USPS Begins Contract Talks with NRLCA - DM News
- Report Says Postal Service Gains US Air Market Share
- Mailers Council Wants At Least 90 Days Before Rate Increases
- Almost $1 million in counterfeit checks, USPS money orders seized
- Bristol Leads Conn. In Postal Workers Bitten By Dogs
- Postage Through the Years

Saturday - August 26, 2006
USPS Contractor Charged with Mail Theft IL
- How To Fire an Employee
- Mail Thief Hits Post Office Truck
- Police make arrest in massive (mail) fraud case Canada
- Heart of Orleans still broken FYI
- Volunteers run campaign to preserve post office

Friday - August 25, 2006
Yonkers man pleaded guilty to assault on postal worker as a hate crime
- Postal Carrier Injured in Drive-By Shooting CA
- Couple says carrier withheld delivery on purpose
- Postmark Katrina
- Hough Postal Dispute Controversy, to the letter
- Mail Stolen From Seattle Post Office
- Pluto: Solar System's Loss is Stamp Collectors' Gain
- Mailings contained cornstarch

Thursday - August 24, 2006
- The Price Of Being Obstreperous
- 'Stranger' turns out to be postal worker TX
- US turning to DNA to prove letter carrier and sister are related
'I don't want her ashes lost in the mail'
Fayetteville REC To Close NC
- USPS Delivers a History of Highlights to the National Postal Museum
- NPMHU Outlines Goals for Collective Bargaining
- Sportsmen ‘win' legal fight over stamps
- Fire disrupts mail delivery

Wednesday - August 23, 2006
Former postal employee sentenced to 5 plus years TX
- Mail Handlers Negotiations Begin
- NALC: Update to NALC Route Inspection Kit
- Negotiations Begin Aug. 28 on New Contract for 224,000 Letter Carriers
- Collective Bargaining Set to Begin Aug. 29 for APWU
- Automated Mail Stream Under Assault
- Post Office drops 'take-a-number' for 'wait-in-line'
- Unemployment Checks Lost in the Mail

Tuesday - August 22, 2006
Commerce resident feels postal help is lost in the mail
- APWU: Final Deliberations of the 2006 Convention
- IG: Former postal exec lived high life on USPS dime
- Numbers game ends at post offices
- Zazzle Responds to Sportman's Complaints Regarding Postage Stamps

Monday - August 21, 2006
- Congressman delivers strong message to USPS
- Spokane letter carrier turns Legos into art
- Former postal employee receives presidential pardon
- Carrier Saves Mail from Truck Fire
- The heat hits your letter carriers, so thanks for the kindness

Sunday - August 20, 2006
How realistic is 'going postal'? Survivors Recall 1st 'Postal' Massacre
  20 Years Ago 14 Postal Employees Were Killed at the Edmond Post Office
- Officials will investigate powder incident at postal facility
- Post office worker robbed Saturday

Saturday - August 19, 2006
Postal actions probed, powder incident target of inquiry

Friday - August 18, 2006
Nationwide Deterioration in Service Spurs Rally at Philadelphia
Post Office
- Gene Del Polito Says APWU is singing I WANT IT MY WAY
- South Jersey aids injured letter carrier
- NAPUS Hotline from Nat. Assoc. of Postmasters
Postmasters Village a community with history
- Postal officials ready to hire for route expansions CA
- USPS Generates Net Deficiency for June DM News
- Former Postal Thief Now Charged with Embezzling $35K from Church

Thursday - August 17, 2006
- APWU: Delegates Express Frustration Over Craft Jurisdictional Issues
- Threatening To Go Postal, Retired Postal Worker Arrested
- First Time Contract Negotiations Take Place Simultaneously
- Postal workers protest over distribution problems in Philadelphia
- Rochester postmaster investigated for 'irregularities' at post office
- APWU: Latest COLA Will Yield $812 Annual Increase
- NALC: Latest COLA Will Yield $790.00 Annual Increase
- Increased address changes causes mail delays

Wednesday - August 16, 2006
- APWU: Delegates Debate, Approve Resolutions In Preparation for
USPS Contract Talks
- NALC: Tuesday Report from National Convention (PDF)
- USPS - OIG Implements WinBill for IT Expense Management
- City leaders not convinced by post office assessment
- Cargo Carriers Monetize Mail
- Crooks Hitting Mail Trucks In San Diego
- Reward Offered In Recent Mail Truck Break-Ins

Tuesday - August 15, 2006
APWU: Celebrate: ‘100 Years of Progress’:
- APWU Convention Delegates to Protest Decline in Service
NALC: Young Warns That Contracting Out Mail Delivery Could
Weaken Nation's Defense Against Terrorism
- Philadelphian's Experience Mail Delivery Woes
- Google Teams With Valpak
- OPM announces COLA changes for some employees
- Mail stolen from three postal trucks in San Diego
- Post Office Closed After Mercury Found

Monday - August 14, 2006
- Philly postal workers to rally over distribution center troubles
- Letter carrier's friends plan for recovery NJ
- Letter Carriers Unhappy with New Procedures
- Postal-job offers too good to be true

Sunday - August 13, 2006
- Poor packaging of baking supplies creates post-office scare
- Post office seems to be delivering on promises TX
ProspectsPlus Expands Direct Mail Offering with PostcardsPlus.com

Saturday - August 12, 2006
- APWU, USPS Reach Agreement on Transfer Opportunities

Friday - August 11, 2006
NJ Letter Carrier Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy
USPS Sends Confusing Signals on Service Standards
- Postal worker suspected of Seabright attempted rape cleared of charges
- "Dangers of the Mail" Mural Sparks Debate Over Censorship

Thursday - August 10, 2006
Former New Jersey Postal Service Employee Alleges EEOC Retaliation
Discrimination Against Agency After Being Removed for Misconduct
- USPS: Net Deficiency of $594.5 Million Posted After Escrow Allocation
- NM lawyer appointed to Postal Service board
- Proposed Ban on Mailing Cigarettes Excludes Cigars

Wednesday - August 9, 2006
- Anchorage postal employee gets jail time for mail theft
- USPS Rapped on Performance Reporting | Read GAO Report (PDF)
- Senate chair wants anti-smoking provision out of postal bill
- On the lake, mail comes by boat
- Proposed change in distribution has postal union out of sorts CO
- Postal Service processing sites in Ariz. dodge consolidation
- ePOSTIT Celebrates First Anniversary

Tuesday - August 8, 2006
USPS Plant Consolidations in Washington State
- More On USPS Consolidations from Bloomington Indiana
See these news articles: Postal Workers Picket Post Office |
  Bloomington Mail Plant May Close - Visit the Bloomington APWU Site
- Mike Causey of Federal News Radio Says "Lose the Attitude"
- Mailman's delivery leads to his arrest
- Second Veterans Affairs Computer Missing
- Waxman Wants to Know Why Snail Mail's So Slow
- GI bill a mixed mail bag

Monday - August 7, 2006
USPS Test Flat Sequencing System (FSS) (PDF) NALC
- The person who mailed anthrax spores in 2001 remains at large
- A Tale Of Two Post Offices Federal News Radio
- Collins: Crack down on tobacco sales to minors
- Four USPS Board Members, PRC Commissioner Confirmed By Senate
- Ford Delivers Electric Vehicles To Post Office
- Marchex Re-launches 75,000 ZIP Code Web Sites
- RR Donnelley's OneSite(SM) Postal Tracking and Reporting System
- Lockheed to Update Parcel-Sorting System for USPS
- Yakima, WA postal cutbacks need third-party review

Saturday - August 4, 2006
Union, Management Agree to Restore Retirement Counseling
  See settlement [PDF]
  See ELM:
CSRS: 569.123 and 569.141 | FERS: 589.123 and 589.131
- Mail carrier arrested in attempted Seabright rape CA
- First-class snake mail
- NAPUS Newsletter

Friday - August 4, 2006
Union counts one victory against USPS closures Federal Times
- LA mail delayed for six days, says report - See Report
- Police Look For 2 Suspects In Shooting Of Postal Worker MO
- USPS 'taking steps' to improve Englewood mail service
- Mail Returns to New Orleans' Flood Zone
- 4-State Barcode Mandatory for Automation Discounts
- NAPUS to Meet with USPS to Discuss Issues Facing PM's
- Bees Going Postal, Stinging Mail Carriers

Thursday - August 3, 2006
Postal Service Feels the Heat Over Consolidation Plans
- Bloomington postal workers oppose moving mail processing plant
- Urine-soaked mail returned to senders FL
- Postal Service Names New Chief Financial Officer and Executive VP
- Sachse man admits possessing stolen mail TX
With early intervention, complaints drop Federal Times
- USPS Working to Keep Fuel Costs Down, Speaker Says
- Speaker Says Four-State Barcode Will Be Mandatory for Automation
- FBI wants to know source of suspicious envelope
- Heat, vacations can slow summer mail delivery

Wednesday - August 2, 2006
Son of Retired Postal Employee Charged with Hiding Father's Body
and Spending His Retirement Checks
- Bills are late after mail truck was abandoned
- Letter Carriers' Union Convention Set for Las Vegas Aug. 14 - 18
- 9300+ Delegates Registered to Attend
- Bronx Mail Workers Fear USPS Will Move Processing To Manhattan
- Uncertainties Surround Flat Sorters, Make-Up Rules
- Postal Service finds a friend in the Internet
- Postal workers warn of mail-sorting changes
- James H. Bilbray Nominated for Postal Board of Governors

Tuesday - August 1, 2006
Building a Better Workplace - NALC Presidents Biennial Report PDF
USPS Lists 139 Facilities As ‘Potential Candidates’ for Consolidation
- "Bids by Seniority" The Whole Concept Stinks, to Put It Mildly
- Postal worker remains in critical condition
  Previous story: Mail Carrier Loses Leg In Hit-And-Run
- US Postal Service studies Eagan site for possible relocation of
3 metro post offices
- FedEx, USPS ink $8B deal
- Suspicious package causes Post Office lockdown

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