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July 31, 2015
Real Mail Notification offers customers daily email alerts
- USPS News Link via PEN

Video: War Hero Receives Top Honors From The United States Postal Service - PEN

Texas Teenager Pleads Guilty To Shooting Postal Worker - KWTX-TV

New USPS program lets you see your junk mail before you get it
- Consumer Affairs

Video: Houston homeowner says letter carrier threw package towards front porch - PEN

USPS beefing up on-demand delivery services - Retaildive.com

Mail Will Soon Get Cheaper With USPS Rate Increase Set to Expire Next Spring - GovExec.com

Hanover postal employee charged with stealing postal money - Fox 43

OSHA Slams Postal Service with Five Citations, $16,000 in Fines - APWU

July 30, 2015
Video: Freight Train Hits Mail Truck In Addison, IL

Video: How Amazon Convinced USPS to Work on Sundays - PEN

Video: Post Office Investigating Mail Dumped Into Trash Cans in Carson, CA

PRC Resolves Issues on Remand in Exigent Rate Case - PEN

Bloomfield Township residents walk deceased mailman’s route in his memory - The Oakland Press

First-class stamps will cost 49 cents for eight more months, then the price will be rolled back - Washington Post

This Should Be Exigency's Last Gasp, Mailers Say - DM News

A House Democrat, Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.), has introduced legislation to end a Prohibition-era ban on shipping alcohol through the USPS - The Hill

Emergency crews respond to Carolina Forest, SC post office for suspicious package - Myrtle Beach Online

Video: Florida Teen Accused of Trying to Steal Postal Worker's Master Key - PEN

Video: USPS admits error in leaving bins full of mail unattended in Florida post office lobby - PEN

Postal-themed TV drama to debut this fall - USPS News Link via PEN

It’s Amazon’s World. The USPS Just Delivers in It - Bloomberg

Exigency Continues – Not Forever - Postal Affairs Blog

The Village homeowners helping mail carriers during extreme heat - KOCO TV

Take note: The paper industry is planning a big comeback - Washington Post

Some rural postal routes still flooded - The Daily Journal, Kankakee, IL

July 29, 2015
Texas post office worker arrested after threatening co-workers

Former postal employee in Abington, PA gets jail time for credit card scam

Video: Surveillance cam captures USPS worker who really doesn’t care - PEN

Senator McCaskill Requests Study of Rural Broadband and Postal Access

Video: Person of interest in suspicious Portland mail case released - PEN

Video: Missing package remains a mystery - PEN

USPS complied with executive salary regulations, IG says - Fierce Government

Our View: Thank Blunt for championing rural mail service - Joplin Globe

Canada Post won't reveal scale of Fraser Valley mail crime - The News24.7

Fire closes Mascot, TN post office - Knoxville News Sentinel

Mail Left Unattended In Winter Haven Post Office Lobby - News Chief

Will Real Mail Notification Make USPS a Digital Channel? - DM News

Get it while you can: The PRC to rule on exigent rate case - How long will the surcharge go on? - Save the Post Office

Postal, OPM Hacks Show Feds’ Cyber-Security Not Very Secure - The Daily Caller

Employee helps woman find missing money - PEN

Kalamazoo residents who refuse to remove brick, stone mailboxes could face $900 fines - MLive

United States Postal Service Selects Helios as its Pharmacy Benefit Manager for Workers' Compensation - PEN

Traditional retailers offering same-day deliveries - USPS News Link

Amazon Maps the Skies for Drone Deliveries - eCommerce Bytes

APWU: Locals Celebrate 'Postal Heritage Day'

USPS's Reblin Talks About Digital Mail's Arrival in NYC this Fall - DM News

July 28, 2015
Video: Man says postal worker threw package out of delivery truck - PEN

Video: Dog hit and killed by postal worker in family's driveway - PEN

Audio: Postal Carrier Convicted Of Delivering Illegal Packages Of Pot - PEN

Oregon: Statewide investigation underway after government offices receive suspicious mail - PEN

Help save Napa’s historic post office from the wrecking ball - Save The Post Office

Dems seek answers on rural postal delivery - The Hill

Citizens Against Government Waste Blasts New Ideas For USPS Expansion - Yahoo News

Customer retention is the key to USPS success - Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers

July 27, 2015
Former Letter Carrier Convicted of Drug Trafficking and Bribery - PEN

Video: Utah mailman's plea for books gets worldwide response

Employee hailed as ‘superhero’ after sidewalk rescue - USPS News Link via PEN

APWU: Celebrating an Important 50th Anniversary

New York minute - Innovative concept helps USPS quickly deliver parcels - USPS News Link

Postal Service sets up mobile retail service in downtown Flint after closing office - MLive

Former Virginia Beach carrier pleads guilty to mail theft - WAVY News 10
Also see: Former USPS rural carrier assistant pleaded guilty Monday to theft of mail matter by a postal employee

Fundraiser supports family after girl, 2, killed in mail truck crash - New Jersey Online

Postal Innovation Act calls for USPS to use more “cost-efficient and environmentally friendly technology”
- Postal & Parcel - Also see: Senator Cory Booker Introduces Postal Innovation Act to Help Expand Cost-Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Technology - PEN

Postal Senior Service? - OIG

Nebraska Man Credits Postal Worker With Saving His Life - NBC Nebraska

With $5,000 prize in the bag, Virginia Beach postal clerk chips in for a family visit - The Virginian-Pilot

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Video: 3rd Shock Video Catches Planned Parenthood Vice President Selling Body Parts of Aborted Babies - Life News 7/31/15 - Also see: In Fourth Video, Planned Parenthood Executive Says ‘We Don’t Want to Get Called on Selling Fetal Parts Across States’

'Deceptive' CVS overcharged for drugs: lawsuit - CNN 7/31/15

California teen charged as adult in killing of 8-year-old neighbor - Fox News 7/30/15

Video: Cincinnati Officer Indicted in Samuel DuBose Shooting 'Felt His Life Was in Jeopardy' - ABC News 7/30/15

Florida boy accused of strangling child had history of disturbing behavior, including previous choking incident - NY Daily News 7/30/15

Video: 'Deal with it yourself': Dispatcher hung up on woman giving first aid to shooting victim - Fox News 7/29/15

Video Shows Chattanooga Gunman's DUI Arrest - ABC News 7/29/15

Video: Woman kills attacker in self-defense; may have unknowingly killed serial killer - CNN 7/28/15

Video: Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen, Missing Florida Boaters, Nowhere to be Found - NBC News 7/28/15

Video: Kentucky amusement park ride falls down, injures at least 12 - NY Daily News 7/27/15

Video: Woman shoots possible serial killer linked to nine cases across U.S. - CBS News 7/27/15

Movie theater shooter's mental problems didn't stop him from buying gun - Fox News 7/26/15

Attorney General Loretta Lynch Faces Potential Minefield With Hillary Clinton Email Investigation - ABC News 7/26/15

Video: Lafayette theater shooter switched license plates, had wigs waiting in hotel - CNN 7/25/15

Georgia man died after Russian roulette game during night of drinking with friends - NY Daily News 7/25/15

Video: John Russell Houser Identified as Louisiana Movie Theater Shooter - NBC News 7/24/15

Some 'sanctuary cities' fear lawsuits after House passes bill - Latino Fox News 7/24/15

Criminal Inquiry Is Sought in Clinton Email Account - NY Times 7/24/15

Video: Five Found Dead in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma; Two Teen Relatives Detained - NBC News 7/23/15

Donald Trump Blasts Anderson Cooper on CNN: "The People Don't Trust You" - US Magazine 7/23/15

Black backer of Confederate flag dies in car crash - passenger says they were chased by a car carrying four or five black men - 48 News 7/22/15

Four more planes report spotting lasers over New York, New Jersey - Fox News

Poll: Clinton trails Republicans in three swing states - On Politics 7/22/15

Stephen Hawking helps launch massive search for E.T. - Fox News 7/21/15

Mob in India drags ‘witch’ from home, strips her and beheads her. It’s not so unusual. - Washington Post 7/21/15

Florida gun shop owner declares store ‘Muslim-free zone’ after Chattanooga shooting - NY Daily News 7/21/15

Cuba and U.S. quietly restore full diplomatic ties after 5 decades - Washington Post 7/20/15

This $153,000 rattlesnake bite is everything wrong with American health care - Washington Post 7/20/15

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