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November 27, 2014

Former Postal Employee Sentenced for Tax Fraud - WTXL ABC TV

Thanksgiving By the Numbers - Intelisent Postal Affairs Blog

November 26, 2014
Video: The Secret Inside the Postal Service
It’s a story the U.S. Postal Service did not want us to tell you: Sexual assaults committed not just by customers and strangers, but by postal employees against other postal employees. - PEN

Video: Union Questions USPS Over Controversial Emergency Policy - PEN

NALC: October 2014 Results: $633 million YTD Operating Income - PEN

Video: Start-Up "Doorman" Pledges to Keep Delivery Packages Safe - PEN

Audio: Investigative Reporter Interviews 2 Postal Employees Regarding Retaliation - Federal News Radio

How UPS and FedEx Will Deal with Late Christmas Orders -eCommerce Bytes

November 25, 2014
IG: Nearly a third of USPS contract drivers don't hold valid security clearances
- Fierce Government

APWU Demands Info on Emergency Procedures - PEN

APWU President: One Year In: Looking Back, Looking Forward - PEN

Young People Love the Postal Service Best - APWU news via PEN

Video: Postal Robberies Skyrocketing - PEN

Video: Post office putting on “full court press” to get caught up - PEN

‘Going Postal’ Over Data Breach Response: Union Files Failure-to-Bargain Charge With NLRB Against USPS - JD Supra

Ex-Idaho City postmaster gets jail after ‘staggering breach of trust’ - Idaho Statesman

Postal problems plague Lumberton, TX - 12 News Now

National Trust joins Berkeley in suit against Postal Service - Save the Post Office

Dead Tree Edition: Postal Service Starts Fiscal Year With a Bang

November 24, 2014
Thanksgiving Letter from PMG Pat Donahoe

Credit-monitoring codes sent to employees - PEN

NALC Legislative Update - PEN

Revamped offers easier access - PEN

Mailers Technical Advisory Committee November Open Session Presentations - Intelisent Postal Affairs Blog

USPS ELM: 2014 Open Season and Other Benefits and Payroll Election Opportunities also see Health Benefits Open Season

ELM: USPS Non-Career Employee Health Benefits Plan Open Season

ELM: Flexible Spending Accounts 2014 Open Season: November 10–December 21, 2014

ELM: Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement — Changing Your Current Mailing Address

ELM: Annual Leave Exchange Option

USPS Played Cat And Mouse With Cyber Attacker - Information Week

New Postmaster’s Goal: Act Like Private Sector - PEN

U.S. Postal Service Holiday Ad Shows It’s Ready for Game Time - WSJ

Video: Snow Delays Mail Delivery in Hard Hit Areas, Across Western New York - PEN

Survey: Postal Service gets stamp of approval - Albuquerque Business First

Two charts that show how Americans view key federal agencies - The Washington Post

New postmaster general faces lots of turmoil as more cuts loom nationwide - The Kansas City Star

Online shopping spurs York's post offices to deliver on Sundays - York Dispatch

November 23, 2014
- a Christmas movie from Hallmark - PEN

Video: FSU gunman mailed 10 packages before shooting, postal inspectors say - PEN

Utica, NY postal worker arrested for DWI, while on the job - CNY Central

A year after Rock Hill native postman killed outside DC, still no arrest - Rock Hill Herald Online

Lufkin mail carrier shot, Dallas USPS investigating - KCBD News Channel 11 Lubbock

Mailman Charged With Distributing Methamphetamine While On His Texas Delivery - The Smoking Gun

Why Congress should not get out of the way of the Postal Service - Save the Post Office

U.S. mail about to get slower - Mansfield News Journal

Delivering mail hard on Scion’s brakes - Car Talk - Albuquerque Journal News

Man Wielding Baseball Bat Robs Postal Worker and then a 14-Year-Old Boy - Chicago

The FedEx Driver Who Sued And Won - Laredo Sun

November 22, 2014
Video: Drug traffickers target the post office

Video: SC Postal Carrier Saves Woman's Life - PEN

Georgia Letter Carrier Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison for Plotting Robbery of Fellow Postal Worker - PEN

Postal Service Letters FROM Santa Program Keeps Children’s Holiday Spirit Alive - PEN

Lawmaker: Delayed notification of postal hacking ‘doesn’t fly’ - Washington Post

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Illegal immigrants to be eligible for Social Security, Medicare - Fox News 11.27.14

IRS paying millions in bonuses to employees who are tax scofflaws - Director John Koskinen says IRS workers not penalized for ‘unintentional’ mistakes 11.26.14

Treasury: 2,500 documents 'potentially' show IRS sharing taxpayer data with White House - Washington Examiner 11.25.14

More National Guard Troops Ordered Into Ferguson - NBC News 11.25.14

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel resigning - CBS News 11.24.14

Utah girl, 12, accidentally shot dead by sibling - NY Daily News 11.24.14

Senator Graham Says Benghazi Report Is Full of Crap - CNN 11.24.14 - Note: CNN has removed this video once and then replaced, they may remove it again.

What we know today about Ferguson - USA Today 11.23.14

House files Obamacare lawsuit - Politico 11.22.14

Obamacare Sign-Ups Were Inflated With Dental Plans - Bloomberg 11.22.14

Federal watchdogs uncover thousands of lost Lerner emails, decoding to take weeks - Fox News 11.22.14

Obama unveils U.S. immigration reform, setting up fight with Republicans - Reuters 11.21.14

USDA Misspent $2.4 Billion on Food Stamps This Year - Washington Free Beacon 11.19.14

Israel: 'We will respond with a heavy hand' after 4 killed in synagogue attack - CNN 11.18.14

Charles Manson gets wedding license - Fox News 11.18.14

Obama speaks out against Obamacare consultant Jonathan Gruber - Examiner 11.17.14

Ebola-infected physician dies in Nebraska - USA Today 11.17.14

U.S. cities brace for protests off Ferguson decision - Daily Herald 11.16.14

New ISIS video claims beheading of American hostage Peter Kassig - Fox News 11.16.14

The immigration waiting game will end soon - CNN 11.14.14

Obamacare's next fight for survival - CNN 11.14.14

Video: Obama to announce 10-point immigration plan via exec action as early as next week - FOX News 11.13.14

Russia Plans to Send Bomber Patrols Toward the U.S. - Time 11.13.14

Remember Who Held Election's Purse Strings As Congress Sets 2015 Agenda - Huff Post 11.12.14

What Senate Democrats will do with their last days in the majority - CBS News 11.12.14

Views of likely Senate committee chairman sure to rile federal workforce - The Washington Post 11.10.14

Incoming GOP senators set sights on Keystone, immigration, ObamaCare, EPA regs - Fox News - 11/09/14

Video: Utah Dad confronts, foils 5-year-old daughter's kidnapper - PEN 11.07.14

Federal Employees Do Not Benefit From Marijuana Legalization - New Republic 11.06.14

Democrats Get Trampled On Election Night - Huffington Post - 11.05.14

Mom tells 911 she threw her son off bridge - FOX

Republicans claim Senate majority, take control of Congress - FOX 11.05.14

Did Obama's immigration punt backfire? - CBS News 11.04.14

World Trade Center reopens for business - USA Today 11.03.2014

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